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Truth dwells in the deep ~ Quantum Discoveries ….

There has been a lot of research in the scientific field showing how the ‘connection’ of all things is alive and thriving, lets dive straight in as I will share with you many of these amazing scientific facts and discoveries that I have come across, as well as some other juicy little tidbits. When I first stumbled upon the scientific findings in the area of ‘quantum’ aka — non-local — (non-local meaning that everything has relation to, effects and is effected by everything else simultaneously — time and space are irrelevant) … it was quite by accident! One afternoon, I had been mysteriously drawn to go to my local Barnes & Noble and something pulled me to the quantum science section, I had no idea at that time what quantum physics even was ~ this was (1996ish) a book ‘Quantum Questions’ pulled me in closer, and I felt compelled to buy it. This was my introduction to the studies and research on the topic I had pondered about for so many years, and ultimately these ideas brought me to some fantastic conclusions about how so many of the little pieces of mystery of the universe seemed to fit together … turns out the universe was talking to me! I discovered that so much of what I had imagined was being researched and much had already been proven by a select group of scientists unafraid to go against the grain of conventional thinking.

I must admit I had a sense of relief, as I read the findings in the book. For years I had been espousing my beliefs about how the vibrations being emitted from everything in the universe was energy that held information, memories and more… furthermore I just knew intuitively that this energy never dissipated — it was always out there, somewhere, maybe it changed form, but it never dissipated. I could feel it!!

Then I went on to believe that our thoughts had a great role to play in this ‘field of vibrations’. I had always been very intuitive, even telepathic so I knew that our thoughts had an energy that was somehow being transmitted. I then began to come to some further ideas; that all of the different pieces of information which carry vibrations have their own unique mathematical footprint creating pieces which work with other pieces to essentially represent building blocks or links perhaps similar to DNA structure. Through these footprints we can link up to different bits of stored information in the ‘field of vibrations’ beyond space and time.

If we could see how the pieces of the mathematical footprint is a formula, and how it fits together, it would make it very simple to understand how the interrelation is interdependent and how it all works together. So I began visualizing it in this way, as I continued in my quest for knowledge. Now, years later with what I have come to learn so far, I am in awe of the magnificence of it all. It’s like a beautifully orchestrated ballet, it’s so seamless and smooth — captivating and enchanting and full of every possibility that we desire to imagine. It is the true field of dreams, a cradle of creation… and we’ve only just begun to learn about the splendor of it all.

Now that science has begun to show us how it works at the quantum level, a new paradigm is being unveiled, and the implications are beyond enormous. In the coming years exploration and work in this field will explode before our very eyes. We have an opportunity to leave behind us, an amazing legacy, moving forward with this knowledge… we should not hesitate.

The ‘field of vibrations’ I speak of is the ‘field of consciousness’ and goes by a myriad of names. Here are just a few; ‘the field’ …. ’zero point energy’ … ‘mind of God’ … ‘the source’ … ‘cosmic consciousness’ … ‘the universal mind’ … ’Great Spirit’ … and the one I lovingly use ‘Big Daddy’, but there are many others, and this field is so vast that our words are but mere attempts to describe the I AM of all that is.

Compatibility with this energy field has many references; ‘enlightenment’ … ‘being in alignment’ …. ‘spiritual path’ … ‘resonating in harmony’, to name but a few.

Connection to this ‘field of vibrations’ comes by many methods; ‘prayer’ … meditation’ … ‘visualization’ … ‘communion’ … ‘surrender’, and others.

Quantum physics now shows that information ‘signals’ don’t travel… they are entangled. Once two things/particles are joined or have interacted, they are together forever in the energy footprint they created, despite the distance. They are capable of communication between each other without time across the universe.

All information (which are bits of energy ~ vibrating) is already everywhere simultaneously. Therefore this information can be accessed by anyone at anytime (if you know how to retrieve it). All of history, and all knowledge is available in the energy that surrounds us. What if we could access any knowledge at will? What kind of a civilization could handle the whole truth? Could this be our destiny? I for one believe it is !!!

“Electromagnetism cannot be reduced, nor does it have mechanisms; you can only comprehend it in it’s totality. It is a pattern, more a process than an object, more sinuous than angular — invisible …. one has to imagine it in order to grasp it” Leonard Shlain author; The Alphabet vx the Goddess

In the 1820’s scientist Mike Faraday intuited the existence of a forcefield that humans could not see, hear, smell, taste or touch. Faraday encouraged people to imagine and visualize the spectral lines that make up an electromagnetic field.

Did you know that men and women experience intuition differently… men receive the information ‘feeling’ in their stomach, and women receive the information ‘feeling’ in their hearts And, our feelings and emotions effect our DNA!!! All emotions negative or positive are first released in the body, the moment we think it. The body experiences these feelings then our feelings are released/ transmitted to the field surrounding us. There is no way of containing this thought energy, that is how and why everything effects everything.

Here are some examples of the quantum effect:

Remarkable studies done on plants;
In the 1960’s Cleve Backster was inspired to do some testing on plants using eeg machines (electroencephalograph) after hearing about a discovery by Jagadis Chandra Bose in which plants responded to music, in tests the research showed that the plants grew faster when exposed to certain types of music (classical), and didn’t fair so well when exposed to other types (heavy metal).

In one of Backster’s studies, after connecting plants to machines in two different rooms, a man then entered one of the rooms and and stomped on one of the plants — as the one plant was being hurt, the eeg machine connected to the other plant in the room which was not being hurt, but just sitting next to the one being hurt, went crazy. The eeg showed the response of the ’emotional reaction’ of the plants. The man then left the room, after a period of time the same man re-entered the room again, and simply upon his entering the room… the untouched plants eeg readings started to go crazy again, showing the plants recognition of him.

Studies were also done on bacteria, showing that bacteria could sense when other bacteria nearby were being killed by coming into contact with hot water. Backster has done extensive studies on this subject and has coined a phrase ‘primary perception’ in relation to the studies with plants. His studies were first published in the International Journal of Parapsychology, and has subsequently published a book “Secret life of Plants”.

Other studies have been done on plants to see how they respond to ‘prayer’. In double blind studies certain groups of seeds were selected to have positive intention focused on them, while others were to have negative intentions sent to them. (The people who were assigned to do the intention work on the seeds were at a great distance from the actual seeds). The studies revealed that the seeds having the positive intention flourished, growing fast and healthy, while the seeds with ill intention directed at them, did poorly. There were also seeds in the study with no intention sent to them at all, and they faired in the middle.

Plants have also been shown to enjoy it when you speak to them. So if you know someone with a green thumb, now you know their secret!

Chaos Theory :
Chaos theory suggests that the movement of a butterfly in Africa — can create a storm in Asia…! The idea is that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings will create a disturbance in the atmosphere which will become amplified exponentially, eventually changing the large scale atmospheric movement and pattern to the point that the long term behavior becomes impossible to forecast. Think of how our thoughts have the same effects in the quantum realm!

Energy :
The first rule of thermal dynamics is that energy constantly changes form, but energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Flux :
Change is constant, no matter how much we may want something to stay the same, it always changes. We can always count on change. Something always gives. In our lives we see this in the example of circumstances, in that either something gets better and we go forward in a positive flux of energy, or the situation compounds gathering negative flux and it deteriorates. At this point we are then confronted with issues that must be dealt with and adjusted, or more serious consequences will continue to compound eventually resulting in explosion, this becomes war on a larger scale. This is where we experience flow or chaos in our relationships, and change is always a factor.

Scientific Nobel Prize winner; Iliah Prizazine on Dissipating Systems :
Every system, including the human mind and spirit goes through a state of chaos, then breaks through to a new level of organization. Each and every breakthrough is preceded by a breakdown of some sort.
Physicists documentation of energetic rates of vibration :
The ‘physical body’ and other physical objects vibrate at a low frequency rate. Sound vibrates at a higher rate than the physical. Light vibrates at an even higher rate. It is believed that the spiritual energy vibrates at an even higher rate yet. Set frequencies of a high energetic nauture can effect lower energy rates, however lower energy rates cannot affect higher energies. (ie; tuning a piano). Enlightenement will give us the ability to maintain higher vibrations in our personal fields.
Light transcends darkness ~
Love transcends hatred ~
Good transcends evil ~
Energy is contagious ……… Positive energy charges a room, even an event with thousands of people -Remember the last time you attended a football game or a concert and the whole crowd was unified? It is a tangible energy, and you feel a part of that energy without even thinking about it.
On the flip side; negative energy is extremely depleting. If you respond to someone else’s negative energy with your own negative energy, you create a negative energy continuum. As people we do not yet have the control or ability to be unaffected by low vibrating energy, this is a challenge… one that we are evolving to breakthrough.

Vibrations flow through everything, Wavelengths are everywhere :
If you could see wavelengths and electronic signals, you would see them everywhere, so much so that they would obscure your vision!

The Shadow Theory :
“A physicist is not looking at reality – not reality itself, but a mathematical symbol of reality. Physicists deal with shadows ~ mathematical shadows”. To go beyond the shadows is to go beyond physics, to go beyond physics is to head toward ‘meta-physical’ to the realm of mystical. Which is why so may pioneering physicists came to be mystics. (Quantum Questions)

Plato observed; that the whole of physics was dependent ultimately upon nothing but the evidence of the fleeting and shadowy senses, whereas truth resided in the transcendental forms beyond physics ~~ (meta-physics). This is what Einstein called ‘Spooky’.

This is but a taste of the quantum world, a world in which we have but merely glimpsed. We have just pricked the infinite surface with a pin… imagine all that awaits our discovery.

`*.¸.*..✿´´¯`•.¸⁀°♡ © Presley Love

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