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Each one of us in our wholeness functions as a multidimensional spectrum of energy. We can access various dimensions as experience simply by shifting our attention point. Most children diagnosed with autism and other energetic sensitivities have a very expansive attention point and thus experience the world very differently.

My experience is somewhere between the narrow lens of most humans and the expanded dimensional experience that these children are living day in and day out!

For instance I can watch a child diagnosed with autism or some other “condition” play in their classroom and from one vantage point that child is disorganized in their play, unable to communicate, clearly uncomfortable and agitated in the body while simultaneously off in their own world. If I broaden the scope of my vibrational awareness just a little, I see that this same child is paying more attention to the buzz of the florescent lights and the smell of cookies radiating from down the hall than to anything physical. I may also notice that the sound is irritating and the smell is creating an internal desire to eat, which is not particularly conscious. They are simply some of the sensations arising in the body as information.

If I broaden my awareness even further, I may see that the same child is also sensing the emotional energy in the room. This child is feeling, within their emotions, the collective energy of that classroom. They are not only feeling that energy, but are some how a part of it. One of the other children is sad, one is scared, one is a little hyper and another really excited. The child is feeling all of these children as one confusing feeling all taking place simultaneously.

The child is now drawn back to the lights. Now they are not only being heard, but sensed on a level that causes a disruption within the sensory system and causes that child to feel a bit more agitated. At this level, I may also see that the child is having the bodily reaction to the emotions running through her.

If I broaden my view a little more, I may see that this same little girl in her apparently unconnected state in the classroom, is very connected to the energy of her mother even though her mother is several blocks away sitting in her home trying to make sense of her life. This little girl is feeling her mother’s feelings and noticing her mother’s thoughts. Her love for and deep connection to her mother keeps her attention point right with her.

And as I broaden my scope just a little bit more, I notice that in another part of the world a hurricane is brewing and the energetic pattern of that hurricane is causing a subtle atmospheric change in the very room where that child is standing. The child is registering that change and her attention point is pulled to it.

I see that the child standing out of touch to her physical environment is silently conversing with number of other children all interconnected at some level of consciousness that allows for clear non- verbal communication. Further still, my vantage point takes me to an awareness that this same child is not only connected internally to other children but other places, creatures and not all of those are from this earth. From this vantage point I may also see that very subtle levels within the child’s body are reacting to the interactions that they are participating in. I also may see her giving and receiving various energies from these unseen realities. Further still there is an awareness of various codes and imprints that are being released within the atomic and subatomic particles of the child’s essence. Spontaneous inner occurrences are taking place simply due to divine timing.

This is all the same child. She is still standing in the middle of the classroom and still appears to be out of touch with her physical reality. Is she really? At what level is she participating or not participating?

Depending on the vantage point that we have, we would call this child handicapped, emotional, in need of sensory integration services, sensitive, highly aware, spiritually gifted, or connected to All That Is.

We are each going to see this child from the vantage point that we see ourselves and treat her from that place as well. If we have evolved to see ourselves beyond the physical, then we will see the child beyond physical limitation. If we have evolved in our own awareness, beyond an emotional reference of self, we will see and respond to the child that way etc. The amazing part is, that the way we see the child, is our reality NOT THEIRS!

The great thing is that all of these perceptions are needed. They all serve a purpose. The not-so-great thing is that many of us get very comfortable in our perceptions and we limit ourselves by staying there.

We each have multidimensional aspects. We each have the potential to experience more of ourselves, but we have to first let go of the idea that our current reality is the TRUTH. It is simply a perception, a reality that has been created by numbers of people agreeing to perceive the same thing.

When we see with the eyes of God, we see other realities and in other realities there are new possibilities of support, interaction and growth. The child standing in the room could be any child, with or without a so – called condition or handicap. We are all a spectrum of energy and at some level of awareness we know that at the height of that spectrum is ONENESS. I believe that as we broaden the scope of our awareness, we allow a greater possibility for something new to manifest in our physical reality. Hopefully by now you are at least questioning what else is “out there”. Hopefully you are wondering, “What is yet to be revealed?” To find the answer to that question you need only ask. The depth of your being will reveal what you are ready to experience and your curiosity will carry you to broader and broader attention points. It all exists in the ONE. It is time to ask what else is possible? What is right before you that you are not seeing?

Enjoy your awakening!

The Awesomism II Program offers information, tools and exercises to transform your experience of autism, as well as other conditions related to energetic sensitivities, to that of literally living AWESOMISM.  This material focuses on putting you firmly back in charge of your life by empowering you with the information that matters most to your children. It provides a full understanding of who the children are from a much broader perspective, so you can actually use their strengths to help overcome any perceived weaknesses. Find out more here.

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