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What if one day a stranger were to approach you out of the blue and say, “You can create anything your heart desires.  You’ve always had the ability to do this, you just didn’t realize it.”  You may have heard some semblance of this before, but for some reason, this time you actually believed it!

Somewhat akin to the famous phrase from Oz, “You’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas.”  But as Glinda the “good witch” explained, if she had told Dorothy earlier, she wouldn’t have believed her and so she had to learn it for herself.

A prophetic edict to be sure, this sentiment seems to be one nudging millions of people today amid so much, emotional, mental and even spiritual turmoil.  With little to no resolution on the journey to fixing the problems, many are now ready to listen to that still, small and silent voice within, telling us “You’ve always had the power…”  Early on, you barely heard this voice or you didn’t believe it.  But now, it may just be at the crisis point and with nowhere else to turn, except inward, that we finally realize it’s true.

Conscious Musings, the new audio book by writer Alexis Brooks candidly but artfully weaves together this same message by taking an honest look at ourselves and our world in order to take the first integral step to healing and setting the path forward to rebirth our manifestation powers.

Musings illustrates this point through a spectrum of scenarios, from current societal conditions, individual and group behavior and self assessment to shamanic practice, psychic and spiritual ability.  Brooks uses her essays as a wake-up call to immediately cease undermining our potential by living a reality according to consensus and begin to consciously create a reality that is well within our reach.

She admits, “With this short collection of essays, I wanted to hit as hard as I could to illustrate how we’ve been living in a world of assumptions, largely based on lack and limitation of our own creative power.  This is the time to wake up to the fact that it is we who have always had choices and we who must make them in order to shift with what now appears to be a Universal tipping point.”

“Few would argue that the world that we currently experience leaves a lot to be desired. True happiness is too often traded in for survival and average content. Creativity for everyday acquired skills like a job that we do, not because we like it, but because we were trained for it. Many believe that that’s all that life has to offer.

Did something along the path of our evolution of becoming “modern man” somehow thwart or throw us off of realizing how absolutely powerful, creative and limitless we are as human and spiritual beings? Will there one day be a collective realization of these things?”

(From the introduction to Conscious Musings)


To further her case about how society has built a worldview of limits and the global ramifications should we not begin the walk toward self empowerment, she cites the works of notable thinkers, philosophers and writers like Buckminster Fuller, Peter Russell, Michael Talbot and even Ralph Waldo Emerson.

But the book, published by Higher Journeys offers much more than a critical look at self and society. Brooks points out that once an unbiased assessment can take place, the best part of the equation is now primed to happen.  She calls this Conscious Manifestation and in this section she includes several essays that have a bit of a “how to” feel – using our new found creating powers to begin to “transmute” lack into limitless abundance.  She references a cutting edge approach to visualization using the heart as the “central conduit” for physical manifestation of all kinds.  She even includes a short visualization exercise using the heart as the focal point for getting into a state of conscious creation.



Conscious Musings – A Collection of Contemplations About Life and Potentiality takes the true explorer on a journey of self discovery through understanding themselves and their world in a way that is honest and thoughtful and will leave the individual with a renewed sense of purpose and personal power.


Alexis Brooks is a writer, essayist and researcher covering metaphysics, spirituality and new consciousness. Her writing which delves into areas of the true nature of reality, consciousness and the self, have been described by others as “lucid and easy to understand” in covering an otherwise complex and esoteric terrain.

Her articles have appeared both in print and online for over a decade including Spirit of Change Magazine, Wisdom Magazine, Fate Magazine and on popular alternative websites like, and

Alexis’ blog Higher Journeys regularly covers a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from metaphysics and new consciousness to the paranormal.

She lives in the Boston area with her husband Derek.

Conscious Musings is available at:

CD Baby



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