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The universe has been giving us so much to deal with in such short periods of earthly time. The challenges have been overwhelming and constant for months on end. The obstacles seem to be endlessly appearing on our paths. Downtime has been hard to find, and relaxation has been difficult to accomplish.

Sunset At Mount Royal - Ease your mind

I personally have not been able to meditate for a while now. My mind seems to be experiencing the monkey thinking that so many of us know so well. My mind has not been able to shut down. I sit down, I breathe deeply, I pay attention to my thoughts, and then suddenly, I hear myself say, no, not now, this is not going to work…so I stop. I do not feel it is wise to try to force yourself to meditate, or to force yourself to shut down your mind. I feel that when the time is right, the mind will be ready to shut down.

I also feel that the universe is sending many of us intense energies and messages during wake time and sleep time. It feels necessary for a sort of preparation for the times to come. For followers of the Islamic faith, it is the month of Ramadan and millions of humans on this planet are fasting and cleansing their bodies from all the toxic thoughts and substances that have accumulated over the past year. During this time in August, with the two full moons and the intense energies that are being channelled onto and into our beings, it is wise to fast and cleanse our systems. Even if you are not a follower of Islam,  it would be a great way to prepare for the coming months.

We need to give our minds and our bodies a pure cleansing that will allow for new and pure energies to fill our beings with light.

There is so much happening in our world and it is becoming very difficult for many to stay focused, myself included. It seems as though it is crunch time, so to speak, and so many trials and tribulations are being thrown at us. We must stay strong, and stay focused on the one true goal; self growth and introspection. I believe that these trials and tribulations are set forth to us in order for us to have the opportunity to rid ourselves of an age old crtuch, the human ego. The ego is not necessarily “bad”, or negative, though if we want to proceed to the next step of our evolution, the ego must be cut in half, by at least 50%. Your true essence must surpass the ego.

Buddha QuoteOur pasts, our insecurities, burdens that we have buried within our minds and our hearts are all coming out now. They are showing themselves in full force, and we have a choice; deal with them or continue to bury. If you choose to deal with them, it will be extremely tiring and you will be drained. It may ruin or end relationships but it may strengthen relationships and bonds. It will make you cry, you can become extremely sad, feel helpless, scream, yell, get frustrated and angry. A variety of emotions will surface. My suggestion; allow these emotions out, let them run free, let them rise to the surface, and then once they have risen, notice them, be aware of them, and then LET THEM GO. Be conscious that these emotions are NOT YOU, they are the skin that you are shedding to finally show the real you, the butterfly that has been waiting to spread its wings.

Surely, there are some who may choose to bury these surfacing burdens  so that you can avoid dealing with the emotions. I will guarantee you that if you do this, they will resurface, and it will be even more difficult to deal with. It may even cause serious physical and mental illness. Now is the perfect time to let these burdens out. Now is the time to empty your cup. It is now that we need to move on….as individuals first, and then eventually, as a whole.

Don’t be afraid to admit when you have done wrong, and don’t be afraid to confront when someone has wronged you. Make sure to choose your words with care, and to release your thoughts with ease, but not with hate. Be angry, but do not stay angry. Be sad, but do not stay sad. Feel, but do not attach to any feelings, even happiness. Be empty of earthly emotions and be full of love and acceptance. Try to keep your body as light as possible by eating lightly and by not holding on to any negative thoughts. Be in nature as much as possible, as this will ground you and heal you at the same time.

Allow the energies to enter when you are ready and try not to push them off. Don’t force yourself to relax or to meditate…it will come, all in divine timing.

With Love


Sherief Sadek

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