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Love is the only water that can quench the heart’s thirst.

– David Kam

Love is like an endlessly filling well. It must flow constantly, as that is its nature. Cancel its destination and the soul begins to die of thirst.

– spirit communication from the book, Lighten Up

A lot of people ponder the meaning of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of living? These are questions that man has asked himself throughout the ages. The answer, of course, boils down to one word – love. We are here to love one another. We were born to apply love in all we do, whether it’s soaking up the sun on a beach in Aruba, preparing a meal for friends and family, or scrubbing a floor on our hands and knees.

Love is similar to water in the sense that its very nature is to flow everywhere it can flow, both to us, and from us to others. To block the flow of love through our own selfish actions creates illness and bad effect for all. If a person hides away from love, it becomes easier for him or her to act in a loveless way. This, in turn, affects society as a whole, opening the door to things like anti-social and criminal behavior. A chain reaction results, affecting everyone this person meets, which affects everyone they meet and so on. The greater a person starves his soul through withholding love for others, and only taking from it, the more he becomes a wounding part of the world as a whole.

The reverse also holds true. When we open our hearts and souls to others, we unlock the dam gates and allow love to flow – again, both to us and from us to others. Look at the furniture in your rooms, the foods you eat, the things we take for granted. Consider that they were once someone’s idea and someone worked hard using the love within them to make them a reality for everyone to enjoy. Stop and think how the water of love affects every little thing you see, smell, taste and feel.

The crop you plant out of love inspires others to plant their own seeds. Love provides work for others, food on tables, and goods in shops to be happily bought and enjoyed by many. It is an example that everything in life is a product of giving. The reason man began saying grace before meals was to give awareness and appreciation to the love that nourishes souls. Once people start using loving awareness toward all things, life becomes richer and more fulfilling. Life then flows liquidly, just as love itself flows.

Here are 6 life-changing steps you can apply starting today –

1. Think. Think from your heart, as well as your head. Think about the nature of love and how easily it is to turn the tap on simply by choosing it. This is not advanced calculus here – every child intuitively thinks from the heart without a second thought. Lay down on the bed in your spare bedroom or go for a long, quiet walk in nature and think about love as a simple concept that you can easily share with others every day.
2. Faith. You needn’t be religious or even spiritual to apply faith in your life. Your faith can be as simple as believing that giving and receiving love is the true purpose of life. Understand that your smile, the light that shines from within you, touches everyone you meet. Not every person you meet is going to like you for it or appreciate your offer of kindness. But, they become part of a chain reaction, whether they are aware of it or not. You might not even like the person very much, but that is not the point. Love flows to love, period. Faith allows you to accept that life is about giving and receiving love from others – both living in the world and outside of it. That is, after all, what you were designed to do in the first place. Simply that.
3. Acceptance. If I was asked to define acceptance using 10 words or less, it would be “it is what it is and that’s okay”. Faith and acceptance combine to form a strength and resilience that will see us through anything life throws our way. A lack of acceptance in dealing with life’s challenges is akin to an ant demanding that the elephant do things his way and see things from his point of view. The ant stands no chance of making the elephant submit to his expectations, no more than you or I shaking our fist at the universe will change anything – it is what it is. Faith offers a depth of acceptance that allows love to flow during both pleasant and horrible times alike. By applying faith, you create more of it. In creating more, your life becomes richer because you are at one with yourself and one with your world.
4. Practice. Practice makes perfect, which is why you need to review step one before applying this one. Learn to imagine love as an energy that flows from your heart and soul in all your daily affairs. Random acts of kindness was a pretty random expression once, but the expression has been used far more often than the act itself over the years, which is why we need to practice. What can you do to practice? Read the next step.
5. Baby Steps. You needn’t strap a crucifix to your back or find a cure for cancer in order to change the world. The love that flows from you to others starts with each of us in the smallest of ways. Smile at everyone you meet every Thursday, allow three drivers to merge ahead of you on Tuesday, and roll around on the carpet with your child and/or your dog on Saturday morning. Invite a neighbor over for coffee or volunteer to bake brownies for the next community fundraiser. If enough of us do it, we will cause a ripple effect that will – not might – change our world.
6. Lighten Up. So many of us view life as a struggle that must, somehow, be dealt with each and every day. We think we must work harder to acquire more money to buy more possessions, which will somehow make us happier someday in the future. The key to happiness is appreciation for the air we breathe, the roof above our heads, and sharing our heart with others. Quit focusing on the “problems” that won’t mean diddly squat when you’re breathing your last breath of air. Laugh often, let the small stuff slide, and have a good time sharing the love within you with friends, family, and strangers alike. It’s why you’re here.

And now a word from someone who needs to read this article. These song lyrics represent a man who believes his love supply has run dry and he can’t find it anywhere… he doesn’t yet realize that his ego is his own little dam and if he’d just open the floodgates of his soul, the water would flow through and fill him with the water of love.

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