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Energy Work and the Mystery of Being Versus Doing

By Stacy Vajta

Working with energy can be a bit of a mystery. After all, most of the time you can’t see it. But you can feel it and experience it in some way. And the tricky thing with energy is that often, the less you try, the easier it is to connect with.

And so it makes sense that when working with energy that the less doing we do, and the more we can move into a state of being with as we engage with energy in any form, the more we will step into the world of energy and how it works.

The mystery part comes in around just how to do this.

I’m a doer…always have been. And as an energy worker it’s easy for me to step into the flow of energy and just “be” and follow energy when working with others. When it comes to my own stuff…I’m faced with an on-going lesson around surrendering and simply being the energy (or vibration) that I seek.

In fact, this had been such an un-embodied concept for me for much of my life, that I really had a hard time “getting it.” I could tell you how it worked and see this process in my clients; but for me personally, I had to let go of a whole lot of energy around the need to “do” in order to create and allow the Universe to support me. And the layers of that involved all kinds of things like trust and protection…and really knowing what I wanted. (More in that in a minute!)

I share this because I know I am not alone in this challenge. We’ve been taught that “doing” gets us where we need to be. And don’t get me wrong…action with intention is important. But energy work and working with vibration to connect to what is our flow and the vibrational resonance we need to create is all about experience and “beingness.” In fact, it is my view that this is indeed what we are learning as we ascend or upgrade our own energetic intelligence and how we work here in this realm. Some of us get to learn this over and over!

So, here’s what I’ve come to learn about the mystery of getting into the “Being” mode to allow the Universe and the energetic intelligence within it to help us.

1. Our hearts speak energy way better than our heads

Recent research shows that the heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. So when it comes to speaking energy, the heart has a pretty loud voice. It doesn’t need to shout as much as our brains seem to do.

By simply moving into our hearts and conjuring up a feeling — or a feeling-tone — to an image is much more powerful than thinking about an image. And in doing this, we also move into what HeartMath calls a state of resonance. Our whole system responds to this energy, providing a powerful message.

It also gets us out of our heads. And speaking for the “doers” of the world, it can be hard to stop thinking, trying or doing and move into this place of surrender and allowing the heart, and the heart’s desires, to do what they do best: and that is to radiate out the vibration of the heart far and wide.

2. We need to “feel” with the vibration that we want to create.

This too can be a mystery. What do I mean by feel with the vibration?

Well, what I do now is I get into my heart and hang out there, and then let myself feel the energy of what I am working with. It may be the thing I want to create — something I want to call into my experience —  or an energy I am needing to support myself with in some way (joy, surrender, love, peace…).

So I find this as best as I can in my heart and then I send that out. I consciously stay present to the energy as it moves out into the space around me. If I’m looking for something to create, I feel this energy move out and connect with whatever it is that also resonates to this vibration. Or if I am looking for an energy to help me shift my own energy, I feel that vibration and sense it moving out and finding it’s resonate energy. And then… I simply let it be. No doing necessary.

This may sound like a “doing” exercise, but really it’s about letting me track or feel the energy that my heart is sending out. And following that as far out into the Universe as my awareness can. It’s simply feeling (sensing) where my energy goes and what responds to it.

What typically comes out of this type of “being” with energy is more flow, more ease and a sense of surrender that leaves me feeling more connected. Oh yeah, and some other magical happenstance!

3. Working through the “stuff’ that keeps you from being able to “be” is important

As I said, I’ve had to really look at what has kept me from feeling safe enough to simply drop into my heart and allow the Universe to support me. And I highly encourage you to do the same if needed.

You can move into your heart to do this work as well. Allow yourself to feel what is within you that may be keeping you disconnected. By bringing your awareness to that, you can let that shift as you reconnect and simply experience what is…which is what “being” is all about!

And if you find that you are indeed having trouble creating or shifting your energy…look deeper into what is there that may need to be revealed and healed to support a deeper connection. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I feel safe?”, “Do I feel protected” or simply “What is keeping me disconnected?” and then let your energy show you. But the easiest way to shift energy is to be present to it and allow it to unwind as you simply experience it fully.

Energy work and working with energy doesn’t need to be as mysterious as it may seem when we surrender into our hearts and allow ourselves to be part of the mystery! Allowing ourselves to “be” is the way to feel more, experience more and connect more to all that is around us.


About Stacy Vajta

Stacy Vajta is a master energy healer and Intuitive with over 25 years of experience specializing in helping people to transform the entrenched — and often hard to locate — energetic patterns which show up in reoccurring emotional issues and chronic physical conditions. She’s on a mission to help people learn to work with their own energy as they heal and expand! Visit The Everyday Lightworker website.

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