In our last article on customizing the law of attraction to help to make it work better for you, we discussed effective alternatives to creative visualization, (you can read that article here: How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You – Part One)

In this article we will address the importance of releasing the negative feelings that may be holding you back and tips on how to do it. A big part of effectively using the law of attraction requires that you flood yourself with positive thoughts and emotions to facilitate bringing more positive things your way. Possibly you have tried your best to focus on feeling confident that you will receive what you wish and on the joy that will fill you when you have it in hand. But shortly thereafter or even worse during your happiness exercises, those dread feelings of poverty, heartbreak, anxiety and/or depression over your situation come flooding back and emotionally you are right back where you started as though you had been walking on an emotional treadmill. Again, you are not broken and with a few helpful tips, we can work towards having the true feelings of peace and happiness that allow us to attract more of the same.

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Empty Out the Hamper 

 One of the reasons those negative emotions always seem to be able to push through our good intentions and reassert themselves with a vengeance is because trying to combat harmful negative emotions by consciously flooding yourself with positive ones does very little good if you did not first take steps to release the negative emotion and then replace it with the positive one. In the same way that you wouldn’t put freshly washed clothes on top of the dirty clothes in your hamper, empty out those negative emotions first so that you can become a fresh clean vessel for your new and improved attitude. Now let’s address ways to release those pesky negative emotions that have taken up residence inside you.

 Acknowledge Your Feelings

 With all that you may be going through, chances are you have every right to be upset so go ahead and look your problems straight in the eye and tell yourself it is ok to feel sad, depressed, angry and/or anxious. Emotions serve an important purpose. They let us know when things are going well and when something is amiss in our world. Physical pain is a message from the body saying something is wrong, please fix it. Sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. are our emotional alarm system and as such they should be paid more attention to rather than being ignored. When we try to convince ourselves that everything is great and to feel positive about life without addressing and releasing the negativity, your emotional alarms ring even louder to get your attention to force you to acknowledge them. Give yourself permission to go ahead and examine your feelings. Make a list of what you are feeling and why. Addressing the situation in this way will now lead you to the next step towards releasing negative emotions.

 Validate Your Feelings

 Remember when you were a kid and felt that you had been wronged and shouted, “That’s not fair!”? Even though you might have been sent off to your room filled with righteous indignation, you still did something very important to our psyches; you validated your feelings.

Self validation is so important. With so much literature telling us to count our blessings and be happy even when it seems our world is falling apart, it is all too easy to start to feel guilty about feeling badly. By validating your feelings you let yourself know that you are justified in feeling this way due to whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Just by validating your feelings and asserting your natural right to experience and express them can go a long way to making you feel stronger.

Acknowledging your feelings and then validating them can also inspire you to work harder to improve the situation and allow you to take a more objective stance to help you think clearly. It is hard to come up with resolutions when our thinking is so clouded with negative emotions. This takes us to the third step.

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 Releasing the Emotion

Some people are able to release negative emotions through exercise. They can pound a punching bag, run 5 miles or just walk, allowing each step to drain away unhealthy negativity. Others can meditate their cares away, going to a spiritual place of peace and contentment. But what about those who aren’t athletic and who haven’t yet mastered the art of meditation? No problem, we can still fix this.

You have rightfully allowed your emotions to do their job by warning you. You have acknowledged them and validated your right to feel exactly how you are feeling. The next step is to release them by realizing that they have already done their job and no longer serve you. This also lets the Universe know that you are aware that work needs to be done and you are willing to do it. To the Universe you have now set the intention of feeling better and resolving your challenges. You have also now opened the door to allow the flow of positive law of attraction energy to come in and help you with this. You may find yourself being helped by supportive people or have the resolution just come to you out of the blue. Either way, you have now set a positive course for the law of attraction to help you. Here are some exercises to help release negative emotions that anyone can do.

 Send Them into the Light

One of my favorite ways to release negative emotions is to send them into the Light to be healed and resolved. Place your hands at your sides about shoulder level, palms up and make the following statements:

 “I recognize that I am feeling (angry, sad, depressed, anxious, etc.) and I am valid in feeling this way. But this feeling does not serve me.”

Lift your hands palms up towards the sky and say, “So I send it into the Light to be healed and resolved as I am healed from it”.

Turn palms down and slowly bring them down the sides of your body while sayings, “and I restore my Divine Peace and serenity.” Allow yourself to feel the peace that you bring down from the sacred source of White Light and let it infuse your entire being.

For your convenience, here is my YouTube tutorial to demonstrate this exercise:

Throw Your Cares Away

Another great way to release negative emotions from the body is to literally throw them away. Go outside and pick up a small rock that fits easily into the palm of your hand. Hold it in your non-dominant or receptive hand and squeeze it as hard as you can while you mentally transfer the emotion into the rock. You can do this just by squeezing the rock while feeling the emotion run down your arm and hand into the rock. Visual people can simply visualize the rock filling up with the emotions. When you can’t squeeze it any more, throw it away as far as you can and allow the Earth to absorb and recycle the energy. Thank the Earth and walk away feeling calmer and more centered and better able to infuse yourself with those positive emotions that you want to feel.

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 Get Into Your Element

Astrologically, we all have a sacred patron element that has been assigned to help us. We can use the energy of these elements to cleanse and empower us. This can be done using the physical element as well as the energy of the element. To physically use the elements:

If you are a Fire sign, surround yourself with candles using the color that represents purity for you. To some that may be white candles while others may choose blue. Remember, everything you do is custom to you. Sit in the center of the candles and ask the element of Fire to help you and picture, visualize, feel or imagine the flames burning away your cares and cleansing you of worries. Thank the Fire and warmly go about your day.

If you are a Water sign, simply sitting in a tub of water infused with lavender oil for peace or rose oil for nurture will help to cleanse and restore you. Use whatever scent represents the way you want to feel. Ask the element of Water to clear you of adverse energy and to send it safely down the drain. This can also be done in the shower using lavender scented soap or whatever scent makes you feel peaceful. As you stand under the showerhead, allow your cares to drain away and peace to take its place. Thank the Water for her help and walk away in peace.

If you are an Air sign, smudging yourself with sage to cleanse you of excess negativity works wonders. You can also use any incense that makes you feel peaceful. Just light the stick of incense and use it to surround yourself with the healing energy of the sacred element of Air. If you are using a charcoal block to burn the incense, place it in a raised vessel such as a mini cast iron cauldron, set it on the floor and walk around it as you sweep the smoke up and around you. Thank the element of Air for their assistance and leave feeling light as a feather.

If you are an Earth sign, go outside and play in the dirt. Place both hands palms down on the ground and ask the Earth to absorb the negative energy and cleanse it for recycling. Then if possible, lay flat on the ground and allow yourself to feel the Earth energy encompassing you, centering you and bringing you peace. Thank the Earth for her support and walk away feeling grounded and ready to be infused with positive energy.

If you are unable to or don’t care to use the physical elements, you can achieve the same effect by using the energy of the element. Here is a YouTube tutorial to show you how to do just that.


Have Patience with Yourself

Chances are you didn’t get into your current state over night and you probably have more than one issue that you are trying to resolve. Give yourself permission to take the time to nurture and heal yourself even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. You are worthy of the same attention that you give to others.

Hopefully by now you are starting to feel better knowing that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. By learning how to tweak the law of attraction system to your custom needs, success is already on its way to your door.

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