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Throughout the history of the Earth…Evolution has been a constant, ongoing, steady process. At this time…we are evolving at a much faster pace than ever before. Those of us that are now here on this earth plane together can actually see, feel, and experience this evolutionary process together. We are rapidly evolving from a fear based perception of the world…to one based on unconditional love. We are moving from a place of separation…into a place of Oneness. Those of us that are experiencing this right here, right now…we know what a beautiful thing this is.


We have incarnated at this time for a reason…and every one of us has a specific purpose for being here. Most of us have spent the first thirty or forty years of our lives trying to remember our purpose…and we are now beginning to take action. Some of us are not “there” yet and have been feeling a sense of change coming. But there is a new breed of humanity on the horizon. It is our youngest generation of children that are being born. They are being born with an innate sense of who they are, their purpose, and a responsibility for the Earth and all of humankind. Some are VERY psychic and come into this life with a great sense of “knowing”. They have so many questions and learn very quickly. Their insight is incomparable. It is our responsibility to encourage this openness, this psychicness, and this sense of purpose. These children, this generation, will grow up to create enormous changes for humanity.



They are very perceptive and can see and hear things that many of us cannot. And they know things…things that WE know are humanly impossible for them to know…but they do. Some adults are intimidated or frightened by this. It is so important that we listen and validate what they say. If a child hears “it’s your imagination” or “you are lying or making that up”, the child will quickly learn that they cannot express their thoughts for fear of being mocked or met with disapproval. This will cause them to shut that intuitive, psychic side of themselves down or to let it hibernate…perhaps for their entire life. They will have a difficult time trusting what they see or hear…and an even more difficult time letting their intuition guide them. This does your child a HUGE disservice and stunts their spiritual growth.  Validate what they say. You don’t have to see it…or hear it…or know it…just acknowledge that THEY can see it or hear it or know it.



Support your children…respect your children…honor your children. Listen…really listen to them…for they are wise beyond their years. They have ideas…and solutions to our problems. One person CAN make a difference…and they come into this world believing that ANYTHING is possible. Indeed…it truly is.



Many of us can sense or feel the enormous changes that are coming. Human transformation is accelerating. We are coming into a time of total, unconditional love and Oneness. We are beginning to feel the connection we have with every living thing. As we grow in our spiritual life…we raise our vibration. By raising our individual vibration…we raise the vibration of the world, the Earth, the Universe.  


Highly evolved beings have existed throughout history. In deed, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. all understood the Oneness that we are…and they exuded unconditional love and acceptance. Love…this is who and what we are. Many of us are beginning to see our Light and are starting to let it shine. Respect and honor this newest generation…for they will be the Wayshowers of many.  They will assist humanity into realization of who we are and why we are here…on this Earth plane…at this time. This new breed will not only change humanity…it will help humanity change the world.


“Already at the origin of the species man was equal to what he was destined to become.” ~Jean Rostand


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