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How much TIME do you THINK YOU HAVE LEFT? ~ by Helen Tellock


All spirituality aside, there is something you should know. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. Be it today, tomorrow, or in 20 years, but you will, and I will, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. So face up to it. Millions have gone before you, and many more are on the list-you and I included (that is if I haven’t already gone by the time you are reading this!). So WHY the HYPE? Why the SCARE? Could it be the effects of Mercury going Retrograde again or winds from the solar storms trying to blow out the last of the DUST left lying in the closet? Some things are stuck really deep in our programming and are quite hard to loosen up. But when they do show up, and with LOTS of emotion, it’s time to listen carefully…


One look in the mirror, a shady grey face looking back, sunken eyes, lips straight…HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE LEFT ANYWAY?… shouted the voice inside my head from the other side of the mirror. I was shocked! I looked again from the side, around the corner, peeking into the mirror; to see if the ghost of me was still there…I smiled…it was only me. Silly me I thought, but the vision haunted me the evening and into the night with dreams quite terrible. I have this problem that started with knee pain. Got a real good doctor to operate on me, which has quite complicated the situation. Anyway, last night in my dream, I was told “You will never RUN again! Why, you should be thankful that you have even been allowed to walk again!” How awful I felt upon waking, feeling the impact of such thoughts. Was I being ungrateful for the gifts in my life? What about all the wonderful things every day that I am taking for granted? Like BREATHING for example? How many are going through this life where every breath is painful, and maybe pushing around a cart with a tank of oxygen just to be able to take those painful breaths? Or all those who live in an area of toxicity where the air is thick  with poisons? The fact that my heart beats all day and night long just for ME? But for how LONG?  Why don’t I truly WAKE UP and smell the coffee…the TIME we have HERE is precious and truly limited! Get on the BALL, and get DOING what it is YOU came here to do….only then I get stuck again & again. What the f… is it I came here to do??  Which direction should I be taking? How can I HURRY UP when I’m unsure of the WAY??




Now I KNOW I’ve worked my way through the “fear of death” episode many times. Chewed it up, swallowed it, spit it out (well, more like puked my guts out, but we don’t want to get too crass here), stomped on it, kicked it. I went at it all science like learning about Quantum physics, photon theory, and the like. I attacked it from the spiritual side and learned about all sorts of things like  Nirvana, Heaven, NDE (Near Death Experiences), and then, I encountered my own SOUL. I learned to understand that I am SPIRIT having a human experience.

abyss I have given up the Meme that dying is the END of all, and I myself believe death to be a changing over from one state of energetic being to another. I can truly say from my heart, I am prepared and have no fear of death per say. Actually I find it quite exiting.  So, again I  ask myself, “What is this FEELING of FEAR I am having? Where is it coming from?” In my time of silent meditation and communication with the ALL, that place we all can go to, the place where everything is known, some very important information was opened up and explained to me. Here is what I’ve been told. I’d like to share it with you now.


“Fear does not only keep you in the State of Forget, it is your Big Brother. It is meant to keep you SAFE. There are dangers out there that are much greater than you could imagine. Fear is a SHIELD that keeps unknown HARM from you. There are no bad emotions. I tell you, you are still too young to understand the full IMPORTANCE of why they were all created and put into place. The Time of greater understanding is underway. Soon you will understand much, much more.”


Fear is not something you need to get rid of. It is there for a reason. It is something you are being shown, or being protected from. Fear of Death is a disguise for the force that keeps us ALIVE = Survival of the species. We need to keep our bodies alive in order to have the experience we came here for. It has been necessary. Loneliness is a disguise for the desire, the Urge, which is meant to keep us searching for what we must find. We are meant to come back together, the re-union of our Souls, the awakening, or the removal of the veil depends upon us meeting up with those we have planned to meet here to do what it is we came to do. As long as these “fears” are in their proper places, with the correct context, the work they do is an important and good one.











It is time we start to see ALL of our feelings as an important and necessary part of ourselves.  Begin to truely HONOR what shows up, ask yourselves “What meaning could this possibly have for me? What is this feeling trying to make me aware of?”. Give your feelings the chance to show you why they are there and what they can do for you. No part of your life is a mistake. Everything that shows up has meaning.


Love and peace, Helen  




(*) State of Forget explained:

Reincarnation and the Veil of  Forgetting


Interesting Read:

VIRUS of the MIND (Science of the Meme) – Richard Brodie


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