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Why are our prophecies always bad?

In the past, most of us associate the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” with a negative event. We make reference to this phenomenon whenlonely soul someone we know has finally experienced what they always worry or complain about. Nobody really knows for sure if there REALLY is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy, but if you look back over your life, you may be able to detect a few times that indicated it could be true.

Have you ever said or heard this? –  “Assume the worst, but hope for the best.” In some people’s minds if you do not plan for the worst possible scenario, we are not attending to “reality” by identifying potential risks and hazards. In our culture/society, worrying and/or preparing for the worse is considered prudent and wise, but if we consider the effects of planting seeds of fear and anxiety into our daily inner dialogue as self-destructive or setting us up for a self-fulfilling prophecy, would we still do it? These gloom/doom strategies for preparedness and re-activity to potential outcomes of the future are always based on the assumption that something is going to go wrong.

empowermentWhat do you think would happen if instead, our entire mindset was just the opposite, and that we always assumed everything would go perfectly? What if we faced every situation and every day with a confidence that everything will be exactly as it should be? What if we knew, that despite how awesome our life has been, that even more amazing things are to come? There is no doubt, that if we took on this new mindset, some people would think we had lost touch with reality. And from their perspective, being stuck in fear and anxiety, they would be right. Taking on assumptions that everything will always work out in our favor is not a reality many people are ready to embrace, and yet it is just as likely to happen as their worst thought out possibilities.

Let’s examine some basic logic in making a change to assuming the best possible outcome, as opposed to the worst, as we normally do. There is simply no logical reason to embrace a negative and “survivalist” response to our life conditions. However, there is every bit of logic behind developing a positive and enthusiastic approach to everything in our life. The reason is because there is no amount of worrying, fretting, or preparing for the worst that is going to make “the worst” any better than we imagined. Worry and anxiety is therefore a totally useless and sometimes self-absorbed activity and can NEVER change things for the better in your life. Assuming the best however, has every possibility of being much truer and creating all sorts of positive outcomes in both your life and others.

worry-distress.jpgWhen you worry about things and try to plan ahead to circumvent the possible horrible outcomes that you can come up with, you can never cover yourself enough to cover them all. You never get peace of mind that you have done enough to plan for your imagined worrisome outcomes. If on the other hand, if your assumptions are always related to positive outcomes, you can never be blindsided by more positive outcomes than you foresaw. If more good things happen than you imagined, then AWESOME!

I was watching a show the other day on people that prepare for world catastrophes’. This one family had dedicated their lives to preparing an abundant back-up food and water supply should something really bad happen. Maybe I watch too much television, but while I was watching this show the thought occurred to me that it would take only one bad guy with a deadly weapon to go and take everything these people had prepared for. All of that worrying, planning, and work – gone in a few moments. And believe me, if things start to get tough, these fear driven sorts will be looking for these preppers’ as their primary source for everything they need and more.

plan aDoes this mean that we shouldn’t consider alternative paths in our lives? No, of course we should, if we wish. But never under the umbrella of fear, lack, or anxiety. We do this level of planning with an open heart and mind that is intuitive, creative, and trusting that Universal Love will open the doors that are necessary when we listen with an unconditional spirit. We live fully, accepting the challenges that come our way and knowing that these are mere stepping stones to a higher mode of living. We are fearless, not reckless. We are confident, not conceited. We are gracious, not selfish.

Changing our ideas about self-fulfilling prophecy

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by changing your mindset of worry, lack, and anxiety to one of total trust, abundance, success, and love. Persist in your ability to choose the direction of your thoughts and begin to live in your upper most potential. Below are a couple quick tips to get you started on your way to a gratifying and fortuitous mindset today.

  • Pay attention to your emotions and feelings. If you begin to feel worried or anxious about anything, check to see if these are old habits and storytelling in your mind, or if you have something you need to consider more fully. Do not let your emotions be the driver of your life’s considerations, only the navigator. Take any thoughts you are having while experiencing emotion and take them offline to consider under different terms, your terms! Only when the emotion has passed should you make decisions on actions towards what caused the original upset.
  • Making alternate plans for life events/situations is fun and creative. Don’t make them from a worried and doomsday mindset. If you are the type that likes to plan ahead, then consider many options for work, home, lifestyle, and activities that might be interesting and satisfying. Listen to your higher self for intuition and guidance. Make sure you are feeling very buoyant and peaceful during these planning sessions.
  • Practice assuming the best in every single thing in your life. Make it a habit. It may seem ridiculous at first, but keep at it everyjoy 5day, every hour. Challenge yourself to test some of these new assumptions out. When they don’t go “exactly” as you assumed, challenge yourself to come up with some new positive outcomes from the newest set of circumstances. ALWAYS, stay in the positive flow of solutions.

Self-fulfilling prophecies? Do we really know for sure there is a self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe not totally, but perhaps we do intuitively. But one thing we can know for sure if there is –  and that is we CAN be in charge of it. Make sure you are doing your part to align your prophetic musings into a gratifying and satisfying ones.


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