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The following is an excerpt from the book “Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons for Kids of all Ages”.  Truth Works, Divine Life Lessons for Kids of All Ages, exposes the damaging effects of the negative life lessons our children are taught by many adults in their lives. Let’s face it; reading writing and arithmetic aren’t the only things they learn in school. There are detrimental messages they hear on a daily basis from coaches, teachers, relatives, television, music, friends and many others. People can unknowingly drop false belief bombs that become ingrained into our children’s subconscious when they blindly use traditional sayings like “Money is the root of all evil”, “You have to struggle to get ahead” or “life is not fair”; just to name a few. 

The premise for Truth Works is to undo this harmful programming (chapter by chapter) at a young age, ensuring the subconscious belief system for our children remains optimistic, safe and secure. This type of societal indoctrination took me many years and a great deal of hard work to unravel for myself. By teaching our youngest generation  (and their parents) the universal truth, we will dismantle the negative notions of our ancestral adages and undo centuries of unconscious, fear based beliefs. By addressing these destructive principles in childhood and exposing their false nature, they will no longer reside in our subconscious minds for a lifetime. Instead, we will be left with the pure, positive and absolute spiritual TRUTH. 

What is money?  Is it merely the currency we use to pay for life’s essentials?  Is it something we need to get what we desire?  Is it a source for happiness?  Does it make us a bad person if we have a lot of it?  The truth is; money is actually none of these things from a spiritual perspective, yet many people tend to place great emphasis on either having it, holding onto it or tearing down those with lots of it.

From a universal perspective, everything is made up of energy.  Each piece of matter, living or not, vibrates at an energy frequency.  Money is no different, it is simply energy.  All energy is attracted to like energy, that which vibrates at a similar frequency.  If your frequency is positive than you will attract positive things into your life, but the opposite is true also (negative attracts negative).  This basis for the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

Money cannot make a person bad, good, happy, sad, smart, stupid or anything else.  Only people determine who they are and how they act.  The idea that money is evil or that somehow people who accumulate more than others are evil is detrimental in so many ways.  If you believe money is or will make you corrupt than you will surely sabotage your ability to have any.  Why would you try to attract something if, on a subconscious level, you believe it is harmful?

As a child, about age 9, I was fascinated by money.  It was wonderful to receive money and be able to buy something I liked.  If I wanted something that cost more than the money I had, I could save until I reached that amount.  If I wanted to earn money faster, I could actually make it by doing things for people who were willing to pay me (chores, babysitting, a paper route, etc).  Soon after I started earning some money, the adults in my life intervened with many lessons.  Most of these revolved around holding onto my money and not spending it.  As if by letting go of some of my money I could not get it back.  I spent a good part of my life thinking money was in limited supply and you had to be extremely careful with exactly how you spent it, to the point of being afraid of spending any amount of money and over thinking every purchase.  It’s a subconscious belief that resulted from the lessons imparted to me as a child and I still struggle with it today.

I am sure the advice about the money I was earning was simply to instruct me to be fiscally responsible and spend my money wisely and within my means.  To not purchase things I could not afford and to avoid becoming obsessed with shopping.  I know now that although having “stuff” can be fun, it does not define who we are and can never bring about true happiness; but I was unclear about those concepts from the lessons I learned about money.

Unfortunately, most of what I was told about money as a child did not fully explain this and made me feel utterly confused.  Money was something I needed, should work hard to earn but could not fully enjoy because it might go away at any second.  Those ideas are all very wrong and they felt very wrong to me, even at age 9.  Nothing in the universe is ever in limited supply; there is abundance for all of us if you believe it.  Money is no different; remember it is energy.  All energy has flow, you give and receive constantly.  If you block this flow of energy by never really spending any money, than you cannot receive any either.  This does not mean that constant shopping and spending sprees are the answer.  Universal laws, like the Law of Attraction, do not respond positively to over indulging.  All matter must be respected, if you treat something abusively expect the same in return.  Over or under spending of money is abuse.

If you never give or spend any money; holding onto it so tightly will cause a block in the flow of that energy cycle (it is currency after all).  Be generous, spend, share and enjoy your earnings responsibly.  Know that the opportunities to create the supply are bountiful, even if every person in your life believes it is limited.  Believe that you deserve wealth, that it cannot make you a bad person and remember to share.

Sharing is one of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction.  When you attract good into your life, sharing will multiply it.  Money is meant to be shared and you can do so by donating to charity, hiring employees, giving it as a gift, shopping, paying for services like house cleaning or painting, investing in a business or stock, etc…  When you share any aspect of yourself (talent, time, love, money, etc…) you are aligning with higher energy and that is the energy of spirit and more positivity will flow to you.  Negativity of any kind brings you out of this alignment.

Gratitude is also an important component for the Law of Attraction and the energy of money.  What we are grateful for multiplies because our high vibration attracts more of it.  Being thankful also keeps us focused on the joyful aspects of money and joy is also a high vibrating energy aligned with God.  Sharing, gratitude and joy are positive energies that will attract whatever positive outcome you are trying to create.  In the case of money, being thankful for having any, instead of focusing on what we may currently lack, will raise our vibration and attract more opportunities to earn it and share it.

It may seem that lessons about money are not all that important in relation to your life path, but it is absolutely critical.  Money is a tangible energy source that we come in contact with on a daily basis and, in modern society, it is a necessity.  Without having money, our freedom to create opportunities can be limited in many ways.  Furthermore, our beliefs about money can define the way we relate to all energy and therefore all life.  If you believe negatively about one form of energy it will affect the flow of all others.  For instance, if you believe money is in limited supply it will not only limit the flow of money into your life, it can limit the flow of other abundance as well (such as love, friendships, success, etc…).

Believing money is somehow the cause of evil stems from ancient teachings about the importance of not loving money over people; yet many take the statement to mean that people who have money are actually evil.  That idea is based in fear and jealousy; fear of obtaining money and jealousy over those who do.  Overcoming this traditional belief and replacing it with the truth, that money is simply energy, will assure that your relationship with it is positive.  Be thankful, share your wealth and enjoy the money you earn; that is the real root of the lesson about money.

To find out more about Truth Works, visit or  You can purchase a copy from a link on the author’s website ($12.99 for soft cover).  Email [email protected] for a FREE signed book mark with your purchase of Truth Works!




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