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Vibrational “Sound” and Energetic Sensitivity
By Stacy Vajta  

Sound of course is all around us, and for the energy-aware we often crave those moments of quiet where we can calm the mind and listen more deeply. But the sounds we hear don’t always register as audible sounds. In fact the silent, vibrational sounds we hear can be just as loud to our energetic systems; and they can create an inner discord to be dealt with.

I work with a lot of people saying that they are sensitive to noise…that it throws them off energetically. And when I look at this, it is often those deeper sounds — the vibrations they are “listening” to — that are causing the issues.

I recently spoke about the top 3 energy issues energy-aware people face now, and this issue of sound is a big one. It shows up as tension in the neck, headaches, jaw tension, tooth pain, nasal pressure and pain, and even some 6th chakra blockages. It also shows up as feeling overwhelmed by the outside noises we listen to. I think too that it can play a role in how we communicate…or how we can’t communicate…and even in how our technology and communication tools work for us.

Much of the high vibrational information that is upgrading our systems comes in to us at a level of vibrational sound through the 6th and 7th chakras; and it moves through energetic pathways deep within the brain and ear channels. And when this gets blocked or overwhelmed, we start to feel it.

What it comes down to really is how we are working with the organization of the energetic information we are hearing (and working with) at this level.

If all these vibrations take us into a state of expansion, we need to be able to filter it, integrate it and allow it to rise up into our conscious awareness. If the energy takes us into a state of contraction and we get stuck there, the sounds may just be too discombobulating to our inner ear and energy. We can’t find a way to organize this vibrational “sound” into one clear channel of energetic information to process properly. It rattles around as “too much” within our system, and we can’t filter it out or find a way to manage it with our nervous systems.

And with the on-going waves of energy that we are working with as we head into December 21, 2012 and beyond, we need to be aware of these deep vibrational sounds. They may be what are clobbering you if you are feeling energetically overwhelmed.

How to work with this?

If you are finding that you have this type of sensitivity, or maybe even some of the outer manifestations of garbled communication all around you, take a look at it from a vibrational lens.

Here’s a quick energy visualization you can try to see if you can start to clear those deep ear channels out.

  1. Imagine a light blue ball of energy just outside your right ear.
  2. Let that ball of light come in through your ear and attract like a magnet any and all energy that is not needed or not resonating with the highest vibration you can hold. Just ask your energetic intelligence to do this…your brain will only get in the way!
  3. Then let that ball of light move through your ear channels, deep into your brain stem, back out around your jaw, your teeth and then to the other side.
  4. Let this ball of light have the ability to hold an infinite amount of energy – stuck energy!
  5. When done, let it move out the other ear and give it to the Universe. You can explode that light back to source, or give it to a Guide to recycle…whatever you fancy. Just let it go.
  6. You can fill yourself up with an energy as well, letting another ball of light come in. Ask your inner wisdom to pick the right vibration to fill up any areas where you need energy.

Give this a try. It may help with some of the basic symptoms you notice. And it may also start to show you the deeper patterns of your energetic process that make it hard to work with the vibrational sounds right now and maybe even some of the underlying issues that make it hard to process the higher vibrations or shift into them right now.

We are in a huge energetic shift these days…I know you know that! We have our work cut out for us. As we head into the solstice of 2012 we will “hear” more and more vibrational information…it’s pouring in. Now is the time to keep a steady check on what your energy is doing.

Give the exercise above a try and let me know how it works for you! Here’s to your flow and the sounds you hear. ♥


About Stacy Vajta – The Everyday Lightworker

Stacy Vajta is a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience helping Indigos and other energy-aware folks to manage, and work with, the high vibrational information they’re connected to — and all the complex energetic patterns that are tied to it— in a way that supports day-to-day living.

Visit The Everyday Lightworker website.


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