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Dear friends and lightworkers,

My name is Tim Biot and I am the author and publisher of The Fiona Series. I am very grateful and feel truly blessed that I may share Fiona’s message, love and light with the world. Fiona is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine and of Cosmic Wisdom who shares beautiful and inspiring messages with us. She gently reminds us of our connection to Nature, our true self, the Universe and each other. The Fiona Series is full of spiritual wisdom, practical guidelines and offer a way to reconnect to the magical worlds of Gaia. It is about the New World, the Aquarius Age, healing and transformation, happiness and unity. It is a way home. That home is You!

“Greetings dear friends. My name is Fiona and I reach out to you from the magical Isle of Avalon. I am excited and grateful that I may bring this message of hope, healing and wholeness to you through my companion Tim, who has agreed to be the channel through which I may speak to your hearts. It is my deepest hope that I may assist you beautiful beings, children of Gaia, in your current transformational process. As you are entering a new era of awareness, union and bliss, I would like to extend my support and guidance to you. As you are going through a huge shift in consciousness and you experience the upheaval that comes with it, I am a gentle reminder that there is a tremendous amount of help and healing for you, for all of you. I can, if you choose to listen, speak to your inner being. I will whisper to you that you have all the answers and capacities available within you. I will reassure you that you are in the hands and the hearts of the Masters of Planet Earth, that there is only love and light coming to you from the Great Cosmos. All you need to do is accept it. I am here to help you on this path: the path of acceptance of Self. For the very light that you may receive from the Heavens is already inside you. Blessings to All.  – Fiona.”

I am grateful for the opportunity to post a series of articles on Lightworkers World, an amazing platform to connect the hearts and the minds of people who are seeking Truth and Inspiration. In this first article I would like to share the introductions to the book, channeled by Fiona, and the first part of the story Fiona told me about The Silver City and the Crystal Temple.

If you feel inspired by Fiona’s message, or if you resonate with our project, please visit the links below to see what we are doing and how we can reach out to you. The book can be purchased via amazon, questions to Fiona can be asked, and a personal channeling can be requested – please visit the website for more information. Blessings to all – Tim.

Article 1: Introduction to a New World

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“This series of books is about all of us. It is about the heart. And so, it is about and for everyone and everything. I will share with you wisdom and healing from Nature and from the Universe. I will share with you wisdom and healing from Gaia and all her kingdoms. It is a wisdom and healing from all ages, from all places. The words written on these pages convey more than a message. The very words are blessed by the Divine and by the Cosmic Principles of Love and Grace. Just by reading them you receive healing, initiation and blessings. This series of books comes at a crucial time.

The world is on the threshold of a new era, an age of awareness, compassion and brother/sisterhood. In order to reach this Age of Aquarius, many people and systems need to be transformed and healed. Many answers can be found in Nature. Gaia and the Universe hold the solutions, the support and the nurturing that the people of planet Earth need. This series of books is a way home, a return to Self. It is about You. It is about All. May these books help you to see that they are One.”

My name is Fiona. And I meet you here, my dear friend, in this magical place that you call in your world The Chalice Garden, for a very specific reason.
We meet here to start our conversation, because this place is, above all else, a meeting place. It is a place where your world and our world meet, a place where the veil between the physical and astral planes is very thin. Here the people and the Nature beings coexist in a realm that is almost identical. Here many visitors from the human world experience the magic of the mysterious world of the devic beings. And here the Nature spirits who want to learn about humans and your world come to see and hear and feel, and listen and talk.
I have come to you, my dear friend, because the time has come to bring our worlds together once more. It is time for an exchange between the human world and that of Nature.
Of course they are not separate. People only believe they are.
I am not here to judge you, or to preach to you about how you, as a species, are destroying (y)our planet. I am here to help you remember who you are. I want to help you remember that you are a part of Nature, of Gaia, and of the Universe.
I wish to share all that I have learned about Nature, all the lessons that I have received from the trees, wisest of all beings; the waters, who move things; the minerals with their splendid frequencies of light and color; and Gaia herself, our Beloved Mother. I am happy and excited we are here together, about to embark on this marvelous adventure.It is an adventure that will take us deep into the inner realms of our planet, high into the sky and through the waters of Gaia. We will meet many wise and colorful characters along the way: teachers and guardians and ancient beings of all the elements.

It is my task to remind you of the ancient wisdom that you all carry within you. A wisdom of our world; past, present and future. A timeless universal wisdom. I will explain to you how the Earth works and how you work as a part of the planet. I will explain the interactions between you and Gaia, between you and others like you, and between Gaia and the Universe. And you will learn that your relationship with Gaia is exactly the same as your relationship with the Universe. You are the Universe. You are Gaia. You are the others. There is no difference. You just need to remember it.

I am here to be a friend. I am here to be a guide. I am here to be a teacher.

You can ask me to hold you and comfort you. You can ask me for directions. You can ask me questions. I Am Fiona, the Silver Being of Water, Wind and Wood. I am an aspect of the Mother of Earth, the Goddess of Light, the Great Servant of Gaia. In your part of the world many know me as Sophia, or Brigit. Fiona is a name that resonates with my past, present and future Being. When you call on me, you will be summoning the power of the waters, of the winds and of the trees and the earth. I Am all that. And I am here for you.

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The Silver City and the Crystal Temple – part 1

“I would like to share with you all the story of the Silver City and the Crystal Temple of Light. Deep inside the heart of our planet lies a beautiful temple made of bright shining crystal. This temple is situated at the center of the Silver City. It is a place that exists on a higher dimensional plane and cannot be seen on the third dimensional physical level. But anyone can visit this place, because everybody has the potential to travel to higher dimensional realms.

I would like to invite you to our Silver City to enjoy the healing, rest and schooling that take place in the Crystal Temple of Light. You can ask to be taken there by (y)our guides, either in your dreams or in an astral journey experience. The Crystal Temple has many rooms and inner temples, or sanctuaries. In fact, there are an infinite amount of chambers, as they are created as the need for them arises. All visitors, or group of visitors, receive their own special sanctuary, designed specifically for you. There are always colors, crystals, flowers and geometrical shapes. Sometimes there are statues, of gods and goddesses for instance. And sometimes there are silver beings present to heal and instruct you. But most often you are left in your very own temple to get healed, to rest or to receive instructions. The crystals, colors, shapes and possibly elementals, plants and animal spirits assist you in your healing and learning process.

The Silver City is built around the Crystal Temple of Light and is made up of numerous buildings, temples, caves, nature places, huts, sanctuaries and palaces. It is not as static as the human world on the surface of the planet. It changes continuously. We create our world with our thoughts. And we change it with our thoughts. When someone desires to live in a palace for a while, he or she will build one. And he or she can change it afterwards to perfect it. When the experience of living in a palace is complete, the building can be made to disappear and the being can create another place to live in. We do not own anything. We have no fear of losing anything. We understand we are the masters of our reality and we create everything from our heart using our mind.

The Crystal Temple is magnificent. Everything is in perfect order and harmony. Everything is clean and tidy. We have plants, trees, animals and minerals. They are equals to us. We live in perfect equilibrium with everything around us. We have no Sun, but the very substance of our silver buildings and the Crystal Temple is so shining and bright that we have plenty of light. Luckily we do not require sleep, because it is so bright everywhere that it would be hard to. We do need to rest and replenish our etheric bodies. But we go to our temple to regain our strength and balance.

We also have schools, but we do not learn in classrooms as you know them. We all share our wisdom with each other. Each kingdom is represented here: plants, minerals, animals and elementals. All are children of Gaia. And we all live in peace and harmony with each other and our environment. We all have our specialties and we share our knowledge with everybody else. This is the natural way: information (energy) must be able to flow. It cannot stagnate or be kept to oneself. It can get distorted then and it will turn itself against you. So we are always looking to share what we have learned, just as we are always happy to receive more knowledge. We do not have tests, exams or certificates. We do not need them. There are no jobs or salaries here. Everybody knows their purpose, and the fulfilling of that very unique purpose is ample reward.

We regularly accept newcomers, and we often say our farewell to those who choose to continue their quest elsewhere. We also invite many non-residents. And we wish to extend our invitation to you now. We invite you to visit us in our Silver City, deep inside Mother Earth. You can also meet us on the surface: on the land, in the waters and the skies, sitting in a forest or on top of a mountain. Or even in your own garden and home, spending time with your plants, pets or crystals. But a visit to the Silver City is an experience like no other. The energy is very special and the level of consciousness of the beings there is so high that it is like being in Heaven for you. Just by being here and spending time with us, you will be healed on more levels than you can imagine. Beauty and wisdom are found around every corner. We have trees, fountains, waterfalls, temples, you name it. And every place has its own unique energy frequency, consciousness and character. And every place and being will have something unique to offer you.

So how can you find us? How to get to the Silver City? You can ask to travel here in your dreams. You may not remember your visit, or only fragments of it, but the experience will be real nonetheless. If you are experienced in astral traveling or meditations that focus on non-physical experiences, then you may be able to find your way to us in a more conscious way, either under guidance of someone who knows the way or on your own. Ask and, if the time is appropriate, access will be granted. Call us and we may pick you up and take you ourselves. Many teachers of meditation, shamanism and astral journeying know of us and our inner Earth realm. Maybe they can assist you in finding us.”

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