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THE CONVERSATION.  Written By: Anousheh Elmi


On a warm summers eve,

The earth chose to speak to the moon.

Why, asked the earth do you desire me so?

How is it that you have chosen to shine onto me?

Protecting me with the shelter of the night..

So that I may grow with the nurture of the sun.

amazing poetry

The moon whispered to the earth..

I, I shine upon you because you sustain me.

With every breath of air you breathe, you, you arouse me.

Your colors give meaning to my world.

Your energy, it reignites the fire within the center of my core.

Without you I am nothing but a star amongst the galaxies.

But with you, I am the Moon.




BIRTH. Written By: Anousheh Elmi

A becoming unknown in space and time
A welcoming foreshadowed by creation
A spaceless reality
An exuberant split from a silent realm of consciousness
Into a magnetic field of light and energy
I arose.inspiring poems

Like thunder in a black and tasteless sky
Like sunrise in a cloud filled rainy day
I became.

And into a stream of an awakened realm of self
I swam
Through the rivers and the sea
I traveled.

Until I reached a final destination that would lead me
Into an enigma of joy having blessed me
With this magical gift of life, my Birth.



Jordan River – Deep Poetry by TJ Lawson




Nature’s Arms

Walking in nature’s arms,
secure within it’s folds.
Mesmerized by the sights and sounds,
of mother nature’s symphony.

Trees bending and swaying,
to the song of the breeze.
Sprinkling hues of reds
and shimmering golds.

Adorning it’s base,
with a dress of prestige,
for the eyes to remember,
in the long of the winter.

As I walk through this artistry,
of raining colors and hues,
my eyes soak up,
this pallet of life.

I drink this cup,
from nature’s hands,
that give life and rebirth,
with such a pleasing flavor.

The sky above,
adorns my head,
with a blanket of leaves,
now at my feet.

The chill in the air refreshes.
to clear my mind,
of all unpleasent thoughts….
as nature’s arms enfold me,
in her magical warmth and care.

– Katie Kloper ©1997




NEW REALITY FOUND – By Michael Alperstein

Announce your dreams to the Universe,
by sending out sparkling signals.

Conscious Intent,
creates Magic.

Golden are the signals you emit,
out there, shared, and energized.

Return to you, they must.
For what you put out,
shuttles back.

Though far away your dreams may seem,
their appearance emerges all by itself,
when once you reveal the Silent Power
connected to your Soul.

Breathe deep.  
Magic is afoot.

Rest assured your goal is real.
With conscious awareness,
you cannot escape it.

New realities abound.
See beyond the veil,
to the Infinite beyond

and Your New Reality
will skyrocket to







Sacred Truth

In your smile
I am born again,
In your eyes
All hopes and dreams return,
In your love
There is infinite peace.

Such magic
Comes but once,
Such truth
Is surely sacred.

~ by Chris Roe




In Search Of Silence

Beyond the storm,
Where blue sky
Still cradles
The morning sun.

In the clearing,
Where shafts of light
Hold back the shadows
Of the ancient wood.

Beyond conflict and pain
And the inhumanity of man.
Beyond duty
And this journey
That has seemed so long.

Beyond the history
That has brought me
To this sacred place,
This spiritual sanctuary.

This peace,
This silence,
This love.

~ by Chris Roe





For more poems of depth and beauty and wonder, you might love the work of Mary Oliver:

Mary Oliver brings such a depth and spiritual clarity to her work.  Her writing skills are excellent and the beauty of her poems stays with you for days….


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