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This is an excerpt from the powerful and lovely ebook Angel of Light


The Heart Chakra – GREEN

Location: Centre of chest
Governs: Thymus, heart, circulatory system, blood, lungs, diaphragm, thymus, breasts, oesophagus, shoulders, arms and hands.
Influences: love and unconditional giving, love for the self and others, self-acceptance, passion, devotion, forgiveness, compassion.
Imbalances (Negative characteristics):  lack of self-love, fear of being abandoned or rejected, lack of confidence or hope, despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy and passivity (inability to say no) Heart and breathing disorders, breast cancer, asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, shoulder problems all point to imbalance in the heart chakra.


compassionThe heart chakra is the power house of the human energy system and the centre of love and healing. It is the turbo boost for your spiritual energies and if they are charged properly in the lower chakras this chakra is where the magic begins.


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Again in the West it is often during the teenage years that the heart chakra can become blocked or closed as teens go through the pain of first loves and hormonal changes.  Quite often this is the last place that our naturally spirited energies will fire off before conforming.  This and the fact that the part of the brain that houses compassion is still only partly formed at this stage can often make teenagers irrational and difficult causing rejection from parents and peers and further closure of this important chakra.  Teenagers just need more compassion and love from the society around them to be true to themselves.  With enough love they grow a strong faith in themselves and can often come up with amazing ideas for the greater good.  They can actually often create quicker than us adults as they are habitually fearless.

The heart chakra is its own catalyst and, with a little work, it is also the one that can bring about any emotional healing that may be required within itself.  To activate the heart chakra, Practice gratitude.  True gratitude comes from the heart chakra, but it also warms the throat chakra and opens a pillar of light for their energy to flow through enabling a quickening of the energies in all the chakras. The heart chakra is our link between body and spirit.  Between us, God and the Angels.  It is the spring board the energies gathered in the previous chakras need to propel themselves up and through to be blessed.  Following the soul’s desire to manifest goodness and love, with faith in ourselves, is the only key that will fully open its treasure chest.


love and compassion
To further open your heart and put in you the right magical mode, please enjoy some life quotes and sayings:


Nice long walks in nature help to heal/feed this chakra. Taking care of and growing plants, gardening, going on picnics, spending time with family and friends, watching romantic movies or reading things that warm your heart, candlelight dinners with a loved one and listening to music that includes the sounds of nature all help to charge the energy of the heart chakra.


heart chakra

heart chakra

Associated with the colours green or pink, eating green foods and drinks like spinach, broccoli, celery, squash and green tea help to keep the heart chakra in balance. Herbs such as basil, thyme, parsley and cilantro also waken the powers of this chakra.


Essential oils of Rose, Eucalyptus, Pine, Tea Tree, Spearmint and Cedarwood are its stimulants. Rose Quartz, Emerald, Jade and Peridot are the stones associated with positive effects on the Heart Chakra.

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