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Just recently, my husband and I visited a zoo. Not long after we arrived, I began to feel very uncomfortable. This was unexpected, as I had been looking forward to going and it was such a glorious day. The feeling persisted, so I found a quiet place to connect to Creator and ask what was going on.

The first part of the answer was what I had first thought- that, as I am now so connected to Mother Earth and the all, I pick up on the energies of living things much more readily. The second part of the answer came as a surprise while also making perfect sense- the feelings of entrapment that I was sensing were actually reflecting my own feelings of being trapped and restricted in my current situation. I am at a crossroads with new opportunities opening up to me, while still needing to fulfil certain commitments and not always enjoying them. Once I had acknowledged this  truth, I was able to enjoy my day while sending the animals, and myself, light and love as I went.


Mind you, the animals all looked very content and were well looked after. It is not the intention of this article to condemn zoos, because all zoos around the world are doing an amazing and very important job in animal conservation. We could lose a lot of animals world wide if we didn’t have zoos to protect and breed them. I am simply retelling this story to highlight the fact that it is possible to feel what other living things, not just humans, are feeling, and it is highly likely that these feelings will be reflective of what is going on in our own lives. This is the most important point-if something or someone is pushing our buttons in any way, they are not who we need to hold responsible. We need to look within to examine what beliefs or trauma we are holding onto that is making us feel that way.

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The energies of Mother Earth and all her living souls, be it plant, animal or human, are becoming more tangible as the ascension of the planet assimilates into our cells. Every living thing on Earth is connected and one – there is no separation. It is therefore not surprising that, when a collective group of living things –  whether it be animals in cages, humans in detention centres, plants that are lacking water or refugees in a shelter –  emit the same kind of energy, sensitive and empathic people are affected by it. After all, it is not just humans who emit emotions that go into the universal collective consciousness.

The world is in our hands - shay tubaly

It wouldn’t be helpful to ignore the feelings that arise such as the ones I experienced at the zoo. In fact, I consider it a wonderful gift, because I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to reflect on the truth of how I was feeling, or to be able to then act upon it. Being in your own truth means that you can see any situation that you find yourself as a result of previous choices and decisions that you made. It also means that, while there may be a shared responsibility for consequences that you are facing, you also know that the only person who can change your circumstances is you. When we blame others, we step out of responsibility and into denial. We step out of our inner truth and into illusion. Who are we kidding? Only ourselves.



I am grateful for what I have, but I know that I need to do more, not just for myself but also so that I can continue on my path of helping others. I also am far enough on my spiritual path to be able to trust that all is as it should be, even if things aren’t moving as fast as I would like or don’t always go my way! So, when Spirit brings things to my attention, such as happened at the zoo, I pay attention and take action.  I am so grateful that my connection is so strong and that I am being helped so much. Admitting that I am responsible, or share responsibility, for the problems that arise in my life  is not always comfortable. However, it is also empowering to know that I can change my life by being in my truth, speaking my truth with love and stepping out of blame. I can’t say that I am always successful at doing this, or that it is easy.


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But then, life wasn’t meant to be easy was it? Just a big, amazing lesson.

Victoria Cochrane

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