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walk ins welcome

seventh sense
Lightworkers have raised the vibrations of planet Earth so that more souls can walk-in than ever before!woodleywonderworks / Water Photos / CC BY

My Guides channeled a lot of interesting information about Walk-in’s for my new book, Spiritual Toolbox, and they’ve been quite clear that more and more souls are walking-in now than ever before. The fact that more and more souls are able to walk into adult bodies is a direct reflection of the hard work that Lightworkers have been doing for generations. Lightworkers have raised the vibrations of human beings and this planet to the point where it’s possible for more souls to skip childhood, and get right to work on their missions. A Lightworker’s mission is not an easy one, and we don’t often see the results of our hard work, yet changes are happening, and my Guides have shared that Spirit is continually giving the Lightworkers Brigade standing ovations for what we’ve been able to accomplish.

I first learned about walk-ins in the 1980’s when I was reading Ruth Montgomery’s books, Strangers Among Us and Threshold to Tomorrow. Not long after learning about walk-in’s, I saw a show on TV about a man who working under his car when the jack malfunctioned and the car fell and crushed him. He spent months in a coma, and when he woke up, it was like he was a completely different person–his interests had completely changed and he had new life goals that included making positive changes to help make the world a better place. His friends and family said they felt like he was a total stranger.  As I watched that story, I remember thinking to myself, “I bet he’s a Walk-in,” and I wrote a letter to Ruth Montgomery to see what she thought. She answered me saying, “Yes, it seems very possible,” and that was the last of thought about walk-ins until January 2012.

Then, in less than 24 hours, three things happened: (1) I read about them again in Shirley Battie’s wonderful book, Spirit Speaks; (2) I was working with my Guide Group on my new book when they starting channeling information about walk-ins; and (3) I received an email from someone who is a walk-in. The synchronicity of those three events led me to write several columns about walk-ins, and since my Guides have been nudging me to write a full article on this subject, here we go!

What is a walk-in?
A Walk-in situation occurs when an evolved soul, not currently incarnated, is allowed to switch or exchange places with a soul who is currently incarnated. The two souls essentially change places, and they do so by mutual agreement—no one is forcing anyone out of their body so they can take it over for themselves, and there is no possession scenario happening.

walk in soulsHow does a soul walk-in?
A Walk-in situation can occur when (1) two souls, prior to incarnation, make an agreement that when the first soul has completed its development or spiritual “to do” list, the second soul will takes its place; or (2) something may have happened to make the outgoing entity want to leave the body early, i.e. chronic illness or a tragic accident, and another soul will take over for the departing soul. The Walk-in soul is always one that is highly/sufficiently evolved enough to skip the birth process and enter at the adult stage of life. Here’s a list of the basic steps that take place during a Walk-in situation:

 • An agreement exists or takes place between two souls
• The two souls switch places
• The outgoing soul continues their journey and learning on the other side of the veil, just as we all do when our current incarnation is over, and can reincarnate again when ready to do so
• The Walk-in must complete the Karma of the outgoing soul; that is part of the agreement
• The Walk-in has a specific mission which can include teaching, assisting humankind in our awakening, and/or to help individuals find their life purpose/path

How can I tell if I’m a walk-in?
As Shirley Battie writes in her book, Spirit Speaks, “How often have you heard of someone who survives a terminal illness…and then has a new lease on life and goes on to raise funds or provide inspiration in one way or another? Often they seem like a changed person in more ways than one to those who knew him or her.”   During an automatic writing session, my Guide Group dictated that a walk-in retains all of the memories and experiences of the soul with whom he/she has exchanged places. The way this works is that the walk-in retains memory of the cellular body of the soul with whom it changes places…but sometimes there are glitches or behaviors that indicate an exchange has taken place. Here are six things to think about to help determine if you, or someone you know, is a walk-in:

  1. You feel totally different; you never feel quite “yourself.”
  2. You feel uncomfortable or like an outsider when you’re with your friends and family.
  3. Your interests and hobbies have changed drastically.
  4. You might have memory lapses regarding why you walked-in to this new body, and you may have    memory lapses when it comes to the memory of the outgoing soul.
  5. You find yourself wanting to help other people through volunteer work, raising funds, and just plan lending a hand.
  6. You are very concerned about the state of the planet and want to help.

your souls journeyI mentioned Shirley Battie earlier in this article. In addition to being an author, she is also a healer, channeler, and a walk-in, and the following is an excerpt of an email she wrote me detailing how she learned that she is a walk-in:

 “I had just closed my circle for Christmas when I was told by spirit to hold a discussion on Walk-ins that same week. I phoned my [study] group and they agreed to come even though we had no idea what it was about. That same week I had occasion to go to a crystal warehouse where the secretary walked up to me and said: ‘You are a Walk-in’ and take this book by Ruth Montgomery: Strangers Among Us.’ That very same week I had an unplanned reading during which the medium said: ‘I don’t know who she is but you will be introduced to someone called Ruth Montgomery.’ Well, three things in a row I could not ignore, so I wrote to Ruth Montgomery through her publisher saying I could not ignore such synchronicity and could we meet. Amazingly she wrote to me, and this was before internet. She suggested I contact someone in Minneapolis who was running things there. I liked the voice immediately. She told me that by chance they were holding their first international conference in the UK that year and would I like to go and make my mind up about Walk-ins. It was not too far from me so I went. What followed led to many astounding things happening, too long to go into here. I have since attended and spoken at other Walk-In conferences.”

earthdance1What is the initial walk-in experience like?

I first met Sara when she wrote to me about my first book. We started corresponding, became great friends, and eventually she opened up and shared with me that she’s a walk-in. This is something that she was extremely hesitant to share, and I was honored that she chose to share her story with me. Sara came to Earth at this time to help our planet continue to evolve and currently serves as a medium, channeler, reiki Master, life coach, and liaison to the Council of Twelve [a group of ascended masters who are assisting us with our spiritual growth]. Here is Sara to tell us about her entry into body:

 “I arrived March 10, 1991. Two weeks prior to the transition between the two souls, a braiding between them took place. That’s something that takes place where the Walk-in is, so to speak, testing the waters. In my case, just as the transition was about to be complete, the outgoing soul began struggling with the finality of leaving the body, and the “deceased” grandmother of the outgoing soul appeared to assist in the exchange.

 When I woke up in the morning, I was very confused; and I remember thinking, “Where is this room?” and “Who is this man laying next to me?” A young, blonde haired boy walked past the room, and said, “Hi, Mom.” He was about 14 at the time, and this child, I knew I could relate to, and I thought he might be the key to what was happening to me.

 My relationship with my new family changed; my relationship with my spouse was difficult, I knew in the near future that I would have to move on from it. I left the relationship in 1998, and it was difficult because I had all the memories of the original soul that inhabited my new body. My responsibility is to complete the host soul’s Karma, for I entered with none. I watched mankind, and what was happening to Mother Earth, and I just wanted to scream to the world WAKE UP PEOPLE, look at what’s happening to your (our) planet, look at your relationships with one another. It was very frustrating for me and I had to communicate with Council on the other side.”

 As I got to know Sara, she shared with me that she was awake to her mission, and she explained to me that she is here to assist humankind in our awakening, finding our life purpose, to provide comfort for those transitioning to the other side, and also to comfort families whose loved ones have transitioned. And, as all Lightworkers are inclined to do, she also noted that her mission is “Whatever is put in front of me.”

The bottom line
Walk-ins are not body snatchers. A walk-in situation allows two souls to continue on their journeys, and ultimately, it allows a highly-evolved soul to enter as an adult and start their work to help others and our planet almost immediately. It’s an agreement that is a win-win situation for both souls, albeit confusing and difficult for the incoming soul and the outgoing soul’s family and friends.

While the purpose of this article is to provide information about walk-ins, it’s also important to Spirit that the Lightworker Brigade understands that thanks to their hard work raising the vibrational level of this planet, Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows were able to be born here, and more souls than ever before can skip childhood and move quickly to the important business of helping humankind and our planet continue to evolve. Namaste.

To learn more about Shirley Battie, here are links to her websites and Facebook page:;;

To learn more about Sara and her mission, please contact her at [email protected] or [email protected].

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