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Pain is a way of getting our attention using a vibration we are familiar with. The physical sensation of pain is just the third dimensional reaction field. It is, so to speak, the knock on the door that can get us to wake up spiritually and emotionally. When we open the door (which only we ourselves can do), we let the information enter.  Our pain is then transformed.  This shift is possible. You can learn to listen to your pain. It isn’t usually what you think it is.


“My wrist is really hurting“.  That was the thought in my head. I could feel the pain. I had been using crutches for almost three weeks after having had an operation on my knee, and it didn’t seem unusual at all. I decided to rub some homeopathic creme on it for relief. So, crutches in tow, up the stairs I go to the bathroom. Open the drawer, get the creme out, put some on my wrist, close the tube, put it back, and close the drawer. This alone requires quite a bit of energy in my momentary state of physical being! I start to rub the creme into my wrist, and I ask, What is the purpose for the pain? What is it really trying to tell me?

As a keeper of the light I know now that my physical body is often used as a portal of contact to share information. When I once asked, “Why am I creating this pain? Why am I not creating health and vitality? What is my purpose?”  The “voice” said to me: “Sometimes you have to use the car you have to get where you want to go”.  I understood then, that if I wasn’t listening, if I wasn’t “getting” it, they had found a sure way to get my attention!   



alien brain connection



(You don’t have to understand the medical knowledge here; but take a look at the Graphics & the resemblance of this “inner” Space to what we see in “Outer Space” :-)) :




“We know, some of you are having some Ascensionitis symptoms, and Sekhmet* is here tapping me on the shoulder, so I have to do the disclaimer: If you have any discomforts going on and feel the need to go to somebody with credentials, initials after their names, and get checked up – do so! By all means. We get emails all the time by people who have done so, and this is a marvelous thing to do, it brings on Peace of Mind, but when the ones with initials after their names can’t find anything, that is Ascensionitis. That is your bodies, and yes, your emotions and thoughts, and indeed every part of you and your energy fields, that is you making your necessary adjustments, coming in to your own balance, shall we say. Accepting these energies to the greatest extent that you can – and let’s face it some of you go a little overboard on that and accept a little more than your body can handle in that moment, so you have to allow yourselves to perhaps have a little tummy ache, or an ache in your head, or some additional exhaustion because your body will catch up. You body has to make these adjustments to experience Ascension! “  (©Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012.All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.)  *Sekhmet is a Guide. She was also known as the Ancient Goddess of Medicine, a Solar Deity in Ancient Egypt.


I let it go, and massage the creme into my wrist. I begin to feel the structure of my own hand. The skin as a soft cover, flesh covered tendons, spaces filled with fluids of wonder-so complex we cannot even start to copy them even in the most advanced laboratories on earth. And then I feel the bones. There are so many, just here in this one hand of mine. Miraculous. “The bones are the keepers of the information” they say to me. I begin to understand. Deeply embedded in the protective layers of the body, inside the hardest structure that we are made up of, our bones, there lies our DNA. Our history, our future, all that ever was and is, is right here, inside of us, protected and waiting.


“At the dawn of the planet and of the anthropogenesis, the spirits animated biochemical structures devoid of bones, there were not bones. These beings were the without-bones. It seems strange but the Nature of those days was not as consistent as today, the earth also had no “bones” (rock formations and other solid beings).” The Arising of Sex by Lygia Cabus


human DNAWe, as LIVING HUMAN VESSELS, are the Universal Keepers of The Galactic Library of Cosmic Knowledge.  We have agreed to come here especially at this time because we wish to experience this awakening. Crossing over the border, being born here on Earth, we knew that we would forget. Only we could not truly comprehend the concept of “forget”.  Now we are hearing the wake-up call. The veil of forget is being lifted.  The higher vibration on the planet now is activating those parts of our DNA that have been “asleep” or “turned off” for eons, that kept us from “knowing” what is inside. We will, or do already have, access to ALL. Many times the “pains” we are feeling nowadays are really just growing pains”. Like exercising muscles that have been laid to rest, we are beginning to “awaken”. Dimensional expansion can and does also affect us on a physical level. The fact that you are here, reading this, is a sign that you have entered this phase of your growth cycle. Just knowing where the pain comes from can help to change it.





That is what my pain told me today. Listen inside. Listen closely. “You have messages”. The messages  coming from the “inside” are becoming as strong as the ones we are used receiving to from “outside”.  It will not be long before we will no longer need these outer forms of communication. We will learn to incorporate this new inner Matrix into our lives just as we have learned to use the new technologies that accompany us in our daily life on this planet. The connections are in progress. Like the expanding nerve cells of a newborn infant, our network is being created with fascinating speed. It is being woven with golden thread, each of us together and all of us with the Universe.



  Oh, by the way,  my wrist is feeling better now. I wonder if it was the crème….??


   Love & peace, Helen





















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