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Transcending self doubt through Chakra Healing

On top of the world
My guides’ message to us all: “You are a bearer of light, and when you share your wisdom and beauty with the world, your light too shines brightly, transforming your planet. However, too often, you let your insecurities get in the way of doing your light work. You must believe in yourself. Do not indulge in acts self loathing, for the world can no longer wait, you skills are needed now.”
Remember, that we are all one, and, in truth, there is no one smarter, or greater than you. You have vital wisdom and knowledge to share, and your skills are needed. Do not hesitate, now it’s your time to shine.
As you begin to step out of the closet to do your work, the critical voice of the ego may become even louder and more prevalent. On one of Doreen Virtue’s recent weekly oracle card readings, she said the more profound your work is, the louder that self deprecating voice will become. So, don’t let your insecurities get in the way of living in your purpose, your purpose is great indeed!
Moving forward despite your fears.
While I have studied and practiced many different healing modalities, chakra healing has been the most powerful form that I have used both personally and professionally.
The seven major chakras are rotating, pulsating discs of focused energy. The chakras organize, assimilate and transmit vital life force energy, known as “prana”. Each chakra is connected to specific organ systems within the physical body as well as certain aspects of our lives and governs the energies within these areas. When you are moving into your purpose, it is important to give extra attention to your solar plexus (sense of self, ability to take action and self esteem), throat (self expression, creative expression, communication, and crown (divine knowledge), as well as all of you major chakras. Since all of our chakras are connected, if one is blocked, the rest are affected. So, it’s important to engage in activities such as yoga, meditation and visualization to keep your entire system balanced.

Supporting your Solar Plexus:
1) Eat complex Carbs
2) Spend some time in the sun.
3) Wear yellow clothes.
4) Carry crystals- yellow tourmaline or citrine.
5) Aerobic exercise
6) Core abdominal exercises
7) Listen to self confidence affirmation daily.
8) Call on Apollo that

For mudras and other tips watch my video on the solar plexus: Solar Plexus and Life Purpose
Supporting your Throat:
1) Eat fruit.
2) Sing and chant.
3) Mantras
4) Affirmations
5) Listen to music
6) Carry crystals-turquoise and aqua aura.
7) Observe your communication style
8) Call on Archangel Gabriel, the angel of communication.

Supporting your Crown:
1) Conscious breathing
2) Prayer, devotion
3) Meditation
4) Doing nothing
5) Carry crystals- quartz or diamonds.
6) Morning journaling exercise-keep a journal by your bed and write immediately upon waking. Just allow thoughts to flow, don’t try to direct them or make meaning. You will be surprised by what comes through here. You can receive amazing insight through this simple process.
7) Call on Archangel Raziel, the keeper of divine knowledge.

Quickly cleanse and balance all of your chakras by checking out my channeled Chakra Healing with St. Germaine here: Chakra Healing with St. Germain
The activities I offered above are wonderful tools for maintaining a balance within your chakras. However, in order to truly transcend the obstacles that you’re facing and experience a profound transformation, it is important that you clear the old, and/or deeply seeded patterns of negative or stagnant energies within your life. There are many ways that you can do this, I personally, have used chakra healing as the foundation in my own healing journey. Becoming aware of your own unique energy patterns reveals that which needs to be healed within you. As you clear these old patterns, you allow yourself to live a more peaceful, joyous and conscious life. Our distance chakra healings provide the boost you need to accelerate the transformative process. We work with the Angels, Ascended masters and other beings of love and light to realign you with the pure high frequency energies of Source/Our Beloved Creator/ the Universe /Spirit. Each session includes detailed healing notes, and a three card oracle reading that offer you much needed clarity, a higher perspective, confirmation, and illumination.

I am offering a special discount to you dear lightworkers world readers Chakra Healing and Reading with notes only $45-that’s a $20 savings ! This discount is only available here.

For testimonials and to view actual sample healings, please visit: Engeryworkshealers

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