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On my blog at, we are discussing the importance of the many different relationships and the roles that they play in our lives. Family, spouses, friends, casual acquaintances, business or work are all examples of relationships that we have in our lives. Some people seem to easily relate to the many different people in their lives, and others don’t. Yet there are many people who struggle with one of the most important affiliations of all: the relationship with Self.

But what does that even mean?

Recently, my young daughter came to me because she is starting to notice changes in herself that she doesn’t quite understand. When I explained this concept of cultivating the relationship with Self to my nine year old, it went something like this:

We all have an inner voice. Different people tend to name this voice different things. For sake of this example, we’ll call the voice Intuition or Self. Sometimes what is being communicated to you through this inner voice is contrary to what you have been taught to believe by the outside world, so it can seem really scary. Many people ignore this voice and deny the Self. When you detach, silence and/or deny the Self, things in your life can get very confusing. The more that you accept your Self and really listen, the closer you come to knowing your true Essence. This is where something really beautiful happens.

The problem that many people experience is they deny and detach from their true Essence for so long that they begin to develop a false sense of self or a false identity. Usually something really major happens in a person’s life to wake them up. This is not always the case; there are some individuals who live their entire human existence without ever ‘waking up.’ But for those that do wake up to the brilliance of their true Self; the experience can be daunting. For one, now you have a whole new identity to cultivate, and usually it won’t happen overnight. It takes time. It takes perseverance. Just as you spent many years to cultivate this false identity, so will it take time to understand fully your new and true Identity.

This again can really tend to make a person feel like they are going stark raving mad—at first. Which is why it is important to be patient. It is imperative to nurture the discovery that is your true Divine Nature. For some this process can take years, and for others, a matter of months. Keeping in mind the process of seed, time, harvest can be very helpful when you are on your path of cultivating the relationship with Self.

Once you develop a greater sense of Self, you’ll notice that your body, mind and spirit become better aligned. Things won’t seem quite so loony anymore. And you’ll find that your relationships with others will change too. Some will support your Awareness and others will not. And that’s OK. Usually the unsupportive parties will fall by the wayside and new Self-aware relationships will fill their spot.

And the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone seeking to foster this most important relationship of any other out there; the growth of this connection with Self; is never give up. The more you embrace It, the more you seek It out, the more It will embrace and seek you out in return.

Charlotte “Char” Piper is a blogger, entrepreneur, creative spirit, wife and mother. Her passions include holistic health and wellness, as well as coaching and mentoring others on living a life of balance. She is the main contributor to, a blog she and her husband, Bill started to aid people in living lives of financial freedom through health and wellness. In her free time, Char can be found reading, dancing wildly, cooking, spending time with family and of course, writing.

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