Solstice + Super Moon + Solar Activity. Transformational Reorganization
by Stacy Vajta

Today marks the solstice; and whether you celebrate the transition into summer or winter, the energy is intense.

Along with this solstice energy we also get the full moon, which is being called a “super” super moon. This powerful full moon is close to the earth giving us an up close look, and the intensity of the feminine energy it holds.

In a recent article I wrote on this topic, Solstice + Super Moon = Big Transformation, I talk about the potential for big transformation. I’ve certainly been feeling the energy over the past few weeks building as we have been nearing the solstice. The theme that seems to be surfacing is direct and to the point: Make the changes you know you need to make!

I know that I am not alone in this process, as clients and those all around me have been sharing their own process of focusing-in on their true intentions and letting go. Lots of letting go.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we also had all kinds of interesting sun activity this past weekend. It seemed to coincide with feelings of almost nausea and intense anxiety within me. A dear friend of mine also told me of her own stomach flips this past weekend. So… something seemed to be in the works! I have to say I felt relief when I learned of the sun’s activity as I was having a hard time really finding the source within me!

The Universe seems to have a plan, and that is some big change for those who are ready. But what that means at a healing level is transformational reorganization.

Everything within me feels like it is reorganizing; which feels terrible. I won’t sugar coat it! It feels as if everything is up in the air – a complete reorganization from ideas to cellular structure. What I know is shifting and I must wait to let things settle. Yet, at the same time I must keep my eye on the prize and stay gently focused on what I do know as my own truth.

Sound familiar?

It’s been a while since I felt this level of inner chaos! It can be really hard to allow this type of transformation. It feels like there is no ground to stand on. Yet the one thing that I have learned to come back to when in this type of change is to call upon the Devic Realm. After all, it is Nature and that Devic energy that is the intelligence behind this level of change – when we consciously work to transform thought or consciousness into form.

This level of work is deep work. It takes energy. So, if you are feeling this you may be taking a lot of naps. If so, you may have seen me hanging out there in the dream time! There were a few days there where I had to acquiesce to my need to sleep, and allow a deeper level of healing. Simply, I just had to get out of the way.

But then that ended, and now I am left with an acute awareness of choice, and the choices I am making. When I step off the path into what is old – or a process or behavior that takes me back into what I am letting go of – it too feels bad… and pretty much right away. I guess that’s good. It’s a quick feedback system so I can re-direct my energy.

But this is new, at least the intensity of the process. So I check in often now with the Devic Realm to be sure I am working with it. A connection to that realm doesn’t take much effort, as that energy is everywhere at the moment. The Nature Spirits are right on the surface it seems. The veil to that dimension is thin.

So I write this really to share my experience these past few weeks and maybe shed some light on what you may be feeling.

The solstice today and the energy this weekend with the full moon will allow things to shift and transform. The reorganization may continue, but I feel like it is at its peak at the moment.

Between the solstice, the super full moon and recent solar activity, things may be feeling a little yucky. To be honest, it feels a little yucky to me, but so worth it in the end! Hang in there.

This solstice feels like a big one… in a good way. Find your truth, stay on track and allow the deep change. And please share if you have your own experience of the energy these past few weeks! ♥

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to identify and transform out-dated and un-productive energetic patterns. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype to not only help create true energetic transformation but also to help her clients to understand their own energy and process.

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