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Many of us are not only aware of the 7 chakras of the Kundalini line, we are also quite comfortable with healing and balancing these energy centres. The 7 chakra system is just the root of our Etheric self in the physical world, the tip of our complete Core Soul. There are chakra’s that branch out from the Kundalini line into the Emotional body ( Hara Line),  Mental body ( Universal Grid Line), Higher Self ( Silver Light Line), Akashic Self (Karmic Line) all leading to the Core soul or Oversoul.

As we become adept at healing the Kundalini Line chakra’s, we are becoming more and more aware of the other energy centres within. The healing goes deeper, until we are able to heal over any and all lifetimes. As we continue to shift with the Earth, these energy centres need us to pay more attention to them and to consciously seek healing for them. The best way to ensure we are healing them is to know them. The human energy anatomy is complex, it is not just a single loop of energy but multiple loops of overlapping energies that all have access to eachother. There are doorways through which we can step through to access and achieve healing, by healing the first layer of chakra’s we can find the cord that connects to the next layer and begin healing them as well.

In the most basic terms our spiritual anatomy goes Physical body-> Etheric body-> Emotional body-> Mental body-> Higher Self-> Akashic Self-> Core Soul

The Core Soul is not the end, it is just the furthest that I have explored so far. So how do we achieve healing all the way to the Core Soul level? Once we have healed the Kundalini Line Chakra’s we must continue that work and move into the Emotional Body Chakras.

Emotional Body Chakra’s

These chakra’s run along the Hara Line.  This is a powerful line that runs through the centre of our being and is most present in the Emotional Body. It is rooted in the Higher Self, where is receives energy for the chakras both in the Hara line and to feed into the Kundalini line. This line is superimposed on the Kundalini line and has cords and connections that run between the different chakras. These cord connections between the chakras make up a smaller energy flow that is subsidiary to the main bodies but still very essential ( the Heart Complex System, Throat Complex system etc). The Hara line contains 13 Chakras.

Earth Star Chakra: This Chakra is the deeper connection to Earth. It is through here that we feel deeply connected not just to the Earth but to the basic foundations of the world we live in. The soil, rocks, water, lava etc. It brings in understanding of the cycles of the Earth, and an understanding of how our life cycle and the earth’s cycles correspond. The Earth Star is located below our feet and is black in colour.

Grounding Chakras: These 2 chakras conduct energy to and from the earth into our energy circulatory system. They aid in feelings of groundedness and solidarity in ourselves and our place on Earth. Many of you may recognize these and utilize them regularly ( I know I have been for years- I mistakenly thought they were an extension of the Kundalini Line).  They are also a point where the Kundalini Line and Hara Line intersect and share energy.  They are located at the soles of the feet and are brown in colour.

Transfiguration Chakras: These are 2 chakra’s that are filled with the energy of movement. They cycle between themselves live the Uorboros of alchemy. They bring you the energy and ability to move along your life path, fuel your creativity beyond the inspiration and inception stage to complete the project or transformation.  These chakra’s are located at the knee’s and are a deep rich green in colour.

Perineum Chakra:  This chakra is the energy of physical to spiritual. It helps you to transform and understand your physical needs on a spiritual level and bringing your spiritual needs into the physical. This is the connection between the 2 halves of self while we are on the Earthly plane.

Hara Chakra: This chakra stores the energy and knowledge of our lifes purpose. It is here that we place our life path decisions before we become incarnate on Earth. This chakra is closely linked to the Akashic Records and helps us to manifest our purpose on Earth.  This chakra is located approx. 2 inches below the bellybutton and is a reddish-brown in colour.

Diaphragm Chakra: The Diaphragm chakra is our emotional purge and cleanse system. Much like the liver purifies the blood, this centre has the ability to transform our emotional baggage and help us to expel what is not needed or does not belong in our energy system. It is located in between the Heart chakra and Solar Plexus of the Kundalini line and is golden-brown in colour.

High Heart Chakra: This is a higher vibration of the original Kundalini line heart chakra. It has a deeper connection to the spiritual realm and provides connection between our physical self and our loved ones beyond the Earthly plane ( souls in spiritual realm, spirit guides, ascended masters etc). The High Heart plays an important role in protecting the physical self and is essential in healing our immune systems. The immune system is highly controlled by the thymus gland which is regulated by our nervous system. If we can open up the High Heart and prevent stress, grief, anger etc and accept compassion into ourselves we will support the immune system. This chakra is superimposed on top of the Heart Chakra centre and is turquoise in colour.

Causal Body Chakra: This chakra is a centre of communication. It connects to both the Third Eye and Throat chakras, it feeds in the spiritual knowledge and wisdom from the Higher Self and other non-earthly beings and then is digested and turned into understandable information through the third eye and throat chakra’s.  This is a very important chakra for those who channel or who wish to develop the ability to channel. This chakra is located at the mid point of the occipital points at the back of the head and is purple and silver in colour.

Eye Chakras: These two chakras are the gateway to deeper healing for ourselves and others. Opening these chakras gives us the ability to see beyond the physical and more easily pinpoint past life issue’s, patterns and dis-ease roots. They also increase the ability to heal by giving us the ability to not just healing energetically through the hands but also through the eyes, almost like laser beams  of healing light that increase the healing process. These chakras are located at the level of our physical eyes and are silver and gold in colour

Soul Star Chakra: This is the connection or doorway to higher spiritual realms, where we can reach beyond into the Higher Self and bring the energy and clarity closer to our physical self. It brings us one step closer to the Divine Source and deepens our faith

The first step in healing is knowledge and understanding of what needs to be healed. Spend 5 mins on each of these chakras concentrating on their energy, feel their presence within your emotional body. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we will explway sways to balance and support these chakras.


Danielle is a holistic health practitioner with a focus on energy healing and meditation..She is always studying and learning different spiritual and holistic modalities to help bring healing and personal development into the lives of others. With certificates in Reiki (master/teacher), Axiatonal Alignment, Angelic Light Alignment, Access Bars, Meditation, Indian Head massage, Ear Cone Candling and Bowen therapy.

Her vision is one of community and unity of the balance between the physical and spiritual self, Earth Mother and Great Spirit. She has developed a variety of healing sessions, teachings and products to help you find the perfect combination for your holistic health and spiritual development.  You can check out all that Danielle does at 


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