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“An old Cherokee told his grandson:

‘My son, there’s a battle between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It’s anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego.

The other is Good. It’s joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked:

“Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old man quietly replied:

The one that you feed.

Clear declaration of intention

The Universe is shouting at you. Are you listening?

This reading might be a little like pressing repeat for some of you—it most certainly was for me. As some of my previous channeled messages have been similar in context, this might not be anything new and exciting for any of you. But what has been made crystal clear to me is that no matter the level of redundancy of this message today; it bears repeating. Why? Some people are just still not getting it. Some people need to hear it again. When receiving this information this morning, it was almost as if the Divine was rolling up Its sleeves, grabbing the megaphone and getting ready to shout some tough love out to us.


Here we go

Many of us have been unconsciously perpetuating some of the same self-defeating thoughts and actions. Right now we are feeling overwhelmed by toxic or poisonous relationships or otherwise being weighted down by sadness, anger or fear. I know that my life personally has been plagued by a great deal of fear lately. In the area where I live, children are being abducted and there have been attempted muggings in the very complex where I live. My first reaction to this was that of fear, of anger. I’ve felt personally violated by these things happening in my community. But I was quickly reminded that unless I want to attract more of the same, I needed to CHANGE my vibration. Feeding the fear only attracts more fear.

I’ve decided instead to embody the energy of a strong, independent, fiercely protective Divine Feminine. So, my family got together and we prayed. We prayed for all things that we held sacred—truth, love, safety, the Divine Promise. We were all invited to be free from the heaviness of what has been blocking the free flow of Creativity in our lives.

We are all invited to focus on the solutions and STOP thinking about the problems.

As a part of this breakthrough, we are being encouraged to unclutter our hearts and our minds in order to find clarity and make room for bigger and better things to show up. Some might be feeling trapped by current circumstances because we have blocked ourselves from the Divine. How can Creativity flow if there is no channel for it to move through? Now is the time for some good old fashioned housekeeping; clearing out unwanted energy so that you can move more freely into your own personal sacred space.

Focused Intention on her targetAnd lastly, (this was the major megaphone moment) we must get crystal clear about what we really want. We must wear our intentions like royal garments of the finest materials. We must exercise calm detachment to the outcome, but stay steadfast in our faith regarding those things that haven’t shown up yet. Making a declaration of intention is also a very powerful way to get laser-focused about our true desires.

Right now, more than ever, we are being beaconed to wake up from the nightmares we are creating in our world and clear our vision. The only way to get what we want is to embody that desire—match its frequency. The irony is that many of us continue to dwell in our unconscious programming; continuously complaining about the things we don’t have but expect change. This is insane! Stop the insanity now!

Again, I had an internal argument regarding this message; for I feel it’s been said time and time again. The answer to that objection came swiftly and succinctly; like a kick in that pants: this message will be repeated continually by many in the future again and again until we all get a good fix on how we must change ourselves INSIDE and OUT to match up with what we truly desire.

We must feed the Wolf of our true desires and starve the Wolf of our illusions if we ever want our world to change.

Charlotte “Char” D. Piper is a blogger, entrepreneur, creative spirit, empathic intuitive, wife and mother. Her passions include holistic health and wellness, as well as coaching and mentoring others on living a life of balance. She is the main contributor to, a blog she and her husband, Bill started to aid people in living lives of financial freedom through health and wellness. In her free time, Char can be found reading, dancing wildly, cooking, spending time with family and of course, writing.

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