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El norte vive!
Libertinus / Kids Photos / CC BY-SA

“If there is one gift I would give to you it is to remember how to play and not let it disappear from your life as the years pass you by and you grow out of your playing shoes. In the years that follow that golden childhood, in which playing was a dream or a reality, the laughter reconnects through the tears and years left behind and ahead.

“Play, play”, they call out, those inner feelings of yours. “Join me, remember me.”, they cry and through those tears shimmer the wish for you to join in. “No, no, do not forget how to play, remember how to live. This is my wish for you, as I call thee from your heart.”

Play, this opportunity of yours which collects dust on the sideboards of so many, is a powerful tool of release for much. In giving it the chance to tickle your feet, adjust your smile and introduce the twinkle to your eye, you might find yourself more alive.

It calls you from a place you know well and it constantly reminds you in every turn you take, past the playground, a shop, on the bus, in traffic or from the TV screen. In many places you may find it, but it is only in one place it wants to be fulfilled, and that is through you.

In playing you will find an additional key to a lighter and more balanced life. It is through incorporating play into your existence you will discover a channel to process heavy energy, whether it is emotional or physical. It is a “cleansing channel” into opening up to lighter universal energy to fill your being and its body.

What is it that makes playtime such a transformative factor into changing and releasing unnecessary and negative energies from your body and soul, including the connecting energies?

Introducing the element of playtime into your daily life changes your perspective on your environment. In playing with for example your child or dog, perhaps running around in the garden playing catch, puts your focus away from your thinking process and machinations onto someone else and an activity which does not require anything else from you than to go with the flow. There is no planning, no if’s or but’s, only the present.

In giving yourself time to be immersed into something as freeing as playtime allows energy to enter your energetic field which may shift and change the energetic level and concentration areas of your being. When you think, process and turn things around in your head back and forth, up and down, you stop the energy flow and build stumbling blocks of a thickness so dense that you slowly and eventually may make yourself sick. You do not give air or food to yourself in the form of fresh flowing energy of pure love and creation. It is like putting a flower in a dark room without air. It will slowly wither away and die from lack of nourishment, water, sunlight and air.

In play we do not only mean what you might see as children’s games. It is any creative activity which stimulates your right hemisphere, where the connection to the divine exists. Right brain activities are among others, but not restricted to, painting, writing, singing, hiking, dancing, spending time in nature, gardening, swimming, musical, jewellery making, cooking, baking, crafting or any other activity where you create out of your heart’s desire. Working with handicraft is a fantastic way of moving your attention away from your brain and patterns of thinking, and instead concentrate on your hands which frees your mind into relaxing and opening up for intuition and spiritual connections.

I love to dance, to put my hands up in the air and shake, move, shake my being to the beat. There is nothing more exhilarating for me then singing at the top of my lungs and feel my body move freely out of its normal routine, and to its own wishes and desires. Nothing beats this for me as a way of getting myself back to me after a heavy day or a bucket of negative energy.

The song “Mi Morena”, as sung by Josh Groban, is for me a feeling of female divinity and sensuality, and it plays in the background for inspirational creativity, or when I want to connect spiritually and dance with the sensual aspect of divinity.

A fun anecdote for you. I have never liked vacuum cleaning and always saw this as a dreaded task, until the day the song “Chain reaction” by Diana Ross played on the radio. It made me want to swing from the curtains in joy and exhilaration, and vacuum cleaning has never been such a chore since, if the music is playing.

The impact and benefit of music in your life is scientifically proven, but even so, the most important thing for proving that anything is of benefit for you is knowing, realising and understanding how you relate, feel and gain from introducing it into your life, as long as it is of a light energy.

If you enjoy dancing and/or singing, or perhaps have never pictured yourself dancing, give it a go. Find a song, or a few, which makes you relate and connects to your inner being. I have found this being the key with any song I like, the notes need to vibrate in accordance to my inner being.

After every rollercoaster ride invite the creative stimuli of your choice into your life, but make sure it is the one which touches your heart and passion, and inevitably makes you feel good about yourself. You can whether any storm, bump, hurdle or challenge if you give yourself the gift of playtime.

Have you ever noticed what you feel after having a laugh that has shaken your chest and given you a tummy ache?

Yes, that laugh that makes you fall off your chair or dance around with happiness.

You feel different, don’t you? Like you have lost a few pounds in weight or taken off the winter clothes after many months of being bundled up. Feels great, does it not?

Would it not be fantastic to have this more often in your life, even if only a small measure of it? It would, wouldn’t it?

So what is stopping you?

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