For those who are the parents, companions, and loved ones of animals, no time is more difficult and more poignant than the life-to-Light transition. Through my work as a Reiki Master, animal communicator, psychic medium, and minister, I can confidently assure you that animals possess Godspark just like humans do. They have eternal souls which continue, either in the afterlife in the Spiritual Realm or in the Physical Realm through reincarnation.

This is not news to most animal lovers, as it is common to see our deceased animals in spectral form, hear the jingling of their tags, or have vivid dreamtime visitations from their souls. It is a great comfort to know that a special and brilliant part of our animals never dies. Many times, animals remain with family members as guardian spirits. Other times, beloved animals are among the first to greet our souls when we depart the Earth and begin our journey back to Spirit.

There is another facet of the animal being which can also make the time of passing easier for the whole family, human and animal alike. It is a part of the Divine Mystery of Unity that animals live in closer connection to the Divine and the Spiritual Realm than do most humans. They are innately attuned to their nature as soul beings and to the interconnectedness through the Godspark of all living creatures. Animals do not fear death and understand that the mortal body is a temporary housing for the everlasting soul.

They also have a more complete picture of the cycles of existence – the turning wheel of life, death, and rebirth. They do not halt their understanding at the prospect of the “death” cycle as many people do. Animals know that death is not the end, for there is no end to what is immortal. There is only change and movement for us all, until our final destination of Unity with all our soul brethren in the Divine.

I have ministered to many animals at the end of life, and all were pragmatic and accepting of this changing phase in the existence of their souls. Often with very sick animals, it becomes apparent in a Reiki session that the animal has already prepared himself for death and is more concerned about seeing to the welfare and happiness of his humans. One such dog, a twelve-year-old Beagle with lymphoma, wanted for only two things from me: Reassurance that he would know where to go in the Spiritual Realm, and help saying goodbye to his humans. Once his spiritual helpers stepped forward, and he had delivered messages of love into the hearts of his people, he was calm and ready to transition.

At other times, I have connected with terminally ill or elderly animals who have already started the inescapable process of transition, beginning the detachment from the body to start the soul journey, and they want their humans to support and assist them through the dying process. Animals do not always want to go through more surgeries, more tests, or more medication. They understand when their physical life is drawing to its natural close, and they attempt to convey this to us. At times of serious illness and heath crises with our animals, we are so emotionally involved that sometimes an animal communicator, Reiki practitioner, or psychic medium is more able to receive the animal’s final wishes and convey them to the family.

I got a call one morning from the mother of a seventeen-year-old cat who had suffered a sudden stroke. She was preparing to take her to the veterinarian and wanted help while they waited for the office to open. When I started her Reiki session, I could tell that her life-force energy was very low. I received the strong impression that healing on the physical level was not possible and that she was suffering. This sweet and self-assured cat was eager to express her readiness to relinquish her body, and she only wanted help to complete the process with grace and ease. When the veterinarian put her to sleep later that morning, her mother knew that she was giving this cat exactly what she needed and wanted to achieve spiritual peace and wholeness.

It is important to enjoy our animals’ golden years and help them to feel peace and assurance. I worked with a sweet senior dog whose mother was very worried that his death might be drawing near. This dog felt his person’s fears for him and was stressed as a result. He asked for Reiki to be sent to her for comfort and peace, and he wanted to tell her that their bond was an eternal one and would not be broken by death. During his Angelic Reiki session, Archangel Gabriel delivered an important message of comfort for the dog’s human:

“Your love has no boundaries. You hold [your dog] like a star is held in the sky. You are together in the halo of eternity. Do not live out these days asking ‘When?’ the moment shall be for the earthly to pass away. All will occur in the fullness of time. Take peace into your heart. Your love is sufficient.”

The dog already knew these things. The message came through to comfort the human. Remember Gabriel’s words when worries about death cloud your mind: “Your love has no boundaries. You are together in the halo of eternity.” Our animal companions are beloved children of God and are protected and guided by Angels and other Divine spirits. Their souls are everlasting and their bonds with us cannot be severed.

Animals have a deep and unshakeable knowledge of the Spiritual Realm and their place within it. Death does not hold the same mysterious dread for them that it does for many people. It is merely another part of the life cycle, one which we all traverse together until we each step off the karmic wheel and into blessed Unity with our Creator.

Enjoy every day that you are given to spend with your animal companions on Earth. Go in peace along your path, and know that your loved ones – animals and humans – are never far from your heart. Indeed, in soul, we all exist always on both sides of the veil. This is one of the great mysteries of living as a soul being having a physical incarnation!

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Ph.D. is the author of “Other Nations: A Lightworker’s Case Book for Healing, Spiritually Empowering, and Communing with the Animal Kingdom” which contains many more stories of the healing spiritual journeys of animals. Visit her website at or

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