The 12:12:12 Portal. Riding the Wave of Energy
by Stacy Vajta

As we head toward the solstice of 2012, we will once again be stretched energetically. Presently, there is a wave of energy which is part of the 12:12:12 portal (or shift) that is expanding and re-shaping us.

I became aware of this wave of energy kicking in a few days ago. In fact, the image was more of a shock wave that infused us with new vibrational information. And although we often assign these energetic events a date that correlates to specific astrological events, the energy is already present, and will continue to work through us for the next week or so.

As I sit and talk with my Guides about this energy, I’m being shown an increase in the frequencies that we can hold. The vibrational range that we can begin to recognize is stretching on both ends of the spectrum.

When I look at this, it’s not so much about becoming sensitive to these energies, but being able to embody them in a way that we can then work with them. The energy around this shift holds a very high vibrational intelligence which is very focused. It leads me to think that it will quickly integrate within our systems, which is why it may feel big and truly transformative to us…maybe even leaving us a bit stunned for a while.

Anytime we start to get this type of expansion, we can expect to experience some of those energy symptoms, particularly headaches and sinus pressure, squeezing of the head, ear ringing and sound sensitivities and the like.

These energy symptoms often arise as we move into states of expansion or contraction with all this energy. Quite literally our tissue — the cranial membranes in particular — gets stuck when we hit a glitch with this energy and our own inner process. This restriction can cause some issues for us, as well as a slight inhibition in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid; which by the way, is a carrier for an incredible amount of spiritual information for the body.

This particular wave of energy is working at a cellular level. It’s actually transforming the cells to recognize and hold a greater spectrum of energy. And what I’m seeing with this energy is that for some people there may be a bit of a detox or a “die-off’ feeling as this energy shifts within their body.

This expansion of the frequencies seems to have a quieting effect though on the nervous system. There’s also a shift happening in the 2nd and 3rd chakras to be worked with.

What I’m being shown around these chakra changes is more of an energy of recognition and stepping into ownership of this expanded energy. The feeling of the energy in those chakras is almost that of handing ourselves over to this energy…like we have been waiting for this. In other words, the energy in those lower chakras isn’t so much about resisting the energy, but that of acceptance and integration. (So that’s good!)

Yet there is still a process happening in those lower chakras to be aware of. Any time we expand our awareness we, of course, have to look at what we no longer need or what no longer resonates with the energy that we are stepping into. And there is a letting go and healing process (and we can have resistance to that), even when we accept and welcome the new energies.

So, how do you ride the wave of this 12:12:12 portal energy?

Having awareness that there is a wave of energy transforming us is a good first step. For me anyway, knowing that something is “going on” energetically helps me to relax into my growth. It explains, to some extent, why I may be feeling “off.” Having this energetic awareness can assist you in how to proceed and where to focus your healing efforts.

Things like CranioSacral Therapy, energy work and flower essences are all good, especially if you are feeling the symptoms that throw you off. If you can find someone who can work energetically with your cranial system and the spiritual information that you are working with…all the better. It’s great to be able to see this as an integrated piece.

In your own work, focus in on your cells. Say hello to them over the next few week and allow your own energetic intelligence to offer them assistance in their process. Really “lean-in” to the energy you find there, and explore your own healing needs along with where you may be getting stuck or where old patterns are showing up as you upgrade your energy.

Spend some time being present to the lower chakras and any energy that needs to be cleared or supported there as you go through whatever inner process may be opened up for you at this time.

Do what you can to clear the body of any extra toxins. Dry brush, drink water, eat well and exercise. Keep your energy moving, as well as your body!

This is a big shift.

Bringing your attention to this energy wave now, and how it is starting to affect you, can certainly help with how you move through this shift. Awareness is always the key.

And, we always have work to do within with these vibrational shifts. It’s never enough to simply say the energy is transforming us…we always need to step into our responsibility with the energy and look at where our personal growth is, and how then we choose to work with the new energy in order to create something new for ourselves.

If you find you need some support in your own healing or understanding what is shifting within you, please contact me. I’m happy to support you through this very transformative time.

About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to manage, and work with, the high vibrational information they’re connected to — and all the complex energetic patterns that are tied to it— in a way that supports day-to-day living.

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