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Getting_ClearGetting Clear

By Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

Excerpted from Spirit Matters: Tools for a Down to Earth Life

It’s my conviction that slight shifts in imagination have more impact on living than major efforts at change.—Thomas Moore

As children and adults, you’ve been given instructions on how to keep your bodies fit and your intellect keen. In fact, it is of extreme value in this culture to be healthy and smart; it’s part of what constitutes success and attractiveness. What you haven’t been given much instruction about, however, is how to develop and utilize the Center of Your Head.

The clarity of the Center of Your Head affects the health and quality of your life experience as much as your brain and body does. This is where we go to solve problems, daydream and simply listen. When the Center of Your Head is clean and quiet, you’re ready to begin creating with full potential. Have you ever felt the creative urge to cook something delicious and then walked into the kitchen to find it littered with dishes and towels and remnants of meals past? In your enthusiasm for the new project, you probably took time to prepare the space, wipe the counters and clean the kitchen before preparing the dish. In order to enjoy the preparation phase of your special meal, it’s necessary to clean up and make the kitchen ready. It’s not comfortable to chop vegetables when the counters are piled high. You remove old clutter and energy and reset the room for your purpose.

The same is true for the Center of Your Head. When you attempt to make decisions, solve problems or design something delicious while sitting in a place that is cluttered and dusty or filled with other people’s opinions, you can get confused and lose your motivation or creativity. Before you can be an effective creator and a Master Thinker, you must first clean the Center of Your Head and make it yours.


Energy Tool #2—Center of Your Head

1. Find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Your office, with door closed, can work.

2. Get comfortable and check in with your Grounding Line. If using your Grounding Line has become a part of your life, you will find it is virtually always attached.

3. When you first begin identifying the Center of Your Head, you may need to use your fingers (remember this is kindergarten. Besides, no one is watching you right now anyway). Close your eyes and place the index finger of each hand above and slightly to the front of each ear. Draw an imaginary line between your fingertips.

4. Now, move one index finger to a point in the center of your forehead and the other directly behind your head. Draw another imaginary line.

5. Notice where the two lines intersect. This is the exact location of the Center of Your Head.

6. Take a breath and begin to create a room at the intersection of the two lines. It can be a place in nature or a room with walls. Imagine this place with any décor you’d like. Include the hot tub and ultimate sound system if you wish or the babbling creek and redwood trees. Make it yours. Own it. Take your time and give yourself permission to imagine.

7. Visualize a comfortable chair or bed or place to stand in the Center of Your Head. This will be “Command Central,” and from here you will direct creations, decisions and solutions. Some people enjoy installing a control panel with dials and switches.

8. Look around. If you find any living creature in there with you, be it human or animal, ask them to leave, return to the center of their heads, or stand outside the boundaries of your space. This is your turf and your time – alone. When others are in the Center of Your Head, they tend to give their opinions and influence your decisions and creations. This is the pattern you are changing. You may enjoy making an amusing trap door to dispose of stubborn visitors. Or create various enticements to move them outside.

Whatever works, use it. When you are comfortable in there, and the kitchen counters are clean, you may begin cooking (so to speak). Here are some ideas for experimentation:

  • Experiment with noticing your Grounding Line from the Center of Your Head.
  • Notice the sounds and sensations around your physical body. Notice if you can keep your attention in the Center of Your Head or if your attention moves to the sound. You can’t get this wrong either way.
  • Notice what thoughts or people, concerns or noise begin to pop up. Sometimes as we begin to take management of our attention and intentionally direct it to what interests us, the old thoughts and people we’ve been giving attention to all these years may protest by appearing or voicing their opinions. Begin to intentionally throw these noisy people down the Line.
  • How does your body feel? You may notice new sensations such as tingling and warmth.
  • You may add to and subtract from the décor as your mood and needs change.

As you practice sitting in the Center of Your Head, you will experience a stillness and ebbing away of stress and noise. Balance returns to your mind and body and emotions. This is a place of power, for when you are still and balanced, with your attention focused and uncluttered, decisions are sharper, creations are fuller and solutions are clearer. Making business and life decisions while sitting comfortably in the Center of Your Head will be stress-free and accurate.

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