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Giving Thanks. What does this mean? Who are we giving thanks to?

There is something that happens in the healing journey. We start confused and in pain and we need help. We find someone- a healer who can offer us some healing, be a guide. Any authentic healer will be leading you to come into your Power, to allow you to heal yourself. As this sacred journey progresses there may be synchronicities, we may find ourselves opening up to new ways of thinking and being and discovering parts of ourselves long abandoned.


We may go from feeling empty and like we don’t know what we want, to feeling fuller and more in flow. We may start to look on our healer as our rescuer. Put them on a pedestal. For the first time perhaps someone has given us attention and Love, and not really asked anything from us emotionally. We feel accepted for the first time and that  can be a seductive experience. We may even feel as if we have feelings of Love for our Healer.

Part of the process is we can start to feel like we are falling in Love. And we are- we are falling in Love with Ourselves- those parts long undernourished and we are more importantly falling in Love with Spirit. For the healer is the channel for Spirit and what we are feeling and connecting to is yes their energy but more than that is Spirit coming through this human form.

After a while as we regain our strength we may then start to look on our healer- if we have been seeing them for an extended period as a human being. Suddenly the honeymoon period vanishes and now we see that their clothes dont look so shiny, they dont seem the pinnacle of that something we used to feel they were. Now we pick at perceived failings. Well last time I had a longer session, well last time I felt better, well last time the incense smelt nicer. And so on. And in some ways what this is about is about truly coming into our Power. And any authentic healer will ensure that those who come to them do not end up depending on them, feeling lost without them. That they are bit by bit remembering their own Power.

thankfulnessAnd then comes a stage where after seeing the healer as human we start to feel as if we are actually a little bit more knowledgable than them. As if we are the best judge of what we need. That this healer is actually not all that! We start to relish when they slip up and make a mistake- because finally they are human but also because in some way it makes us feel more Powerful than them and for some this will be important. For some coming to see a healer and being vulnerable will be such a huge step that they cannot wait until the healer slip ups for them to say: aha! I knew it! And it will confirm whatever resistance or wound lies at the deepest level.

Games may get played out. The game of resisting the healing- asking to be rescued- to then be able to turn around and say this is not what I want. You are forcing me to heal and I dont want to- I am fine as I am. Because if the wound, if the resistance has something to push againts it gains strength. In the sight of Love and Acceptance it has nowhere to go.

In all this, in all these machinations of the mind- what have we forgot? Spirit. We have forgotten that the healer is a channel for Spirit and it is Spirit in human form we engage with. We have forgottent that that book we suddenly felt like buying, that workshop we now want to go to, that CD that we listen to- all those things that we say show we are now “better” came from the subtle promptings of Spirit. As we go about our lives proclaiming we are doing it by ourselves, we are changing our lives, the world, others- that all of it is done by the Grace of Spirit. Somehow when times are bad we seek to blame the Gods and when times are God we seek to take praise for ourSelves. How does that work? Do we believe that Spirit just tests and punishes us but when times are good it is because we passed some test and appeased the Spirits? Do we really believe in such a connection with Mother Father God? That the Love is conditional and based on a series of tests?

When our lives heal, when our lives turn upside down- the work of Spirit is there. Our lives may turn upside down because we need to wake up to something in us that needs healing. They may turn upside down because we have ignored our hearts and Spirit for so long that that disconnection has meant we have made a series of decisions that could never truly empower or serve us. And when our lives heal- when  we are in flow it is through the Grace of Spirit. Spirit is in everything- that book made of paper come from trees, planted deep in Mother Earth.

How can we not give Thanks in every moment? How can we not honour the workings of Spirit. To save ourselves from the delusion of getting caught up in our healers, in workshops, in CD’ s and special Meditations and which workshop and which book to read. What if we just honoured Spirit with every breath we took, with every meal we made, with every shower we took. The benefits of gratitude unfold easily when we realize every piece of music, every book, every piece of art that heals and inspires us are things to give thanks to. To thank Spirit and the channel that brought that through.

How are we able to say when we are sick it is down to someone else, a job, a move, a partner and when we heal it is down to us. Yes we are our best healers- by the Grace of Spirit. And so by the same token we are what makes us ill. Our thoughts, our choices, our lifestyles and our lack of gratitude.

Giving Thanks to Spirit saves us from getting attached to the channel. Whether that is the healer, the meditation group, the CD, the workshop. It is all Spirit. We give thanks to Spirit. We give thanks to the channels of Spirit. We have the humility to know that when we happen to find that workshop, that book, that healer that whatever that is working for us and taking us deeper into healing it is down to the workings of Spirit. To stop us hopping from one fix to the next, one healer to the next, one CD to the next- looking for that Honeymoon period, when we see all is Spirit we start to see that the Truth of our healing lies in getting ever closer to Spirit. That regardless of the channel this is about Spirit and we do what we can to get ever closer, because in so doing we get closer to the Truth of our Divinity. And in that we start to find the essence of who we are and all we came here to be.

There is always something to give thanks for. We may have to search for it- we may have to dig deep but its there. A cup of tea, a warm bed, food in your stomach, the kindness of a stranger, love of one’s family, something. However small and then as the words tumble out we find more follow and more and what once looked like an empty bowl is brim full of nourishment. It may not be what we wanted, it may not be what we dreamed of having. And here is the thing- we more we give thanks, the more we are in a space of gratitude to Spirit the more we open up to Spirit. And so we are more likely to start to hear, to feel the guidance that shall lead us out of wherever we are to a space of much greater balance.

I give thanks for all who read this, for having the ability and the freedom to type this up, to be in the warm as I do this, to know there will be a nice meal for me tonight, to have the luxury of a roof over my head, for my friends who support me in all I do, for all that is to come.

So it is.


Amber Agha

Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master

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