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There is an illusion doing the rounds for a while now. That the search for the “Twin Flame”, the Beloved, will bring completion to Self and with that ultimate healing, power, ascension and much more.

I have to say this is simply not the truth behind the “Twin Flame” process. Which is in fact a process. There is a real depth to the meaning behind the Twin Flame union and I would urge anyone really interested in this to read Joshua Stone’s work on Ascension and Relationships for a full explanation that takes the fluffy bunny approach out of it and offers something authentic and grounded. Check it out here: A Complete Ascension Manual: How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime (Easy-To-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path)

The union with one’s Beloved- that great Love we seem to all have been searching for, is about in the end our union with ourselves and with Mother/Father God/Spirit. It is about reaching a state of total self union and love, and total union and Love with Spirit and so with all of humanity. For all are linked. Whether this then translates into a physically manifested relationship with one’s Beloved or not is another matter.

There are many reasons why some people find that Great Love and others may not. And the most important thing to remember is if you are one of those still hoping for that Love, that there is nothing in you that needs fixed. That you are not imperfect in anyway or lacking something. Much of the Spiritual marketplace at the moment is saturated with those promising you will find that Great Love if only you do this meditation, buy this crystal, burn this incense, do this mantra, say this prayer. And perhaps that may work for you and perhaps not. Perhaps you will meet with your Beloved and perhaps not. What happens does not mean you cannot come into complete alignment with your Soul Purpose, with all you came here to do and be. I cite Mother Teresa as one of my shining examples. We did not hear of her and a Twin Flame travelling the world with their special healing skills. And yet she was aligned with her Soul Purpose surely was she not? Florence Nightingale…did being a single woman prevent her from doing her work?

We are fed if we have some perceived lack in our lives it is because we are damaged, we have issues still to heal, we have family issues, we have blockages and when these are released then we shall be able to have all the abundance and love we wish for. Now there is much validity in this. If we are blocked energetically, energy cannot flow freely through us and so we may at some level be blocking that which we wish for. Be this a relationship, career or something else. That we may well be acting out the stories of our parents, our ancestors. And these myths may need healing to finally free the line and ourselves. And this could lead to us being aligned with all that we wish for.

But and this is an important one- it may not. And may not because it may just not be part of our Soul Purpose to have these things. It may not because on some level we may be choosing to be single, to have less weatlth than our neighbours, to work harder. We may have chosen that before we came here, our Beloved may only exist in another dimension and that Love only be realized in dream work. For if we all have exactly the same levels of wealth and contentment in our lives where would be the grain of salt that creates the pearl. Where would be the learnings? Each one of us holds something for the collective. Those in need hold that space to allow others to access that place of real compassion and giving in themselves. Those with wealth hold the space for others to learn humility and the rewards of setting goals and working toward them. Do I say this is easy or even fair? No I do not. Do I say it is needed? Perhaps. And perhaps we shall move to a time when we are all One and so no one does without. And within that perhaps we shall all be with our Beloveds in warm homes with plenty of food. And perhaps not.

I know I would rather believe and have those I work with believe that they are already complete, with or without a partner or a million in the bank. That we already have all we need inside us, all the healing, all the answers and guidance, all the Love and Abundance. And that any work we do is about tapping into that. Sure there may be things that stand in the way of that- old stories, old wounds, fear…but the fact is it is all there. We do not need mantras or special incense or to follow a set pattern of doing this or that. We need to simply access our inner world. There may be tools to help you get there. And these may well be assisted by the use of mantras, incense, prayers- but none of these will create it for you. For it lies already in you. And this is the great illusion. We are not reaching towards anything we are simply coming back home to ourselves.

We do not lack completion, power or love just because we are single. We do not lack abundance because we cannot afford 3 holidays a year. It is our job to find Love and Abundance in every waking and breathing moment. And in that moment of gratitude and acceptance we create the space for more to come our way. And the more will we be in alignment with our Highest Good.

So I would urge you to be discerning. When you hear someone say they did not heal until they were re united with their Beloved, that they did not find abundance until they bought that crystal, spend a moment to check if this resonates with you. Perhaps that crystal will help you open up to something in you. And perhaps not. Know you are already complete, you are already healed and this journey is about aligning yourself with that part of You that has always existed.

Amber Agha

Reiki Master. Shamanic Practitoner.

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