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“ You don’t go looking for love. Love is all around you”.

I stopped stringing beans, and my negative chain of thoughts came to a sudden halt. I looked at the beautiful face of my four year old daughter Natasha. She looked seriously into my eyes, and repeated, “You don’t go looking for love. Love is all around you.” Then she looked down again, and continued stringing beans.

I had been really upset, and my thoughts were all conducive to a huge pity party, wallowing in sadness. I was stringing beans in the kitchen, and my tiny one was sitting on the island, helping me do the stringing, as best as she could. And I thought among other sad things, “Where do I find love?” That’s when she had stopped doing what she was doing, and looked up seriously into my eyes and said those lines.

No, I had not taught her these things. What amazed me then, and many other times after, was the fact that she could read my mind. I had only thought, not said, “Where can I find love”. And she had heard it, and replied to me in her infinite wisdom.

Because of my child, I started noticing, that many children have much wisdom to offer. She was very clairvoyant. She could see angels and discarnate beings as easily as we see living humans. She could see auras and chakra. So I wanted to see if other children were similar, or was my little one just an anomaly.

I talked to her friends, and saw that most had various gifts. They had varying levels of clairvoyance, claircognizance etc.

I would ask them questions like, “Do you see flashes of light around you?” or “Do you see what color is around me?” or “Do you see angels?” Most said they could see colors and lights. This was especially the case with children less than 8 years old. One told me she remembered what it was like to be in her mother’s womb, what it was like before she incarnated, and that this was the second time she had tried being born of her mother (her mother had lost her first child, and this child did not know that). I would go and tell their parents about the remarkable things their children had told me. They would ask, astonished, “But they never told us! How do you do this?”

How do I do this? I think I do this because I still have the same level of curiosity that children do. Often I am asked by parents what they should do to encourage their children in their Divine Connection, or what they can do to make their intuition or clairvoyance stronger.

Here is what I do with my children, and what I tell the parents who ask me:

1. Ask them questions. Before you set out to teach them, realize that they have much to teach you. Children up to 7-8 years usually are very open psychically. Their are many naturally psychic children because their connection to the Divine is still open. So ask them questions. Ask them what they see. Ask them what/who they think God is.

When you have a problem, try asking them what they think you should do. Ask them as you would ask a grown up. You might be surprised at the answers you get. For example, one day I was really upset with someone for their extremely orthodox way of thinking. I kept thinking and fretting over our talks, and couldn’t help but wonder how someone could be so “narrow minded”. When I picked my daughter up from her school bus that afternoon, I asked her about this. Her reply was, “Not everyone will think like you. You need to let people think the way they do”. A very simple teaching on being tolerant! In my irritation I had forgotten this simple thing!

2. Teach them and yourself how to see auras. But do not be upset if they see easier than you! It is easy to see auras. There are many articles on this online, but to describe in a few sentences, make someone stand against a white or cream colored wall or curtain. Stand a few feet away from your subject. Defocus your eyes, and look around the head and shoulders of your subject. Choose a point on the wall near the shoulders and head, and look there with defocused eyes. Relax, and in a few moments you will see the first etheric layer around the person. It looks bright white, golden or yellow mostly. If you continue, you will start seeing the other colors too. I have seen that children (and grown-ups too) love doing this! It is a lot of fun!

3. If you realize that your child can already see auras and energy around people, then I suggest you practice “Seeing Angels” game. I used to play with my daughter. I would call Archangels one by one in my mind and not tell her who I had called. Then I’d ask her to look around me and tell me who I had called. In the beginning, if they don’t see the angels, ask them which colors they see. Because every Archangel has a different color, they can identify them this way. My daughter was always correct at this, because she could see them clearly. I am sure many other children can do this as well. And if they can’t at first, they can easily start seeing with a little practice, IF they wish to.

4. This is a meditation I help my second child do often, usually at night. I ask him to close his eyes, and look into his third eye, and wait for a “Blue Star” to appear. And then I ask him to chant “OM” in his mind while watching the Blue Star. The “Blue Star” is nothing but our Higher Self. This meditation helps strengthen the intuition, and one’s connection and communication with one’s Higher Self/Divine Self/True Self/God Self.

5. Another way to open up the third eye is to ask your child to close their eyes, and then imagine their favorite fruit/toy/friend/relative in their minds, and describe them in as much detail as possible.

6. You can also play the guessing game of what is going to happen. For example, suppose someone is to come to your house tomorrow, or you are going to a party, and will meet someone. Play “guess” with your child – What color clothes do you guess this person is going to wear? If you ask them to close their eyes while doing this, their minds will easily go to alpha level, and their guessing will be much better!

Enjoy with your child! The more they train in the beginning to use their minds in this way, the stronger their connection will get. Our regular education system is good for their left brain thinking. When we train their right brain as well, we are attempting to raise individuals who are more balanced. We are helping them use more of their brains, minds and souls, thereby making it easier for them to be divinely guided throughout their lives.




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