Beguiled by the quest of abandonment,
I doze off into a dreamy hypnotic slumber.
I meander my orbit through uncharted skies,
Desperate to detach myself from mundane monotony;
Yearning to finally fly free.

Longing to soar high and kiss the heavens above,
Become one with celestial skies.
My eyes envision stars tinted with the bliss of beauty.
I am moonstruck, content to stargaze forever.
A kaleidoscope of artistry for my weary eyes.

I remember a wise old man I once encountered,
He spoke with such clarity and conviction;
Words that resonated to the depths of my soul,
For what he said I have only seen in my dreams.
With such words I am awakened to a enlightened state of being.

He said, “my life is like a floating white cloud.”
Within his declaration I found the peace I have sought in my dreamy state.
Such simple serenity found in an everyday vision.
One must look beyond their own realm to find the calm in living.
Open your heart and sleeping eyes will finally see,
Only then will the peace you seek
Mirror the reality of the heavens above.
Rose Bruno Bailey



Coming from me, a poet and former ballet dancer,
Yoga combines the cerebral aspects of my brain with the physical
reality of my body;
Stanzas gesturing in motion.

As I transition from Asana to Asana, my mind poses that
Age old question; am I one with the universe?
The answer is always a definite yes.

I feel as if I am the salt of the earth below my toes, the clouds
hovering above my head.
I realize not only am I one with the earth and the universe, I am so
with all creatures;
And one with my sometimes puzzling psyche.

By the time I reach the elusive state of Savasana I feel as if I am
floating above my body.
I finally return back to earth in prayer pose to recite that final Namaste,
In that belated moment of clarity I am reminded of the gratitude I
feel for being heaven sent yet earth bound.
Rose Bruno Bailey


Ivory angel,
Guardian guide;
Gift from the heavens,
Stand beside.
Mirror our steps,
Protect us from falls;
Follow always,
Through life’s winding halls.
In joy, in sorrow,
Be close, be near;
Help us endure,
With doubts and fear.
Personify compassion,
Not a mere folklore.
Grant us your vision,
More love, less war.
My angelic one,
We understand god’s wrath;
Humans do falter,
Imagine a path.
Road to kindness,
Freeway to the light;
Dead-end to darkness,
Join hands, unite.
 Rose Bruno Bailey



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