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I have always been extremely sensitive to the energies around me. However it wasn’t until I learned to harness and direct this hyper awareness and intuition, that I began to feel strongly compelled to heal and help others on their path.

I will start at the beginning.  I was born into a family with a history of Pentecostalism. However by my elementary school years, my family was no longer practicing.  Still, I had learned enough up until that point to make assumptions and recognize when something went against what I was told in the past. And I did find myself occasionally thinking “I care about this person… I hope they aren’t going to hell.”  However, aside from a friend or distant relative periodically bringing me to church, I was no longer held back at that point from seeking answers to the questions I had about life. I just couldn’t accept the idea that God or a higher power was judging my every move, and if I didn’t follow specific guidelines I would be punished. That kind of thinking made me feel small but most of all it made me fearful.  I had too many questions, and not enough answers. I began yearning for something more.

A few years later, after a series of fortunate events I was directed into the area of spiritual metaphysics or what some would call “new age” stuff.  I had my first Psychic reading when I was ten years old with a Psychic Medium who I was referred to by a close family friend. Up until then I had experienced dreams and visual clues that I was connected to something more, but this was my first experience with another individual that validated so many of the out of this world experiences I’d been having. During this session, I was introduced to my spirit guides and later understood that some of my previous visions and in depth dreams were attempts from the spirit world trying to communicate with me. This made me feel protected and loved in an indescribable way and relieved that we aren’t all just walking around on planet earth left to our own devices. The information I received from the reading, on top of other countless clues and events was enough to verify that this spiritual stuff I was experiencing was definitely real.  It also fueled my desire to begin learning more on these topics.

Up until the time of my first psychic reading, I suppose I figured that everyone was equally as sensitive and intuitive. And that they too could feel what others were feeling by being in the same room as them for just a few minutes. Of course I believe that we all have natural intuitive abilities, however mine was developed at that point passed what I could understand. I was experiencing vivid dreams of those who had passed in my family and some nights could feel my spirit coming out of my body while in a state of deep relaxation in between awake and sleep. I later found that what I was experiencing was called Astral Projection.  I also learned about Astral Traveling, which is basically the journey our spirits take out of the body on average of 3-4 times a week to get a break from the heaviness of the physical plain.

As time went on, I began experiencing bouts of precognition. I would often know what others were going to do before they did it, or knew who was going to call before I heard the phone ring. I could also easily tap into the energy and emotions of others just by thinking about them. In a sense I would pick up on what it felt like to be them. This caused emotional ups and downs for me for a significant period of time because I did not understand that these emotions weren’t my own.  I had an intuitive alarm that went off when someone was vibrating on what seemed to be a lower energy level.  And of course like most sensitive people, I knew when they weren’t being genuine with me. I eventually learned how to separate from those energies and gain my personal power back.

As a natural healer, I attracted a lot of people into my life that needed healing. Some were what you would classify as everyday individuals with minor problems, and some were extreme cases and situations of deep emotional crises. After numerous experiences, I became more aware of who needed my help the most and who held the best intentions. That was around the time I began practicing healthy emotional boundaries with others.  Although some of the situations I found myself in seemed outrageous to me at the time, I was eventually grateful for the lesson I learned on love, self-respect, and boundaries.

Throughout the years I continued to read as many books as I could find on various topics such as tarot, numerology, astrology, healing, meditation, conscious living, and intuitive development. Some of my favorites were by authors Sanaya Roman and Dr. Wayne Dyer. It was the only thing that struck sustainable passion within me. The main difference I found when comparing what I had learned from religion to the topics I chose to study on my own, was that one filled me with fear and the other with more positive feelings of love and joy. Because these topics resonated with me so much, I could devour book after book and still not be bored. Suddenly things started to make more sense. I was beginning to find my happy place.

One of my very first subjects I developed an interest for was Astrology. It would later become one of my strongest subjects and biggest passions. I was always sharing what I learned with friends and helping them to understand others based on their birth information. I enjoyed helping others understand their friends, lovers, and family members on a deeper level. I loved bringing different types of people together over a specific topic and appreciated the beauty in the various quirks of those I met. All of this brought out a humanitarian streak within me and a desire to contribute to something greater than myself. When I experienced anything that was extremely difficult for me to deal with emotionally, I always knew there was an answer out there somewhere. Sometimes I would find it after a long period of silence or meditation, and other times I would find the answers coming to me through dreams or people.  Deeper meaning was something I always searched for in the events, experiences, and people in my life.

Years later, another piece of the puzzle came together for me when I was browsing through a book store one day and came across a book titled, “Indigo Children.”  I immediately recognized the similarities I had with these particular individuals. Like other Indigos, I was an independent thinker and never settled for less than that which resonated with me on a soul level in every area of my life.  I was interested in various forms of artistic expression and preferred several hours of solitude away from the noise of the world.  It was around this time that I also discovered the term “light workers” and soon realized how many others out there were just like me with the same desire to connect.

I went on to study various spiritual topics. I had the opportunity to train with renowned healer Dr. Eric Pearl and gain my certification as a Reconnective Healer. I later studied at the RASA School of Astrology. I’ve studied many other subjects on my own including The Law of Attraction, Numerology, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Intuitive Living, Natural Healing, etcs. Teaching, healing, and assisting others on their personal path is my biggest passion in life. 


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