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“Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning.”  – Henry Miller

life quoteWhen you struggle all your life from a young age, struggling kind of becomes the meaning of your life. Nothing ever seems easy, and even when you’ve achieved your goals, there’s almost always a fear around it, a fear that success might bring even more difficulties. It can take a long time to realise it doesn’t have to be that way. But it is entirely possible to break free of struggling. Let’s look at some ways to support the process.

First, it helps to realize lots of our fears, false beliefs and limitations we put upon ourselves come from inherited beliefs and behaviours. They are not ultimately “ours.” If you’re like me and you grew up in an environment of “That’s not possible” or “It always happens to someone else not us”, it really can become your second nature to believe that it isn’t possible to have what you want and it could never happen to you. Thoughts like “I can make it happen” and “I can make it possible” are foreign language.


“Find your own belief that more is possible. Pull that vision from deep inside and let it lead your way. Everything else will follow.” IrinaM.


Breaking away from the established order can be a difficult task; it can feel uncomfortable, even sad. It is however eminent to break free from structures of your life which have held you back.

Jumping into new freedom can give your life real meaning. Whatever is that you need to let go of, think of it this way: “If it leads you nowhere, it can not have a meaning, right?”


start dreaming


What To Do When Your Life Feels Meaningless, you may ask?

Find Your Purpose – The number one thing to give your life a meaning is to find your purpose. It may not be easy for everyone to discover their real purpose but it is something that you must strive to achieve. You see, we often confuse our purpose with life’s meaning. Whatever your gift is, whatever you feel is the reason you came to this earth, is your purpose in this life. Not the other way around.

Werner Heil (see “other version” below). / / Public domain

Dig deep!  Look beyond the surface roles you may have played. What is your DEEPEST PURPOSE? What dream have you had in your heart?

Once you discover your purpose, your life will have a meaning… and if you’re still unsure, it’s Ok. Keep searching, keep asking, and keep dwelling into your soul.  It’s in there.  Just because you may not consciously know it yet, does not mean there is no meaning.

Try different things, get to know different people, explore, take new actions, welcome change into your life… and most of all: Don’t get discouraged to keep looking!

Go after what you want – Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, maintain your integrity, hurt no one in the process and go for it! You are just as deserving to have everything you want as the person next to you.


“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” – Nora Roberts


Listen to your intuition – When something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. If you’re not listening to your higher self, you’re not being aligned with your true self and in fact getting further away from your purpose.

Re-evaluate your core values regularly and apply them in every day life – What’s most important to you?  What is really in your heart? If you don’t lead your daily life by your core values, it’s a painful life. You’ll always feel out of place, you’ll always feel like you’re fighting something or someone. Life changes and so do we. Re-evaluate your values regularly and structure your life around what is really important to your true self.

Live the life you want! – Forget about what society norms are, what your parents used to say about life or what your friends think. Not one person is the same with their wants and desires and they shouldn’t be. Not everyone wants to live a conventional family life and have 9-5 job. And it’s Ok! Because it’s the only way to discover your real purpose – to align with what your heart is telling you need to do. Each and every day!

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