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Horizontal Energy – the next wave of transformation
By Stacy Vajta

About a year ago, I wrote a post entitled, “As Within, So Without. Vertical and Horizontal Energies Meet.” It was about a shift I perceived in the energy at that time, where our growth was being activated more so by outside forces versus our inner process.

And interestingly enough, a year later, we are back in that energy…but I think for a much longer period.

Tuning into the energy right now, I do experience a change when it comes to our transformational process, as a result of the recent solstice.

For years now, many of us have been receiving downloads of information. For me it started about 10 years ago, and the best way to describe it was “math” dropping into my crown. This “math” was energetic information, or light language, and instigated some pretty big internal changes for me!

This process was a vertical one. The energetic information came from above, so to speak. It came through my crown and into what I refer to as my vertical flow. It tapped into the energy that I utilize for my own knowingness and growth. And although for many years this download process was intense, it did begin to wane over the last few years.

And, with the recent solstice of 2012, and massive opening of energy on this planet, the download that many people have been experiencing feels somewhat complete…at least from this direction.

We are awake…but now what?! Well the “now what?” question gets answered by a more horizontal energy that is once again in play, but in a much stronger way.

Think of horizontal energy as energy instigated from your core, vibrating out into the world. It’s a horizontal energetic movement between us (at all levels) which will instigate change in a way that is relational.

In other words, this change is not solely about connecting to your Soul’s truths to be embodied and lived, but a deepening of your growth and transformation which is instigated by your energy moving outward via connection and an energetic sharing within groups and communities; and this is inter-related to all you are connected to via the grids and vibrational channels you work with.

We are becoming more and more aware of our inter-connectivity, and this shift in how we begin to transform reflects that in a way that we have not yet been able to work. And to me, it does indeed feel as if our transformation is tied together with the transformation of those around us, those grids we are connected into, and the transformation of the whole.

I can hear the audible groan….

Yes, more transformation… I know. There has been a nice “lull” in that process after the solstice. But change is back. And the sense I have of this is that it may indeed awaken us to the next big opening fairly quickly.

Here’s what I’m being show about this energy:

1. This “horizontal” energy can move swiftly and open us up quickly.

Think of change or transformation going viral and you have a good idea of what I mean. Because the energy is inter-relational, it spreads from person to person and group to group. So the way we can work with it is to look at it from a group level.

Consider that the groups you are a part of (even your community and global groups) have an energy unto themselves. Where within that energy does the healing or transformation need to happen? This horizontal energy can work there changing the group energy as it simultaneously transforms the individuals within in.

If you have ever worked energetically at a group level, you will know how transformational information can jump from one person to the next at the level of our higher selves.

I lead an group healing every now and again where I see this all the time. We transmit energy horizontally across the group and share knowledge in this way. It’s a powerful way to work. And now that we are more awake to our own transformation, and can hold it more consciously, it looks as if we will begin to utilize this skill on a more conscious level. What exactly this will look like I am not sure….

2. Get clear in your energetic boundaries.

Energy-sensitive people often have challenges with keeping their energy clear. There are many reasons for this, but now is the time to learn how to maintain your own energetic boundaries. I’m not talking about creating a wall to keep energies out, but learning how to clear your energy of the triggers where you lose your energy and the wisdom that you hold.

If you can’t do this, then you may indeed be pushed and pulled around quite a bit as these horizontal energies start to really flow, transferring levels of energetic information your way. You need to know how to assess energy, know how your own energy responds to other energies (thoughts, beliefs and ideas), and be able to manage any overwhelm that may arise.

Learn to create healthy energetic boundaries and how to contain your clarity of self, so you can manage all the vibrations affecting you, as these horizontal energies often come to us in ways we aren’t totally aware of unless we pay attention.

3. Give attention to your 3rd chakra.

When I look at this energy, I see the 3rd chakra and how we hold our power and move that out into the world. The third chakra works with the parts of our consciousness having to do with perceptions of power, control, or freedom (usually on a more outward basis). In its clear state, it represents ease of being, and comfort with what is real for one’s self – being comfortable with who you are.

If you have 3rd chakra blocks, it’s time to clear that energy and find yourself. And, then, be willing to put yourself out there.

4. Don’t be afraid to “get out there!”

Find your tribe. Find your community and be willing to share who you are and what you know. I know it is scary, especially for those who have a really new message.

But your energy is the driving force with this horizontal shift. Your energy, your information and who you are, needs to move out from you into a bigger energy flow. This may challenge others or inspire them into new levels of awareness.

And know that the same inspiration and challenges, from others, may arise for you to help you move to your next level.

Find the groups that feel right to you and/or start to put your ideas out there. And again if you find you become overwhelmed by energy, now’s the time to learn to work with your energy in a way you hold those healthy boundaries.

That’s the next wave of transformation.

The downloads we have been getting, which we have been working so hard to embody, help us understand our Truths. And now, we need to move it out and engage in the world in new ways to teach, heal, create and transform all that we interact with.

The next wave of our transformation is here. Informational grids, upon grids, upon grids coming together with this shift. Our growth and downloads may not drop in (through the crown) as much as they have in the last several years, but the transmission is a horizontal one – flowing among and between us – as a way to work through our process perhaps see ourselves reflected in others. Stay aware of the growth you can have as you connect, and allow new ideas to open you to the next wave of transformation. ♥

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to understand, manage, and work with their energy in a way that supports day-to-day living. She works with people all over the globe via phone and Skype.

Visit The Everyday Lightworker website to learn more about her session work and classes.


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