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Energy Work and Resistance: 3 Steps to Letting Go
By Stacy Vajta

Resistance is one of those things that…well, is just a part of growth. It can truly be a drag (pardon the pun); yet if we don’t find a way to move through our own resistance, our “stuckness” can create some pretty serious emotional pain.

I think many of us have come to think of resistance as something pretty negative. Sure, our resistance can be a little ugly if we get really stuck; but it doesn’t have to be a dirty word by any means.

Really, it’s a pretty natural phase of growth. In fact, I like to re-frame the idea of resistance from something we have to power through or conquer (or magically never experience), into a sign pointing out that we are onto some big, wonderful change.

I spend a lot of time helping people through resistance in my energy healing practice. Energetically it really does look and feel like we’re fighting ourselves and what we don’t want to experience. And typically, we’re trying to bypass whatever “it” is that we don’t want to look at or deal with, and step beyond it into our something new.

But the magnetic pull of what’s right in front of us can’t be avoided.

So what if you stopped thinking about resistance as the bad guy, and started to work with it?

Our personal healing and growth can take us into our depths and new territory, but we can get there in ways that creates surrender and opening rather than a fight.

Here are 3 ways that I’ve learned to work with resistance energetically to create a little more ease in moving through it.

1. Stop the fight.

Perhaps like me, when your “inner-growth buttons” get pushed, it feels like you’ve hit up against a wall. My belly reacts — my third chakra goes into defense mode and that deep biological energy flares up. There’s an energetic restriction that varies depending on the level of alert, but to some degree there’s always some part or me saying, “DO NOT make me go there!”

Well, the way out of this inner fight is to go within and see where your energy is invested.

This is the place to start….to acknowledge that there’s a fight going on. Take a moment to be with the fight, the tension or the fear; and allow yourself to surrender to this to let go. I know that’s not always easy, but until we do we’re energetically out of sync with what really needs healing.

2. Work where you are.

Energy work for self healing really is about surrendering to what is.  And particularly when it comes to resistance, if you aren’t able to pull your energy back (out of the fight) and into where you are, then I think it’s pretty impossible to get beyond it.

When I look at this through the lens of energy, what I see is that the energetics of resistance is you pulling yourself back into something that needs more work…more healing. There’s an energetic process that has not been allowed to move through to completion that is holding all this energy or emotion that creates resistance.

So by coming back into the energy that is truly present, and working where you are, you get the opportunity to complete and allow the energy to move through its full flow or paces. And with this, you get to release what’s there and move on!

So you stop the fight by acknowledging what is (as well as all the thinking and trying that goes on to avoid it); and then begin drawing your energy and attention back into what is really right in front of you, and simply be present to the resistance itself.

I know what you’re thinking….“Yuck! Why would I do that?!”

Well here is what I have come to know as a deep energetic truth: when we bring our awareness into some energy and allow it to unfold through its own intelligence…it shifts and expands toward healing.

When I’m in resistance I’m holding an incredible amount of judgment about something. And if I can let myself feel this — really experience it without needing to fix it or make it into something new —  it starts to shift. And that can be a really hard thing to believe, as it’s counter-intuitive to go into the yucky. But it works!

3. Go into the yucky…aka lean into it.

Whatever the resistance is…lean into it. Don’t think about it, but feel it, experience it and let the “aha’s” come as they may. And play around with the idea that energetically when you do this, there’s a beautiful unwinding that happens. In fact, you can even visualize the energy unwinding as you sit in it and allow it to release in its own timing.

The trick is, you do want to do this from an energetic stance of opening and releasing. If you find you’re getting stuck in the “leaning in” process — maybe you don’t feel anything, or maybe you feel your inner victim coming out big-time — then ask yourself an honest question if you are ready to let this go.

If you get a “no” to that question, that’s OK, but find the edge where you are able to work and let go and then hang out there…lean into that. And by the way, giving your inner victim a voice is OK, just don’t let yourself get stuck there!

When it comes to resistance and working energetically, it really is all about getting back into the moment and surrendering into what is happening within. Resistance can be a really rich, juicy, healing place. And the faster we can recognize our own resistance, the faster we can get to the energy of it, and the quicker (and easier) we can move through it into something new and wonderful!

About Stacy

Stacy Vajta is a master energy healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience specializing in helping people to transform the entrenched — and often hard to locate — energetic patterns which show up in reoccurring emotional issues and chronic physical conditions. She’s on a mission to help people learn to work with their own energy as they heal and expand! Visit The Everyday Lightworker website.

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