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Energy Symptoms: Our Body’s Response to Vibrational Change
By Stacy Vajta 

There was a vibrational shift that happened over the past few days that, well, clobbered me. I haven’t felt thrown off energetically, in this way, in a long time. But “energy symptoms” are common as we raise our vibration and expand into new energies that our physical bodies must learn to hold.

Several years ago, as I was really in the throes of vibrational change, I spent quite a bit of time feeling these energy symptoms. It was an everyday occurrence to feel “off.” Headaches, nausea, dizziness, sinus pressure/squeezing, irritability, tears and the need for sleep (lots of sleep) were common for me.

But I knew that this was not solely physical, but energetic; as my body was working overtime to release energy that could no longer support my spiritual evolution, and at the same time integrate all the new energy I was aware of. It felt like a full time job, all this energy processing.

And then came summer solstice of 2011, when this all shifted for me. Blissful body regulation…ahh!

I’m not sure why, but it felt like I had crossed over a threshold and moved myself into a new state of being. There was less fighting internally to all this change, more ease and flow in all areas of my life, and my body felt a whole lot better.

Since then I’ve had moments of these energy symptoms, particularly with solar flares, yet they are much more manageable. But this weekend I found myself camped out on my couch wanting sleep, a little head achy, and so full of energy that I’d catch myself sighing deeply every few minutes, to offer myself some energetic release.

So what’s going on? Another shift.

The past few months have felt to me like a time for preparing. I’ve been talking with people about creating solid foundations (energetically) to be able and ready to manage bigger changes coming our way. And I think the energy ushering in those changes has arrived!

Here we are, about half-way through 2012, and the energy is building. And right now we’re in an energetic shift that is once again re-arranging our physical structure to hold this higher vibration.

When I look at the energy right now I see a much faster energy signaling a vibration moving into our systems that creates an energetic upgrade.

The vibration of the energy speeds up and injects us, so to speak, with new vibrational information. Think of it like a big energetic crescendo before our next big “aha!”  And right now there’s a quickening of the energy, and our lower chakras are getting a workout as we process this energy — both consciously and unconsciously and ground it into our physical bodies.

This new or latest wave of energy shifts us into more connectivity…with ourselves (our Higher Selves), with each other and with the greater energy at large. This connectivity is good, but we’re being re-wired to contain a vibration that is so different than what we know, that both our emotional and biological systems are reacting.

What our Spirit says “Yes!” to, our physical body often embraces with a rousing, “Maybe!” and our biology responds with an emphatic “No!” to change.

Our deeper biological system goes into fight or flight with these vibrational shifts. And that can be why some of this vibrational change can be so hard to fully integrate and process. We have to talk to our body at the biological level to get our body consciousness on board.

This latest shift is just another deepening into our spiritual evolution. And because we aren’t making this change in the spiritual realms alone — but also here in our bodies and in this reality — it’s important to spend time focused on your body in these moments of energetic re-arranging. And right now, you may want to especially pay attention to the lower chakras as we each ground our own energy into ourselves and the earth more deeply.

So what to do?

1. When you notice these weird physical issues, and you have ruled out actual physical problems, begin to tune-in at the energetic level and see what is going on.

Sometimes simply recognizing that what you are working with has an energetic component, gives you new tools to work with. You can turn your radar to this level and begin to focus your awareness where it needs it the most to allow a shift.

2. Take a look at your biology, or what I envision within as the brain of the brain!

Connect into yourself at the biological level (cells, brain, nervous system, blood, bones, microbial elements etc.) and feel into how willing your biology and all your physical systems are accepting and working with this new energy. Again, sometimes just taking your awareness to this level can give you insight.

3. Be gentle with your process, but do process.

We are in a period of accelerated growth, and it needs your attention. Even if you may not feel an energy symptom pointing out that your own energy is changing, take a look within. Be present to what is. Sit in meditation, do your own healing work or get some support.

Right now, I’d suggest doing any grounding exercises you can. Really spend time not only anchoring your energy into the earth, but to seek out energy within the earth to support you. There are grids of energy there that hold the information (energy) to help you work with the vibrational changes we are under-going. Draw that energy into your body and energy system and let it support you.

Also spend time working with (via awareness) your lower chakras. You want to be bringing your fullest energy into that part of your body. Spend time there, as this is truly the task at hand…embodying all this spiritual information!

4. Allow what the energy is about, to “come in” as you integrate it all.

Sometimes that answer to what this is all about takes some time to move in to our awareness. We often have to let the energy shift and then we get the “aha!” So let your own energy settle, stay present to the experience and allow the inner shift to come; and then the information will indeed drop in or present itself!

These energy symptoms can be a hassle and interrupt our normal activity. And for sensitive people, they can be a particular problem. But if we can stop and recognize what is going on and work with the energy that is creating the inner shift and expand into it, the symptoms can and do ease.

So hang in there with this latest shift. It ‘aint over yet! But what I do know is that we are all OK as we ease into what is new. And please do let me know how you are doing through this latest shifting energy!


About Stacy

Stacy Vajta is a master energy healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience specializing in helping people to transform the entrenched — and often hard to locate — energetic patterns which show up in reoccurring emotional issues and chronic physical conditions. She’s on a mission to help people learn to work with their own energy as they heal and expand! Visit The Everyday Lightworker website.


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