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The Multidimensional You
By Stacy Vajta 

Have you ever had one of those moments where you experienced more than one aspect of yourself at a time? Where your consciousness was able to hold different layers of your experience all at once?

Welcome to the multidimensional you!

More and more people are sharing with me their own recognition of the multiple layers they hold around their experience. It often surprises them that they have this capacity. But our energy is shifting, and we are growing into a greater awareness and capacity to manage our energy on many levels.

My own experience of this tends to be a gentle, almost subdued recognition. That’s really how my whole connection to Spirit feels…quiet, clear and “just there.” Yet, I know that for some people, their awakening to these new energies — which open them up to multidimensional experience — has been sudden and even shocking.  (If you have been blown open in this way, be sure to get some energetic support to assist you.)

But the awakening process is not like this for everyone; and my guess is there are a lot of you out there who are more aware of these layers of understanding than you might even realize. To tap into them doesn’t mean that your whole world will go upside down. What it does provide is another layer (or two) of energetic information to assist you in your spiritual evolution.

What I mean by this multidimensional awareness is the recognition and experience of the unseen energies that are connected to our experience here in this realm; other dimensions in which we operate energetically, which tie into our experience “here” and support us or even hold energy that we also need to work through. I think of our connection to the planet, other lifetimes, parallel experience and realms of energy that we have a connection to as being a part our multidimensional connections.

I also consider the deeper connection to our own physical awareness an element of our multidimensional thinking. Being aware of our physical bodies, our cells and our biology, and how our energy interacts with our body as information flows in and out of our very physical nature, provides a whole world within that can teach us so much.

The multidimensional YOU is becoming aware of all aspects of your experience.

Our minds have a really hard time holding this concept. In fact, I often tell clients it’s not for our minds to figure out. Our energetic intelligence, on the other hand, is a master at juggling all this vibration. And now, as we upgrade into a state where we can begin to hold greater levels of awareness, we have the bandwidth to tune-into multiple channels of this energy at subtle levels simultaneously.

If our minds can’t discern this information…how do we get to it?

The first tip to engage with your own energy at this level is to get connected to your own energetic intelligence. And that takes surrendering the mind and experiencing your energy — however, you do that. You may feel it, see it, sense it, know it or imagine it, but stop thinking about it!

Play around with this and experiment with how you connect to your energy and the vibrational information within it. How do you “get” something that your brain hasn’t told you?!

The more you experience the feeling tone of these different layers of awareness, the more you’ll recognize the energy of where they come from. Our cells have a different feeling tone and vibration that a layer of energy in the cosmos, and our energetic intelligence knows this and is more than happy to infuse you with that same awareness. And the more you engage your energy in this practice, the more your everyday perception of these energies will grow. Think of it like forging new energetic pathways of awareness.

But to start, here’s a way to notice what you are energetically connected to already!

What I often do is imagine that I can gently turn my perception radar just slightly off the trajectory that it is on. To me this gives me a level of permission to meander off the pathway of my “normal” perception onto something I may not be “looking” at. I imagine from my 6th chakra a radar actually shifting slightly to the right or left and then I give myself permission to “look.” I get curious and ask myself questions like:

  • How is my body reacting to what I’m feeling right now? (My cells, nervous system, biology….) What does my physical body know about what I am working on?
  • What energy is coming from the earth that is supporting me right now? What’s my experience of it? What info is there?
  • What energy can I connect to in the earth that I am not that holds a greater level of awareness to support me?
  • Where else am I holding energy around a particular issue? What other levels, systems and components of my Being/Soul is tied to what I am working in?
  • If I were to send out an energy feeler into any and all energy that is tied to what I am experiencing…where do they go? What are they showing me?

Follow where these questions lead you, even if it feels like just your imagination. After all, your imagination comes from somewhere and shows you a level of information as well.

The “simultaneous” part comes in when you can begin to hold this level of awareness at the same time you are doing your normal routine. To me it’s like feeling across a few layers, and this can present itself whenever the energetic information is present and needed.

I think that if you have a curiosity about experiencing yourself as the multidimensional being that you are… you’ve never had more energetic ability to do so! And all it takes is a shift in your thinking.

To “think” like a multidimensional being is to experience. So reach out into the energy around you, within you and below you and experience it. It’s what you are growing into…and your whole world will open, when you do.


About Stacy

Stacy Vajta is a master energy healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience specializing in helping people to transform the entrenched — and often hard to locate — energetic patterns which show up in reoccurring emotional issues and chronic physical conditions. She’s on a mission to help people learn to work with their own energy as they heal and expand! Visit The Everyday Lightworker website.


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