The presence of cats can help in trying times

The presence of cats can help us in trying times

When facing a dilemma, a scheduling conflict which threatened to derail our holiday plans, I found myself fortuitously surrounded by Cat Medicine.  Beautiful felines materialized out of the darkness of the leaf-strewn streets where I sought solace and peace.  The grey and white kitty who slipped up beside me on the sidewalk, rubbing against my legs and purring, was the very soul I needed to help me meet my moment of difficulty.  The serene black cat surveying me from her porch steps, and the mystical white Persian who glided silently from behind a hedge, told of their wisdom and fidelity, too.

 As the parent of three dogs, I am not accustomed to cat companionship unless I’m working with my feline clients and their families or giving Reiki to cats at the shelter. These soft-footed messengers, out and about on a blustery night, were telling me to pause and listen – to take a dose of Cat Medicine.

So what is Cat Medicine?  What benefits does it bring to us in these times, caught up as so many are in turmoil, and discomfited by the buffeting winds of change?  As we see powerful energies doing away with so much of the old established structure and ushering in a new order, how can the archetypal Cat help us to thrive?

There is a quiet confidence, a brooding strength about Cat, and when Cat comes into our lives, she is seeking to awaken those same qualities in us.  Cat Medicine touches on the little-heard chord of self-love.  Cat reminds us of the need to love ourselves, and this is very important.  The felines in our lives know their worth and don’t hesitate to remind anyone who might forget!  Cat Medicine urges us to emulate the example of cats and set a higher value on ourselves, adopting their carriage of majesty and pride.

Cat teaches us to be graceful as we move through our lives, to discover our own natural rhythms and cadences, and move in accordance with these to be flexible, astute, and aware.  That keen awareness combined with self-love and flexibility will ensure that we too, like Cat, will land on our feet.  Keen perception of all that is occurring in our life situations enables us to deal with realities, not fears, and helps us sort our priorities and see options for problem-solving and new action.

Cat has a well of inner reserve, hence her fabled nine lives.  This is part of her ability to recreate herself at need and at will, to always match the highest vibration that is available in any circumstance or situation.  Cat also knows her times of greatest strength and power, which are the nighttime hours for cats and for many people with this totem.  Schedule your activities with a keen eye for when you are likely to be at your best.

Cats know their goals, assess the ever-shifting obstacles, and continually plot a path of success through the known and the unexpected alike.  Don’t be afraid of being overlooked or missing an opportunity.  Keep your eyes, mind, and spirit focused on your heart’s desire.  Gather your strength and be poised, ready to pounce when the blossoms of opportunity open.  Cats are prepared to succeed, and you must be prepared when your dreams appear in your field of vision.

Cats have outstanding night vision, and they teach us to use our inner eyes and our inner wisdom to penetrate veils of mystery, misunderstanding, and the unknown.  Their ability to see into the darkness dissipates the power of darkness, and you are able to move as confidently in the times of shadow as in the sunlit hours of daylight.  Cat will teach you to have full awareness of your surroundings and scent the faintest shifts and movements around you.  As you develop your own “night vision” with the help of Cat Medicine, you will learn to see through the lens of your inner wisdom, the light of your Higher Self illuminating dark corners and hiding places of doubt, uncertainty, and confusion.

Archangel Ariel, the Lioness of God, is a great bringer of Light to those who resonate with Cat Medicine, her energy flowing in golden shafts like the sun.  She is a valued confidante and a worthy and compassionate helper, whether your concerns involve the Nature Kingdom and animals, or are peculiar to the realm of humans on the Earth plane.  When you partake of healing Earth modalities – whether a nature meditation, listening to a nature CD, spending time with animals, being outdoors, or taking a cleansing sea salt bath – ask Archangel Ariel to overlight your healing process and bring her Divine feline grace to your life.  Citrine and golden tiger’s eye in particular can be used to hold and magnify her vibration when you desire her ongoing assistance.  All the natural world is her purview, and to every creature, she delivers Angelic love and the love of God/Goddess.

Bastet, great cat goddess of ancient Egypt, is portrayed either as a lioness, a woman with a cat’s head, or as a regally seated cat surveying her domain.  A sun goddess, daughter of the solar god Ra, she is both a fierce warrior and a tender protector, a guardian and a mother.  This feline goddess embodies the dichotomy of cat nature, this harmonious mating of extremes, which we can plainly see in our own cats today.

Bastet teaches the feline warrior’s hallmarks of success:  (1) Be astutely present in your environment, alert to shifts and changes.  (2) Be a good consumer of your time and energy, practicing economy of motion and effort.  Cats wait for the perfect opening, and then spring in a graceful arc, the object of their attentions swiftly caught and held between their paws.  They don’t waste precious resources feinting at shadows, and they choose their moments of action with care.

Take comfort in the wily, wise, affectionate, agile, swift, and confident creature who is Cat, and bless those cats who cross your path.  Volunteer at a rescue shelter, and donate money or supplies to groups that help stray and feral cats as the cold winter months draw near.  Sign a petition in support of tougher penalties for animal cruelty, and educate others about the wonderful, mystical nature of animals and the great gifts that they bestow.

How did Cat help me?  I was reminded of the need to be graceful in motion, to keep moving forward but be prepared for twists and turns in midair!  If the effortless glide became a somersault, I would still land on my feet if I kept my wits about me and adapted to the unexpected.  Cat lent me the confidence to pause, take stock, consider the objective, and plot a new course that would successfully circumvent the rock in my path.

As you honor the wondrous creature who is Cat, you will find your heart center filled with an ever-magnifying love, a special ray that only animals can put there.  May blessings be on all creatures upon the Earth, in the air, and in the oceans.  May we all in this Earth family have much to be thankful for now and in the coming year.


Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the author of “Other Nations: A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom” which contains many stories of the healing spiritual journeys and lessons of animals.  To learn more, visit her author website at or her business website at

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