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With the coming revelations in regards to the enormous changes that are now occurring on Earth I would like to set your minds at ease. Know that there are going to be no major catastrophic events that will kill millions of people unless you choose that reality for yourself. This is not a Noah’s Ark type phenomena. We are not going to wash away all the ‘evil’ people of the world, at least not in a physical sense. We are simply not waiting for others to catch up anymore. We are moving on.

Many of you have been ready to move on for hundreds of years but have been compelled to stay and help. There will still be those who stay behind, that is, they will have access to third density in order to assist, but they will move between both planes of existence. This will give the appearance in the lower densities as teleporting, where one suddenly appears and then disappears from view as the vibrations go in and out of alignment.

The changes you are undertaking are not greeted with fanfare. They are subtle, inner changes. Your world will look very much the same, but the beauty will be enhanced. The people around you will be more loving, you will be able to speak without words, you can interpret the feelings of others as well. There is no need for anger and emotions that harm yourselves and others because there is no resistance. There will be understanding, and even if you don’t understand another person’s ideas, you accept their right to think the way they choose. Manifestations happen much faster, so it is important to have done the work of clearing your mind from negative emotions. Fifth dimensional beings have done the work and they are adept at manifesting wonderful things into their lives that they can share with others with joy.

Enlightenment is at hand, but it is important to be at ease with it. Be gentle with it and let it flow. Do not fear it, there is absolutely nothing to fear. It is a joyful experience. Enlightenment means you have to lighten up.

So what does it mean to lighten up? It means to not take things so seriously. There is nothing that you can do that cannot be undone. Nothing is permanent, and even at higher levels of consciousness you can still change what you don’t want. There is much to be experienced so have fun with it. You will be engaged in a whole new experience of joy peace and love, and it will feel familiar to you. It will feel natural because this is your natural state of being. All of your energies will be flowing without resistance, and that is a beautiful feeling. When you let go of resistance, everything comes together. All of your heart’s desires and dreams, all of your money that you have been calling forth for many years, all of your soul love experiences, all of the houses on the beaches.

Be easy about your life. The problems are illusions. There is always a way around them because they don’t really matter. You just have to unstick yourself. Pull up your anchors and go with the flow.

Love you all more than words. Namaste.
Ka’t Mandu

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