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In the world of social media, it is not uncommon for a person’s every waking event to be captured, recorded, photographed and talked about.

We check-in places, we Instagram our meals, we share our feelings and funny or cool experiences we’ve had.

It’s also extremely common for these social media sites to have us addicted. Checking in with what’s happening at any given opportunity. I know this because I am a big Facebook fan!

While this method of connection across the globe is beneficial in many ways, I wonder if we have become collectively addicted to having our feelings ‘land‘ somewhere.

When I say ‘land’, I mean; finding a place of expression for others to see, acknowledge and respond to.

I recognise the additional excitement that comes with sharing news with others, but what happens with that excitement if it is just for us?

If we have no social media outlet or someone with us to tell, what happens? Where does it go?

More specifically, where does the *energy* go of that experience?

Emotions = Energy Motions

Emotions are symptoms of energy movements within our bodies, and our thoughts are an extension of that.

Does the energy of an un-landed feeling spiral and swirl within us endlessly? Waiting for an opportunity to land somewhere solid?

An Instagram of a meal, for example, is not just a photo that someone has taken of a plate of food. It may represent: pride, success, abundance, wealth, pleasure, love. Those emotions and their energies are what we are expressing and we want them to ‘land’ and be felt and recognised.

When we share sad news or difficult times in our statuses, we are not just typing words on a screen to be read by others. We are seeking things like: recognition, support, reassurance, love, appreciation, security. We want the severity of our situation to ‘land’ and be heard and recognised.

Maybe in some circumstances we are asking for permission to feel how we do. “Is this normal?” “Am I OK?” “Is it alright if I ____?”

While there’s nothing wrong with connecting to others and expressing ourselves, I feel that in some instances it is preventing us from solely experiencing our feelings. We are getting out of practice when it comes to knowing what to do with these feelings without a sounding board, a publish button or a ‘like’ received.

Is the meal or the news still as significant if our hundreds of friends or followers don’t get to see it and comment, like or re-tweet?

And if our pride in our meal or our depth of sadness is not affirmed or is rejected (ie. “Oh gross, I hate seafood!”), what then?

I feel that we need to re-learn how to let our thoughts and experiences and feelings land within us.

Will we soon be so out of practice of self-acknowledgement that if we lost our smartphone or internet connection that we would be walking in circles, or in a corner somewhere in the foetal position? 😉

There is a time and place for sharing with loved ones and support circles, but perhaps not every. single. thought and feeling.

Life is ‘full’ enough as it is without having our own thoughts mixed in with every other thought that appears in feeds that we absorb daily.

Instead of absorbing this mixed feed and having specific mindfulness and meditation techniques to cope with the fullness/pressures/noise of life, perhaps we could be more mindful and aware of our experiences, ongoing through the day, and have them land squarely with us. After all, we are the ones that matter when it comes to how we feel about the things we are doing and feeling and thinking.

We could let pride of our great cooking skills swirl through us, immerse ourselves in it, savouring the moment without a desire to interrupt it in order to broadcast it, before letting it go as it will.

We are better for the experience, regardless of anything else. The moment is felt, savoured, recognised and we received it as a gift.

It is only an energy after all.

And knowing that our sadness (and other emotions) is also only an energy is very comforting and reassuring.

Once given attention and softened, these energies can freely move through us and leave us as they will. We do not need to be scared of them and establish social network armies to support us.

If we want to release the grip that social media has upon us, we need to enhance our self-support mechanisms, and be present with ourselves so we no longer need a crutch or an amplifier of what we’re thinking or feeling, because the strength of it within us and our resounding response to ourselves is more than enough:

“I hear you, I feel you, I love you, and I appreciate you. You are safe.”

Kelly Burch is an energist and transformation specialist and owner of Transformations With Kelly Burch. She is an Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner, Trainer and Worldwide Tutor for the Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies. She lives with her husband, two young children and four chickens in Victoria, Australia.

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