Setting Energetic BoundariesToday I want to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart. As an empathic intuitive, I’ve been prone to absorbing other’s energy when it was unsubstantiated. Of course, before I became aware of my empathic capabilities; I just thought that I was going crazy because I often would find myself hearing other people’s thoughts when in a crowded room or feeling the passing energy of someone as they walked past me. Many people are unaware that we are all in a constant energy exchange. Experience tells me that there are also many people who could benefit greatly from setting energetic boundaries. Why? Because absorbing other people’s junk can be toxic to your system and it is an exercise in Self-Love to firmly decline the energetic poison that another may be intentionally or unintentionally sharing with you. Today, it is my hope to help you with some tips for setting energetic boundaries.

But let’s clear the air here; the only ‘credentials’ I have to speak on this matter come from my own personal experience. I have not received any formal training, but I’ve studied many trained professionals and I’ve taken what works for me and applied it to my life. Still, I’m not perfect and there are times that I find myself unconsciously engaged in an energetic exchange that I’d prefer not to be involved in. I am proud to say that I’m able to identify these situations a lot faster and am able to clearly define boundaries a lot quicker than I once was able. I believe this comes with developing a deeper and closer relationship with Self. The more that you become an objective Observer in your life; the easier it is to reject the things that just don’t fit into your energetic pattern.

Here are my top three tips for setting up energetic boundaries and thus avoiding absorption of negative/toxic energy:

Purification from Toxic Energy1. Meditate: Or pray, or incant or whatever you feel comfortable with. When meditating, if I am engaged with a particular individual from who I wish to detach from their toxic energy; I set the mood. I burn some Palo Santo wood that a friend brought back for me as a gift from a Shaman when she was visiting Peru. This is a slow burning wood that was used by the ancient Incas to cleanse negative energies from bodies and spaces. Many people like to burn Sage also. Light some white candles and slowly slip into a safe space of healing golden light. Invite the person with whom you are exchanging energetic static into this space. Ask them to match you on a positive, pure and clean energetic level. If they are not willing to meet you there, bless them with peace and love and release them from your energetic space. In doing this; you also allow yourself to be free of their energy. Close the meditation by clearing yourself of any unwanted energy that you may have absorbed through your encounter with this person. Breathe and be free!

If that doesn’t fix the problem

Dance with the Divine2. Free flow: Open all the windows and doors in your home and allow the energy in your home to drift out and invite the love from nature in. Burn a purifying incense such as Sage, Nag Champa or Frankincense. Put on some cathartic, therapeutic music; my favorite for this kind of cleansing is anything by Karunesh. Relax into the sounds and smells of your house and envision yourself in a dance with the Divine. It may also be helpful to get outside with your MP3 player and plug the purgative music into your headphones and just walk. Take in the beauty of the world around you and bless that which doesn’t match your energetic pattern and move on from it. Cloak yourself in the healing light of the Divine. Both of these methods can be very effective for taking charge of your energetic space.

If neither of those options works for you

Purification and Restoration3. Take a dip: Anoint yourself by taking a hot soak in a decadent bath tub full of fragrant cleansing oils and/or salts. Light some incense if you’d like. Include some soft music. Close your eyes and imagine yourself releasing all of the poison you may have absorbed into the water. When you are done with this release; allow the water to drain and rinse any remainder away in the shower. Symbolically, water is a powerful and sacred spiritual cleansing agent and is used in many rituals across the planet to signify purification and restoration.

What this all boils down to is this—when setting up your energetic boundaries, it is imperative to practice and engage in Self-Love. Others may accuse you of being selfish or self-centered, but there is no shame in doing what you have to do for you to be in the best spiritual space that you can be. After all, when we are whole from the inside, our entire being becomes whole and the more beneficial we become to ourselves, the more beneficial we can be to those that we love the most.

Charlotte D. PiperCharlotte “Char” D. Piper is a blogger, entrepreneur, creative spirit, empathic intuitive, wife and mother. Her passions include holistic health and wellness, as well as coaching and mentoring others on living a life of balance. She is the main contributor to, a blog she and her husband, Bill started to aid people in living lives of financial freedom through health and wellness. In her free time, Char can be found reading, dancing wildly, cooking, spending time with family and of course, writing.

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