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Hello friends. It’s a big world out there and not everyone is pleasant to deal with. I’m going to share my expertise and years of experience so you don’t have to run into the road blocks and problems that I did. This is one way that I continue to make lemonade from the lemons of my own experience.

empathicWhether you use social media for business or simply to connect with friends and relatives, it is important to set boundaries, and make your time an uplifting experience that does not drain your energy and that helps you fulfill your soul’s Highest purpose.

Not sure if you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person? Please check out this blog post for more information and to determine if you are.

Empath Post from the Bright Star Blog

1)  Remember it’s YOUR Facebook, Twitter page or website. It may sound obvious, but we can forget; especially when dealing with the nasties (I will get into that later.) Energetically and spiritually *claim* the space just as you would your own home or office. This is also your representation out there in social media land, so appearances are important. Treat your page like you would your own home. Keep it a positive, lovely and inviting place that people will enjoy not only discovering, but visiting again and again.

2)  Decide how you are going to deal with argumentative, negative or otherwise unpleasant people on your page or site. You may choose to take it on a case-by-case basis, or just have a “Zero Tolerance” policy across the board. At my pages, my admins and I find that we not longer deal with too much of this, but we still get the occasional naysayer. We are not in business to “convert” others to our way of life and thinking, nor are we going to go into agreement with their otherwise limited or negative point of view. Learn when to *walk away* from conversations that you know are pointless and a waste of time and energy. Remember to always be respectful to others, even when showing them the door. It is certainly fine to have a difference of opinion and to respectfully disagree. If you are intuitive and work with spiritual guidance, this is something that you can work with in more depth. For example, there have been some instances where I was guided to hang in there with someone and it all worked out fine in the end. It was merely a mis-communication which certainly can happen (and more frequently in a Mercury retrograde I might add!)  Do follow your own highest guidance whenever possible.

3)  Not all “Trolls” live under bridges! Though it may seem judgmental for me to use this term, it is certainly applicable in some circumstances. Yes we are all children of the ONE, but let’s face it, some of the astrologerchildren simply do not know how to behave properly on the playground. The anonymity of social media gives some folks license for overkill in the lack of charm department. Under no circumstances do you have to hang in there and take abuse from anyone. That is decidedly not part of the Aquarian Age that we are moving into that sees all beings as equal, sovereign and worthy of respect. Again, you can politely show them the door. If things get too out of hand, the Ban/Block key is also useful.

4)  If you do have some negative people on your page, please don’t get in a Law of Attraction shame spiral about it. 🙂 I’ve had many a pow-wow with my Guidance Team, the Akashic Wisdom Keepers on this topic over the years. Some of these people that show up, you actually *may* share some karma with, but there are others that are random (especially on pages where you are dealing with large numbers of people.) It is entirely up to you how your respond, just like that useful saying by Wayne Dyer, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” We have a choice to use any and all experiences for our development and growth. We empower negativity and dis-empower ourselves when we let the negative behavior of others steal our joy or otherwise knock us out of our happy place. If this occurs however, it’s okay. We can make a point to respond differently next time. This is one way that “putting ourselves out there” can be scary, but also very rewarding and useful. Remember that everyone can be our teacher, even those that reflect the shadow side of life, and in these moments we may serve as their teacher also.

5)  DO take care of yourself and walk away from social media contact when necessary; especially if you are feeling drained, exceedingly frustrated, angry, etc.  Being out in the public eye as especially an empathic or sensitive person can be challenging, and it is vital to keep your personal energy field strong. Please remember to be kind to you. Give yourself plenty of time outs, even it if is just a stretch break, or a spin around the block with the dog. You may want to take longer breaks at times for vacations and/or personal retreats. I give myself a weekend every week and also at least two times per year where I am offline for a longer period. For me as both an empath and sensitive person, this is vital.

6)  Revel in the beauty and the uniqueness that is you! This is the part of Social Media that I really love. Never before have we had such a wonderful template and opportunity to express our own gifts and talents in such a unique, freeform and exciting way. Yes there are some potential landmines out there, but there are also many beautiful, like-minded people that are just waiting to connect with you and partake of your unique perspectives and knowledge. So go get ‘em and shine like the Bright Star that YOU are.

Here is the great Dr. Judith Orloff with some helpful tips on keeping our personal energy field positive and in tact.



Thank you for reading.

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