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Seekers of Change, Please Inquire Within

A Message from Archangel Uriel

by: Dani Tworek

Do you feel the energy of your next level of awakening happening?  So much so that it’s almost paralyzing in its intensity?

You’ve laid all the groundwork for your uploading and are receptive to the potential energy of consciousness change that is present in your life at this time…yet each day is a bit of a struggle to make strides in moving forward in this context.

You can feel it working in your core but what are the keys to it’s manifestation?



In meditating on this state of consciousness, as I was feeling exactly like this recently, I asked the questions of myself:  “What’s the hold up?  Why am I feeling like each day is ending at exactly the same place it began?  Why aren’t the successful processes I have been using the past few months having the same effect they were before?”   And as it tends to happen, once you ask a question, the universe delivers your answer to you via many channels and levels.   The answer I received was that  I am a Seeker of Change and to manifest the change, I should look within.  I am my own Change Agent.

Whenever a stagnant period happens, it’s time to look into adding new energy to the situation.  This time, however, the situation is bigger than normal…this time it’s changing humankind energetically to accept a fundamental shift in our consciousness that is part of the universal shift.  If you are reading this, your time is now and you are the seeker of your own change.

I am delivering this message from Archangel Uriel.  Being a conscious channel for Uriel is a way for Uriel to assist us in connecting to the spiritual realms and he can show us how to manifest our Highest Self through processes that will teach us to allow our Shift in consciousness.  Ultimately, when he helps one of us, the energy that connects us all in the divine will accelerate the entire human kingdom’s shift into higher realms of consciousness.


To be your own change agent, use this meditation and ask clearly for what you desire.

This meditation is to be said for 3 days and at the end of the 3 days, your Energy Body is ready to accept, utilize and manifest the next levels of awakening for you:

I invoke the highest levels of protection and assistance from the Archangels, Guides and the Christ Consciousness.

This session will clear, un-create,  remove and release from my energetic body, from the beginning of time:

  •             All limiting beliefs
  •             All old thought patterns
  •             All blockages preventing health, wellness, wealth, abundance and joy
  •            All negativity and judgments pertaining to myself and others

I forgive myself for anything less than complete joy.  I forgive others for anything less than complete joy

I live fully in this moment and am open to infinite possibilities in all areas of my life.

My connection to the divine is limitless and I do not doubt or fear any success in all areas of my life.

I choose the frequency of health, wealth and total joy.

I am protected at all times and move 100% in inspired action.

I am full of gratitude and am able to receive fully as I give freely with my open heart.

After using these words to start your meditation, continue to meditate.  Do this for 3 days and look for the signs that your awakening is happening and know it is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to for you.

You are one with the divine and all the answers you seek are inside of you.

Om Shanti,


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