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3 Ways to Work with Your Energy
By Stacy Vajta

When it comes to energy work, I think I’m a pretty grounded gal. Sure, I can talk crystalline structures and grids with the best of them, but when it really comes down to healing and working with energy it’s all about simple, grounded practices.

There is no magic energy pill. You just have to lean into the energy, be present and work at the level of what is real for you…what you can see, sense and feel in your body and in your energy.

Identifying where to work is often the hardest piece of the puzzle. Much of my work is about helping people to find that, and to begin to focus in more to work where it counts the most.

Sometimes this may even seem somewhat simplistic to my clients. They may have a vast sense of all that is going on… and I zero in on one core piece. But it’s the piece that unravels the rest! What I’ve learned is, when you really get to the core, the energetic “story” is clear as a bell… and not too complicated. And then, when you focus there, the approach to working with your energy can become pretty uncomplicated as well.

In a nutshell, here are the 3 areas that I look to when working with energy:

1.Holding and “reconciling” a vibration

One of the most powerful ways to work with energy, I think, is to simple grab onto a vibration and hold it…let it anchor into your system.

I do this a lot these days. If you can recognize an energy, you can grab onto it and amplify it into your system. And as you do, energies within you that have trouble “playing nice” with this new energy will show up to either be worked with or to simply find a way to reconcile with the new vibration.

Think of it this way, if you add a new energy or vibration into your system, then your whole the system can either move into sync with the new energy or it will need to stretch, release and find common ground (as a system) to hold what you introduce. The latter, is the healing process.

Sometimes the body and the energy system can quickly and easily self-adjust as you hold this energy with conscious intent to upgrade to it. In those moments you are ripe for the transformation. And sometimes you will notice various energies “bumping up” against this new vibration – tension, unwillingness, resistance, fear and the like. When that shows up, you work there…right at the edge of the energy itself.

2.Working at the “edges” of various vibrations

99% of what I do, and what I teach, is about working at the point where two or more energies interact. To me it feels as though a vibration bumps up against my experience; there is a real edge to it or a boundary that I begin to notice where that energy meets my awareness. We notice this point of energetic interaction as emotions, sensations, and thoughts – typically the ones that don’t feel so good.

And most of the time we run from this place. That’s called resistance.

But the way to work with the energy is to lean in…to experience the edge of the energy or vibration and honor the boundary between the part of you that recognizes that as an energy (the observer self) and the part of you that feels it fully (the pain body).

Hang out there, and you find healing. Hang out there with awareness, and the energy begins to unwind, release and transform.

3.Tools to clear your energy

The third piece of the energy puzzle is to have some tools on hand to actually clear your energy.

If you want to really learn to work with your own energy, having a few set of tools to help you clear energetic channels, chakras and recognize when energy lets go is important. Sometimes observing energy and allow your energetic intelligence to do the work is key, and other times you may want to direct a clearing of some kind. And…knowing when to do what is the art of working with your energy!

If you do nothing else…learn to ground your energy! Spending time each day letting your energy run and clear as you connect into the earth and your own highest vibration can be oh so healing. 

But remember, when it comes to tools, keep it simple. Usually the easiest way to access your energy works the best.

Just because you are open and sensitive to energy, doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to manage your energy so you can move through the world in a clearer energetic state.

It’s time to learn.

Keep it simple. Keep it grounded. Here’s to your healing. ♥

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to understand, manage, and work with their energy in a way that supports day-to-day living. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype.

Visit The Everyday Lightworker website to learn more about her session work and classes.


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