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If you are reading this, you are currently suffering or have known someone who is suffering from Fibromyalgia. If you are not sure what Fibromyalgia is but want to learn more, there is plenty of information available on the web but I will give you a few of the basics. According to various medical encyclopedias, doctors and scientists, Fibromyalgia is a relatively new but common ailment amongst women but the symptoms are starting to show, in early onset, with teenage girls too. Fibro, for short, can have a variety of symptoms but the most common are long-term, full-body pain with tenderness in the muscles, joints and other soft tissues. Most patients would describe it as having extremely overactive nerve sensors. The torment a patient experiences is saddening to say the least.



What most medical doctors and scientists will tell you is that there is not a cure for Fibromyalgia. Because there is not cure for it, all they can do is treat the symptoms. That is the issue with our medical field today. There are way too many pill pushers and not enough visionaries. Medicine today is a business with one purpose, MONEY, but that is a topic for another discussion. Now granted, I am not a medical doctor and I will never claim to be one. What I am though is a natural born Holistic Healer, a Lightworker and a Prophetic Seer. In my current life, I have had enough experiences dealing with Fibromyalgia to understand it, what causes it and what can possibly cure it. I am confident that with enough effort, persistence, fortitude and perseverance anything can happen. If alternative healing methods like Reiki, Qigong, Ayurveda and other eastern philosophy modalities can eradicate cancer, then anything is possible. If you are a Fibromyalgia patient, what do you have to lose?


“Life is like a tree and its’ root is consciousness. Therefore, once we tend the root, the tree as a whole will be healthy.” ~ Deepak Chopra

The key to solving any mystery is solving the root cause. With any illness, not treating the root cause is only an exercise in futility. In order to “nip a cold in the bud,” you must go at the source of the cold. For example, I live in Florida and as sunny as “The Sunshine State” maybe, it is actually one humongous dust mound and mold spore.  For the longest time, I had recurrent acute rhino sinusitis.  In laymen terms, my sinus cavities were always inflamed due to the mold and dust.  I had tried many OTC medications and prescriptions, had sinus surgery and tubes put in my ears twice. I still suffered regardless even after I had rounds and rounds of allergy shots. None of these really worked. Yes, the symptoms lessened but I was still constantly walking around with a tissue shoved up my nose. That is not a pretty sight.

The solution to my own personal plight came to me over a few months of pondering and I do that more than I sleep. It is because of my allergy solution that I am able to share with you, the reader, a similar way of potentially curing Fibromyalgia. Again, I must reiterate that I am not a medical doctor so this is strictly advice. Our humanistic free-will determines what you will and will not do. With that said though, I am a natural born healer and have healed many of my illnesses to know that these steps will work.  Even if they do not work, you really have nothing to lose. Please keep in mind, the steps should be done in the name of Light and Love.

Tolstoy once said, “Our body is a machine for living.  It is organized for that, it is its nature.  Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself, it will do more than if you paralyze it by encumbering it with remedies.” Even though Tolstoy implies that we should not treat our calamities with medicine, it is not suggested that you stop taking your prescribed medication without your doctor’s approval. What I would like to share with you, as a potential Fibro patient, are the side effects of the medications you might be on or what might be prescribed as you succumbed to your illness. Remember, the doctors are only treating your symptoms, not the root cause. The following medications are the drugs that are typically prescribed at one point in treatment:  (percentage of patients who experience the side effects according to the FDA)

  • Lyrica – dizziness (up to 38%), somnolence (up to 28%) and weight gain (up to 16%).
  • Cymbalta – nausea (14% to 30%), somnolence (7% to 21%), dizziness (6% to 17%) and headaches (13% to 20%).
  • Savella – nausea (37%), headache (18%), dizziness (10%) and insomnia (12%).

Because of all the head aches and body aches you will be experiencing, most doctors will also prescribe a form of pain medicine such as Lortab, Percocet, Morphine, etc. Those medications will typically lead to an addiction problem. Because of the lack of sleep compounded with all the other negative impacts you are experiencing, your doctor will more than likely prescribe Xanax or another anti-anxiety medication. This is only the beginning of the enormous amounts of medications you will end up taking. I have experienced patients who take anywhere from 8 to 12+ prescribed medications a day. If the average cost of a prescription is covered by an insurance provider, you are looking at close to $400 per month spent on the treatment of symptoms. What I am about ready to share with you is not necessary a breakthrough in modern medicine, but it can create a breakthrough internally starting with the Light and Love you bring into our body. There are a few Cicero quotes I would like to share with you that should explain the start of any homeopathic, spiritual or energetic remedy.

“Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body.”

“In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health is impossible”

Step 1:  Starts with the conquering of one’s mind and allowing the pure soul of light to shine forth and heal with positivity. That can be accomplished by a gain of knowledge and experience. The knowledge part is easy because you can find various books that explain, in similar words, how to keep your mind in the present, forget about the past and let the future happen then. Some great authors who write these types of books are Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz and Rhonda Byrne. The experience you will need to master this “Present” is meditation. Meditation is the key to unlock so much information about who you are, where you are going and where you have come from. The key to any Spiritual Development or Psychic Development starts with meditation. That is where you can always find peace, love, light and harmony.


“He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.” – Chinese Proverb

For an easy Chakra Meditation video, click here. Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing

Step 2:  As the saying goes, you are what you eat.  If you shop for groceries at your local store, have you ever read all of the ingredients listed on a carton or can? Do you know what they are? Probably not or if you did, I suspect you wouldn’t keep eating the food. There are ingredients in most grocery store items that have been linked back to cancer, diseases and other various illnesses. Why do the FDA and USGA allow us to continue to eat these? It is all about the MONEY! Some of the most common ingredients that you should avoid are ANY type of artificial flavoring, coloring and sweeteners, such as; Stevia, Aspartame, Sucralose, Neotame, Acesulfame Potassium, and Saccharin, high fructose corn syrup or any chemically treated sugar compound. If you want to know why to avoid these ingredients, it is best you do the research and see what resonates in your soul. I can safely say, though, that these products are linked to the overactive nervous condition of Fibro.

The easiest way to change your diet without having to research all ingredients is to eat ORGANIC food. Even though it might be more expensive to shop at an organic store, in the long run, your health is worth it. Milk is another food item you should avoid. Our babies need to drink milk. Baby cows need to drink their mother’s milk. Adults shouldn’t be drinking milk and if they are, the milk should be Almond or Rice milk. Even though Soy products can be purchased at organic food stores, I recommend limiting soy and whey. You can even go as far and eliminating gluten from your diet and avoiding Goitrogenic foods such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc. These types of food affect the thyroid gland which is linked to Fibromyalgia. So is milk and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). There are many more ingredients and chemicals that you should avoid and the best way to find those is to do a search on the web. Using these key words will give you the information you need, “food ingredients or chemicals to avoid.”

Step 3:  Stop using any illicit drugs or chemicals that are known to cause more harm than good. This group includes cigarettes, cigars or any tobacco products. I am going to go out on a limb here and not include the legal use of marijuana in this group.  In my opinion, the benefits of marijuana out weight the negative by several factors but your opinion is all that matters when it comes to your’ health. What I will include in this group though are the chemical replications of marijuana such as the incenses you might find in a head or smoke shop that are burned and inhaled in various methods.  Nicotine supplements are also included in this group.

“The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.” ~ Plato

Step 4:  In steps one through three, we covered the mind, the soul and our food. This step is considered one of the hardest for a Fibro patient but anything that doesn’t have the effort behind it is pointless. You need to take care of the vessel that which your “higher-self” uses in order to learn in this reality. Taking care of your body means exercising and doing it “mind over matter.” There are ways you can create mind over matter and I will discuss those shortly. For now, we are going to stick with supplements, herbs and vitamins. The following products have been proven to be beneficial to the body and most of them create the energy and will power to lose weight. Losing weight is imperative in order to combat the weight gain and subsequent anxiety of the medications you are taking.

  • High Fiber Hemp Protein – an increase in protein will also help your thyroid gland. This product can be used as a meal supplement when you combine enough ingredients. A balanced shake can model the following recipe:
    • 8 oz. of almond milk
    • 4 oz. of fat-free yogurt
    • 3-4 tables spoons of High Fiber Protein
    • 2 oz. of organic fruit juice.
    • Blend and serve cold.
  • Coconut oil – coconut oil has shown to improve or even reverse the effect of Alzheimer’s and is a great Thyroid supplement. The thyroid is what controls your metabolism, therefore weight gain and loss. The recommended daily allowance is 2-3 tablespoons per day.
  • Vitamins and supplements – your daily diet should include the recommended daily allowances of the following; Silica, Vitamin D (if needed), Omega-3, Selenium and Glutathione. Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps with the regulation of nitric oxide and helps with the immune system, the nervous system, the gastrointestinal system and the lungs.

Step 5:  If you recall in the previous step, I mentioned “mind over matter.” This step will focus on living in LIGHT and experiencing LOVE, JOY, PEACE and HARMONY. As a warrior in your battle against the so called “incurable syndrome,” it is also important to keep balance in your life and with your body and stay grounded.  Balance and grounding can be achieved in many ways and Reiki training (atonement) can provide you with the tools to do so. Other ways of grounding are being one with nature. Walk in the grass without shoes. Meditate in the woods or under a tree. Exercise by walking or riding a bike through a nature trail.

The ability to create “mind over matter” can be learned by studying subjects such as the Law of Attraction or Quantum Physics.  Mastering the techniques behind those can give anyone the ability to create their own reality. Don’t you wish that you can just “wiggle” your nose and heal yourself or someone from this debilitating affliction? Well, metaphorically, you can. There are visualization techniques that have been proven to create the life you want and to rid yourself of the life you don’t. Another potential cause of Fibromyalgia can be linked to emotional trauma that has not been dealt with in this life or your last one. If you are hiding from a current life trauma or pushed it deep within, once you rid yourself of that torment, LOVE and LIGHT takes its’ place. If you need to see a counselor, hypnotherapist or clinical social worker, it is imperative you do so. If there is not any emotional trauma from this life and you are still struggling with Fibro, then it is suggested that you experience a past-life regression therapy session to make sure you are not dealing with Karma from a previous life.


“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ~ Dalai Lama

If a genie ever appeared to me and granted me three wishes, one of those wishes would be the ability to “wiggle” my nose and heal everyone. That might not ever happen so we will have to do it the old fashioned way, by “talking the walk and walking the talk.” If everything was easily achieved in life, what would be the purpose of living this life? Our purpose is to live our lives the best way possible but to do so with as much love, light, joy, peace and harmony in it. When you have those positives in your daily existence, you can have anything you want.  I have healed many of my ailments by following these steps and so can you. As a patient of Fibromyalgia, do you want to experience a cure? As a friend, relative or loved one of a patient, do you want them to be all they can be? Yes you do, so what do you or they have to lose by doing the above steps. Positively nothing!

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