Michael Alperstein is the owner of Lightworkers World (LW), this wonderful website that you’ve been drawn to michael alperstienspend time on. If any of you have ever had an energy reading or coaching session with him or get his Facebook updates, you’ll know that he has an open-heart, connected to Source, and is a genuinely kind and supportive guy. But how does someone become the leader of a major progressive spiritual website? To answer that, let’s take a look at Michael’s archetypes.

Archetypes Are What Now?

Archetypes are repeated energetic patterns. They are your energetic blueprint. They are the patterns of universal behavior that motivate you. There are 100s, if not 1000s, of archetypes. Since the dawn of time there’s been “kinds of people,” which is actually archetypal energy. One example of this is The King archetype. Today a King’s energy can be felt in leaders, managers, bosses, and decision-makers. Two more perpetual examples are The Mother archetype (care-giving and nurturing) and The Artist archetype (creative expression). Archetypes are represented in movies and television shows with reoccurring roles such as The Hero and The Damsel in distress.

Michael’s Archetypes Are…

Each person has many archetypes within them. As an archetype consultant, I help clarify the most prominent ones. I had the pleasure of doing a session with Michael. We discovered his guiding archetypes over skype. Two of his are The Entrepreneur and the Mystic. Michael has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The Entrepreneur’s creative mind constantly comes up with inventive ideas, positive changes to an old system, and money-making ideas. They enjoy business development and prefer to be the decision-maker rather than answering to a boss.

Someone can have a full-time job and still have The Entrepreneur archetype but they may be working on a side project. Or maybe they have tons of idea how to improve the company they work for. It is an energetic pattern you carry inside of you.

Michael has a gift for coming up with different business ventures and creative, win-win ideas. LW is a manifestation of this archetype’s energy and the success of it demonstrates that Michael is in alignment with his Entrepreneur archetype.

When someone is out of alignment with one of their archetypes, it is still there, but they may not be maximizing their full potential.

Many people think I have The Entrepreneur archetype because I have an online business helping people find their guiding archetypes and I market my book, but I am not The Entrepreneur. I do marketing and business development steps because I have to, not because it makes me come alive. I’d rather spend my time using my gifts as The Creative, The Liberator, or The Mother than thinking of business strategies. My plan is to one day hire someone to do my business development, which is essentially hiring someone to cover my weaknesses. Entrepreneurship is a strength for Michael but not for me.

As I continued to uncover Michael’s core archetypes in our skype session, it became clear he has a strong Mystical side. The Mystic archetype has a deep connection with something outside of this planet, be it God/Goddess/Source/Universal Energy/Positive Energy. This connection goes beyond a route or weekly visit to church, synagogue, or temple. For Michael, this connection is instrumental in his daily living and touches all areas of his life; personal, professional, emotional, mental, and lightworkers stretchspiritual. The Mystic checks in with this connection often since it guides, comforts, and sustains them.

As a member of the LW community, do you think you have The Mystic archetype?

Next week in Part 2 of this article I will review a few more of Michael’s archetypes: The Liberator, The Mentor, and one that is a surprise! Look for Part 2 next week.


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