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Spiritual Economy:  Are You Game Enough to Shift into the New?

My name is Michal, and one of my gifts is to relay powerful messages about energies that we all express sometimes but rarely ever see beyond the surface.  I warn you that my Guides are super blunt, sometimes the info stings a bit ~ basically please consider the old adage “Dont kill the messenger…” Take what you need and let go of the rest, is my motto…

The following came through me and is relayed with the intention of peace and wisdom.

abundance and money

Recently Michal read some responses left on our Facebook page concerning a post made by one of our LWW Friends Ari Lower.  Ari was conducting a FREE TALK about what it would look like for anyone wanting to become certified in her method of helping people expand their imaginations beyond any (mis)perceptions they may have in the moment.  This is not unlike what many of you do here in Earth School.  But Bam! The mere suggestion of Ari reaching out to the world, a world of Light we might add, was swiftly met with strongly reactive posts such as: “How dare anyone charge for teaching people how to use their gifts!!”

This made Michal stop what he was doing to allow this message to come forth:

First of all, the Ah Ha’s in the world, all the insight in the universe, all the good feelings of peace that one obtains ever, does not amount to a hill of beans if you never ground down the manifestations of those feelings and dreams and make them real.. That’s the point.. this is what you are here for.

 Your ego has hijacked many of you in this area.

Money is ENERGY.. and yet look at the responses that were posted. “How dare you charge for your gift!”  “Lightworkers should offer their services for free!”  “How dare you place value on your gift!” “How dare you stand up and say that my gift from the universe that I want to share so badly is valuable!”

We are telling you to wake up to the fact that not only is it valuable to share your gifts, but when you offer your services and tools to uplift others (not for money, just for the pure pleasure of being in service)… Then how you collectively agree to create ways of exchanging monies with each other becomes irrelevant, then much later on it will hit humanity that actual exchange of inked papers, or using metal coins with faces on them, before that it was goats and chickens, Today it’s the plastic rectangles… our point is it’s all made up!!!  Recognize deep in your precious souls that you came forth here to the physical plane of existence, to create a masterpiece, make mistakes, learn grow and shine as bright as can be… literally…  The ability to share your gifts are why you are all there in the “earth school” .

So Hooray for Ari!!! and everybody else who’s stepped up and declaring value for what they love to do.  The whole of existence gives a standing ovation every time it happens.  We want to always be on our feet for all of you… You are our Heroes…

So back to the reactions: We completely understand the energy of why the reaction came forth in the way it did.. even that is perfection at its best.  We thank the people who reacted, disagreed or agreed, and we thank Michal for allowing us to come forth from his fingertips, and most importantly thank you for reading this message and sharing it with your friends and family.

The strong reactions we witnessed on Facebook come from the mental cobwebs of how you see money.  Yes it’s true that your minds were manipulated to think of money as bad, and that people that have it are bad, and that money is the root of all evil.  Well then how the hell can you create lightworkers that can ever do good with using the evil money… that’s a real problem isn’t it?!

Remember: The solution to any problem can never be found at the same level of consciousness in which is was created.  You cannot FIX this!!!  What can you do when you can’t FIX  something, what do you do?  YOU LET IT GO!!!    Fixing is the letting go.  Letting go is the solution.

Allow the money systems to be what they are.. Systems created from a level of consciousness at some point or collections of points all culminating into a system that looks solid and not changeable… This is a LIE.  They are changeable and we are doing so now.

Spiritual Economy

You created it before (humanity) You can create a new Spiritual Economy based on your current and future current Nows to always be in sync with your current reality.

Flow Flow Flow is what you desire and crave, energy for energy is the equality you want to experience, everybody shares, every body heals, every body WINS… WIN WIN WIN would be something to shoot for, because it’s possible.  This is the new Spiritual Economy.

Does anybody have a problem with everybody winning?

If your answer is, Yes ~  I want to create a system where everybody WINS, then create a system where everybody WINS…

If the answer is, NO ~ I want to create a system where only some win and others lose, then you can chill, because you are already living in that one..

The choice is yours, it always has been…End of Transmission

Dear friends, this is both Michal Abney and Michael Alperstein (guardians of Light Workers World) writing this final note.

We only recommend tools and services that are of the highest value.  We continue to recommend the work of Ari Lower and other people’s spiritual work that has touched our lives.

 Here is Ari’s website

and here is another powerful source of transformation in the area of Abundance.

Looking for more on the story of what has happened after Michal and several of  his clients completed Peter Schenk’s Abundance Series in Michal’s New Blog,

We sum up by sharing this great video from our Friend Robert Young:

This is the new economy of magic and miracles.

Are you Game Enough?


Michal and Michael


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