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“God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants,
walks in animals, and thinks in man”
~ Arthur Young
Do you know what it feels like when being alive is so incredibly fantastic that no words can describe it? Your heart is dancing a wild dance and each heartbeat is worth a love poem, although Shakespeare himself would not have been able to express the beauty. By reclaiming our time we invite the magic into our daily lives and open our eyes to the magnificent dance of creation within each moment. You can do this by waking up to the glorious truth that every day has your name on it.


To seize our days, we have to see through the illusion of the calendar. Deep inside we know that each day is unique and precious. The problem is that we are hypnotized by the concept of repetition which disables us to see things the way they really are. With Monday comes yet another week and it is easy to believe that one knows what to expect. Monday always returns, and so does 5 pm; the week is our external comfort zone molding our time into identical units.  As we go on with our routines throughout the week the magic tends to slip away, only to return on special occasions. Why? Because we create our reality with our beliefs; we design our future with our expectations, and thanks to the law of attraction, the universe brings us more of that which we focus on – both consciously and subconsciously.

Fortunately we can break the chain of repetition by identifying each day with a unique number and a name, to allow the magical, continuous flow of once-in-a-life-time-moments to penetrate our awareness. Try to remember what it felt like when you were a child and the birthday was slowly approaching: You knew that there were surprises to expect and other than that it was just simply your day. It had your name on it! You could walk around and feel that each hour was your special hour full of precious pockets of time asking you to feel good about being alive. Is it naive to feel that good about a day? No, it is not. Life can be that beautiful and magical, birthday or not; winter or spring, alone or in great company, on a beach in the Caribbean or in a boring gray industrial city in the middle of Sweden.

“There are two ways of spreading light;
to be the candle or the mirror reflecting it“
~ Edith Wharton

Do you have any idea how many days you have been on this planet? The name of the month and the number of the day in the month is secondary to how many days your heart has been beating. Today could be your 910th, 11504th or 13078th day, dear reader, and it has your name on it. Do you sense the magic in the air? Spirit does not know time, but it does know growth, progression and expansion and the latent potential resting within each moment. When we give the day a unique number and a name, we also invite Spirit into our lives. It is impossible to fit that magnificent You into a regular Tuesday, and when we have seen through the illusion of the reoccurring week, one might find that the timelessness is disorienting, as it also is spacelessness. We need to ground ourselves in time and space to seize the day, and therefore we ground it in our own time.


”Finding Her Own” by Elinrós Henriksdotter 2009
Copyright © Elinrós Henriksdotter


How to step into your own time

Do not let the calendar fool you; time is not a repetition.  Time is a flow and the flow is you.



Number one is to create your own calendar. Get your hands on a beautiful notebook with no lines. Calculate how many days you have been alive with the help of the link at the end of this paragraph. Include one extra day for today and then add ‘555’ to the total number. We add ‘555’ because we were born long before the day we entered our current body. Voila! The total number is today’s date based on your own time.


Numbers are not personal, but names are.  Knowing that each hour is your special hour full of precious pockets of time asking you to feel good about being alive, the day becomes your best friend, whose company you better enjoy before the day comes to an end. When you pick a name, do not be too picky. Regardless of the letters you combine, may it be an existing word or not, it will do the job.



Open your beautiful notebook and write the number and name of the day in the center of the page in big and bold letters. Add the traditional calendar date at the bottom in small letters. Repeat this on the rest of the pages in your calendar. Next time you overhear the phrase ‘I hate Mondays’ you can really just smile to yourself.


How you want to use your calendar is up to you. Perhaps you want to summarize your day in a side-column to the left and write a line of gratitude on the right hand side. Perhaps you want to write freely all over the page; it is entirely up to you. Allow this calendar to grow on you and change with you.



The following Morning Prayer is a daily reminder of the potential within each day, including Angelic protection and an energetic grounding. The Evening Prayer is equally important, reminding us of being both grateful and gracefully letting go of that which has passed, with Angelic assistance. The Prayers are image-files and can be saved down to your computer and printed out simply by    right-clicking and choosing ‘save image as’.


About the author


angelic prayers

angelic prayers

Article written by Elinrós Henriksdotter, the woman behind Magical Prayers. She is based in London and writes,
records and composes the prayers a bit here and there, depending on where she is in the world.
Elinrós is passionate about everything that elevates the spirit.

This full moon prayer is on Magical Prayers Volume One

angelic prayers


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