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According to Wikipedia it was created in 1922; according to memory, it seems it was created late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  When Reiki came along, those above us knew that we were heading into a darker period in our lives.  The advent of WWII Korean war, Vietnam, and soon Desert storm and all that followed.  More violence in our history of the last decade than we have seen or been exposed to.


With the change in economics today, the level of constant stimulation, and the inability to hang on to a system that needs to change, but will only change when we change, Reiki came to us in exactly the right fashion.


Love Is Energy

Love Is Energy

For those of you unfamiliar with Reiki, it is commonly referred to in the western terms as “Universal Life Energy”.  I prefer the context again from Wikipedia that says “Lingqi; supernatural influence”.  After an attunement, one is now in working possession of a unlimited resource of energy that is channelled through the crown chakra down and out through the palms into ones own body or into a friend or client.


As we can see through today’s media, our diets, and the spiritual community talking about ascension and changes, and human potential, we are each faced with a choice — to walk the new path, and let go of everything that currently tells us we are headed into nothingness, (banks failing, markets crashing, the war on terrorism, debt, lack of jobs in short FEAR) or change and grow into the unconditional, constantly flowing light and love that is permeating our energy centers, and auras.  To become the change we seek to be.


By using Reiki, we reprogram our thoughts, by healing and reprogramming our emotions.  And it’s so easy!! The ease of which you become your own healer, teacher, best friend, and genius is why Reiki has not yet been fully integrated into our current world.  There are thousands out there who claim to have Reiki but only a couple handfuls who use and benefit from it on a daily basis.

You can help yourself to heal trauma, injury, mental distress, including depression anxiety, and a host of other psycho active issues, because by using Reiki you are healing your emotions and emotional body which is where you hear positive and negative messages in your brain.  All the negative self destructive messages we hear are coming from our emotional body. Due to circumstance, experience, beliefs, we interpret situations as either positive or negative.  When in fact most situations are neither, they should just be experienced for what they are with little to nothing to take away from them.

love and reiki energy

My self esteem, my confidence, have gone through several dark nights of the soul.  I have battled addiction, fear, self worth, and so much more due to my upbringing, due to my emotional responses, and understanding (right or wrong at the time) I struggled with my daily to the point of being incapable of trying or being emotionally crippled by doubt fear, etc.  Then I rediscovered Reiki and found my I AM presence, connected to my soul, and began to find my intellect again that I due to negative beliefs ran away from.  I have received countless messages from my emotional body, guides, etc that through self treatment, have helped me let go of my baggage and become whole.


This is the gift of Reiki, to heal you emotionally so that you no longer serve your mortgage, your boss, your crappy job.  Instead you serve Life! You change and adapt as necessary as you progress emotionally and your energy shifts.  Its never too late to change, it took me four years of constant application and work.  After the second year when I stopped using drugs, I intensified and increased my healing because I was getting back into me.  You can too!

Its simple, to the point of unbelievable, but Reiki works constant miracles to whom ever applies it to their daily life.  What I have discussed on here is level one Reiki, I havent even begun to express to you the profound miracles the symbols create for us.

If you havent tried Reiki, or have Reiki and havent experienced its miracles, I highly suggest that you do.  There is a light in you that connects you to Universe, God, Self, Humanity,  Reiki connects you to that light without compromising spiritual beliefs… Reiki only knows Love, and it wants to share that Love with you and everyone you connect with as you grow into your light.


Jason D Kilsch practicing Reiki Practitioner teacher as well as psychic in Edmonton Alberta Canada here to assist people on their journeys.  has the long blah blah about me 🙂 let me know what youre seeking for the bio if the site is too much .. appreciate the news today much love!!

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