article pictureAnimals are always approaching us with their messages, watching and waiting for people who will practice the inner stillness required to hear them.   Their presence challenges us to find the lessons illustrated throughout the natural world.  Just this month, I have had many intriguing spiritual encounters with animals, reminding me that they are with us everywhere, ready with an apt insight to guide us. 

Some examples of my December teachers:

Geese seek warmer climes in the winter, contemplating the promise of spring and the return of sunlight.  The sight and song of a flock of geese, flying in a leisurely arc across the pale winter sky, demonstrate the importance of migrational shifts in our lives.  We can move mindfully on our own paths toward warmth, into the heart center where energizing our lives with love and compassion provides a soothing balm and a smoother way through the turbulence of transformation. 

Squirrels, busily storing away Nature’s bounty against leaner times, highlight the need to preserve what is needed for our wellbeing:  Love, friendship, and opportunities to perform acts of meaning, as well as material needs. 

Deer spirits in a Reiki session told a young woman the joys of moving freely over the Earth, unconstrained by convention, unworried about losing the way, seeking quietly after the mystery beyond the trees. 

Bear has been appearing for my clients, signaling the importance of taking time in the winter months to go inward and listen to the voice within, to create from stillness, imagining, dreaming, and nurturing new forms into being. 

We absorb these teachings of Totem Animals and timely-appearing creatures as we go about our daily lives, but there is a bigger force at work behind the interventions of the animal spirits.  This has to do with the larger mission of animals in ushering in the Aquarian Age.

We have heard about the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children coming into the world with their special gifts to help transform human consciousness.  Rarely trumpeted are the bright beings in fur, feathers, and scales who have been with us all these millennia to educate and restore us to full and glorious knowledge of our Divine nature. 

I am speaking now about the totality of the Animal Kingdom on Earth.  These marvelous creatures large and small have retained a spiritual awareness and knowledge that has been largely erased from human memory.  Power Animals, Totem Animals, and animal Spirit Guides are parts of this great collective, but the Animal Lightworkers are the ones who are physically incarnated beside us, reaching out to lead us along the little-trodden ways of peace.

Most of us have met these Animal Lightworkers.  If you have ever had a cat who lay across your body, empathetically relieving the pain of heartache or illness, knowing through the intuitive brilliance of love exactly what you needed in that moment, then you have lived with an Animal Lightworker.  Therapy dogs who spend their days comforting the sick and dying, granting the peace required for healing, or gently leading frightened human souls on a comforting journey to the Other Side – they are Lightworkers, too.  So are the butterflies who cluster in your garden on the day you most need assurance that you too will exit the cocoon in splendor.

We have learned that whales and dolphins emit healing vibrations in their songs that have a marked effect on the human condition, frequencies which are healing to the energetic bodies of humans and other beings.  Cetaceans are vehicles for ancient consciousness, tenders of the old flames of wisdom, healers and educators.  There are therapeutic programs for trauma victims to swim with dolphins, and I use cetacean music in Reiki sessions.  Many people have experienced transformative healings in their presence, and they are some of the most highly-evolved soul beings on the Earth plane today. 

The gentle gaze of a deer or the timid urging of a rabbit, leading a tired city-dweller to a forest glade untouched by human development, is the working of the wild creatures, bringing humans back to a fount of Source too easily missed in our busy, urban lives.  When a person opens her heart to a beloved animal companion, crying into his soft fur and sharing fear and disappointment, there is a purging of grief and the opening of energetic pathways to healing – something that required a human-animal interaction for that person.

A very special Animal Lightworker for me is my dog-child Jack.  After two years alone in a garage, he was abandoned at a kill shelter because his human no longer wanted to buy dog food.  His days were numbered.  What Jack wanted most of all was a Dog Daddy, a man who would love and accept him like his former person never did.  As my own father lay dying, his soul was traveling far and wide, and he heard the prayers of this sad and lonely dog. 

A man of great paternal love, my father became an advocate for little Jack.  Unresponsive in a hospice bed, Daddy found a way to reach out, filling me with an inexplicable need to hurry to the shelter and adopt a dog I had never met.  This unsocialized, never-loved dog was the perfect fit for my family – both human and canine.  Twenty-four hours to the very moment after Jack walked into my house, my father passed away.  He told us later that yes, he had brought Jack to us because, he said, “I wanted you to have more love in your life” when he knew his own life with me was ending.

Animals carry Godspark in their souls just as we do, only they know it more innately, and share Light and love from the depth of that inner flame freely and without condition.  We are all connected.  The human-made hierarchy of beings is crumbling, turning to dust like other false claims to power.  An abandoned old dog at a shelter with a greying muzzle and arthritic hips is a Lightworker to everyone who permits him to love them – like my boy Oscar, a senior whose people no longer wanted him when he became paralyzed.  He has become a mighty example of courage, perseverance, love, and healing.

My dear friend recently adopted a dog who is blind and has other special needs.  The powerful bond of love between them illuminates everyone who comes within their reach.  He has become a wisdom teacher, a catalyst for positive shifts and growth experiences, and a fount of unconditional love and unwavering devotion.  He has shown a lot of people that what society may deem as “flawed” is just a different brand of perfection, honest and true in its own right.

If you share your life with animals, you too have been blessed by the advent of the Animal Lightworkers.  It is no accident that the Christ Spirit came into flesh in a barn surrounded by the gentle gaze of animals.  These birds of the air and beasts of the field truly are workers in the Light.  Join with them, and see where the wondrous journey takes you.


Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the author of “Other Nations:  A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom” filled with stories of the spiritual richness of animals and their transformative healing journeys as well as a selection of prayers, spiritual services, and meditations for your life with animals.  See reader reviews, look inside the book, and purchase “Other Nations” at  To learn about her work, please visit Dr. Eiler’s website at

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